Video View: Clip Of Scary Incident In Pits During Whelen Mod Tour Race At Waterford

Whelen Modified TourThe tight confines and limited infield space of the one-third mile Waterford Speedbowl means the NASCAR Whelen Modified Tour is forced to get creative at the facility in making a faux “pit road” area.

The series actually creates an off track pit road, just behind turn three, using the main paddock, in an area where the track’s SK Modified teams typically park during events.

Though series officials may be left examining just how the space is used and policed before the next time they visit.

Fortunately Saturday night, tragedy was narrowly averted in the pit area when the car of rookie Spencer Davis hit some individuals standing just away from the faux “pit road” area at Waterford.

According to NASCAR, those struck were treated for any injuries at the track. The incident could have been worlds worse very easily.

Click the link view a short video of what happened when Davis gunned the accelerator and hopped the tire of Rowan Pennink in the tight confines of the Waterford pit area. (Video posted by competitor Marc Panaroni).

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  1. I have always felt if you cant have a proper pit road for the modifieds they shouldnt be running these tracks… Thankfully all are okay

  2. I new something like this was going to happen when NASCAR made it so under caution a WMT car can go a lap down when pitting at the bowl.

    I think it’s about time for NASCAR to make a change. Tracks that don’t have pit roads and have to pit outside of the track is 10 times more worse. And the threat of going one lap down and the rush for everyone to leave a tight pit road, like that one at the bowl is. Is the end result as we just seen.

    The speedbowl is one of the shortest tracks on the WMT schedule. Not to mention it’s pit road is a one way drive. And it takes less then 40 seconds for the pace car to go around the track under caution. I seen more then 10 cars pit on that accident. And that should have never happened.

    What NASCAR needs to do. For tracks under the .5 mile long tracks is don’t count the pit road lap under caution. The same thing NASCAR loco short tracks do. What the VMRS dose. Under Caution if you go in pit-road you wont go a lap down. You will go to the end of the filed. It gives the drivers and teams more time to work on the car. And less of a threat of a two car pile up and running into a spectator.

    This is what happens when NASCAR climes that they made the WMT for the short track community. But with Single qualifying and no heats. Caution laps count for pit road. They force you to buy a part for your ride that is 4 times more expensive to the cheapest competitor.

    I’m not saying that last nights R,E, 161 was boring. It was fun as hell. And exciting. But They need to move this tour back to it’s roots. Not try and make it into a Sprint Cup lower tear. Because we all know that the Late Model Camping World East crap fest is ware all young future Sprint Cup drivers and big teams send their drivers to develop. Sprint cup teams can care less about the WMT. They think it’s a joke.

    Come on Jimmy Wilson. Don’t you think it’s time to take a stand for this tour. And make a change for the better. Not only for the drivers. But for the FAN’S to? Or are you going to be like Chad Little and be another “Yes Sir.”

    Well that’s my 2 cents.

  3. Sharpie Fan says

    All just to get out ahead of the pace car. Perhaps they shouldn’t count caution laps.

  4. Shawn, just FYI, spell check feature appears to be turned off. #spellcheck #turniton

    I did not go to the 161 last night, as $38 for that show is simply not worth it. i’ll pay $27.50 for the show SMS ran with the VMRS Friday night all day long though.

    As far as the incident, just from looking at the video, I think the situation is a little overblown.Yes, someone could have been hurt, but it was an accident. it has happened before, will happen again.

    Nothing stopping that same thing from happening on a formal pit road like at Stafford or Thompson.Only difference is you are truly then limiting it to Nascar-licensed crew members with safety equipment on in that scenario.

    As far as last night at Waterford? Next time I would simply eliminate the ability for non-NWMT crew- members from walking near that wall near the fence during cautions. Pit paddock spectators should stay on the grass, on top of the wall ONLY under caution.

    Under green? walk pretty much wherever you want.

  5. Jackie: I suppose you suggest we just eliminate pitting in every division weekly also? Listen to what you are trying to suggest here… They set up a proper pit road and have had zero issues with it for MRS, WMT, SK etc etc for YEARS! One issue and you are ready to end it all? Give me a break!!! At that rate, MRS and WMT would only run NHMS, Thompson and Stafford… Oh wait, that’s the majority of the schedule already…

  6. love the bowl says

    My suggestion is that the front row must leave prior to the race and allow them to park along the road leaving the pit entrance.. Sorry Sk teams but I have done it in the past. Then you could actually have a front and backside to pit road making the spaces larger and less cars leaving from the same area until they meet going for the gate. Or as others have suggested. On tracks that don’t have a pit road you make it so that the cars pitting don’t go laps down.

  7. JR, most accidents are preventable. Sure, tragedy was averted on Saturday but this is the second close call in the pits in recent weeks. To say this is overblown is just wrong. Also, cars also pit under green so your grand pit plan for fans wouldn’t really work. My fear for the MRS is that a 19yr old race director is not wise to the saferty aspects of the sport. If you have ever seen a man get hit by a racecar it will change your feelings on the matter.

  8. Sharpie Fan says

    fyi Mark

    At Waterford you cannot pit from the track under green as the gate is closed. You also usually cannot enter the track from pitting once they have completed a green flag lap after the caution.

  9. What does a 19 year old race director for the VMRS have to do with anything ? This accident took place during the WNMT race.

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