Rain Once Again Spoils Friday Racing Plans At Stafford Motor Speedway

SMS-LOGO-HOME-PAGE-2012Mother Nature has been the dominator at Stafford Motor Speedway in 2014 and that fact held true once again Friday night.

A forecast calling for rain throughout the evening forced Stafford Motor Speedway officials call off tonight’s racing card

It marked the fourth time in the last six weeks that an event at the track has been called off fully because of rain and the fifth time in six weeks that rain has effected a show at the track.

On May 23 the track was able to run three features before rain put a stop to the proceedings. Events on May 9, May 16 and May 30 were fully rained out before features began.

Stafford Speedway returns to action next week and will host the Valenti Modified Racing Series for the first of three visits to the track in 2014 for the division.


Stafford officials announced they will add an addition Friday night event to the 2014 schedule on Sept. 19.

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  1. Weather has turned Stafford into a Thompson schedule………..

  2. mad racer says

    same forcast as 2 weeks ago but they did call it then ! what gives

  3. I hope they add some shows in September. I guess its Star Speedway tomorrow for the big open show .

  4. 2 weeks ago they were bowing down to the almighty Whelen Modified Snore…

  5. MCT 4 Fan says

    Dingus, I’m with you about da Snore , but you gotta admit lot of those team probably left there shop early and were enroute . Stafford rolled da dice and lost !

  6. They could’ve gotten it in tonight. You think they’d take the chance and run the show considering all the rainouts they’ve had. Stafford called it off way too early.

  7. Jason, it’s 6:12 pm right now and raining pretty hard in Stafford at this moment. And a string of major storms is rolling into the state just about now.

  8. lukebryanstopsingingaboutrain says

    when the “snore” is scheduled for an event at any track, the whelen officials make the call on a rainout…..not the track or the owners

  9. Won’t be the snore next week at the speedbowl for the 161

  10. It’s only the “snore” at Stafford. For whatever reason that track just produces really boring WMT races.

  11. True Dingus although I thought the sizzler was better this year.

  12. Both races this year were much better than last year for sure, The 161 will be one of the best races all year I am sure as well as Riverhead and Monadnock. Mods on bullrings are just the best show. Speed does not equal good racing all the time… NA$CAR TAKE NOTE!!!

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