Rock And Roll: Keith Rocco Dominates Once Again In SK Modified At Waterford Speedbowl

Keith Rocco

Keith Rocco

WATERFORD – The midseason celebration for the SK Modified division Saturday at the Waterford Speedbowl proved to be all too familiar to many other of the division’s celebrations this season.

The SK Modified division has seemingly been all Rocco all the time and that was the case once again Saturday at Waterford.

Keith Rocco of Wallingford took the lead with 67 laps remaining then led the rest of the way to win the 100-lap NASCAR Whelen All-American Series SK Modified feature Saturday at Waterford.

Rob Janovic Jr. of Waterford was second and Jeff Rocco of Wallingford third.

“It was good racing all the way around,” Keith Rocco said. “These extra distance races everybody is a lot more respectful and it’s fun racing like that.”

It was the seventh victory in 13 SK Modified events at Waterford in 2014 for Keith Rocco. He has five second place finishes and a third place finish in the other six events.

Rocco went by his twin brother Jeff to take the lead for good.

“It was a long race and I got to him early,” Keith Rocco said. “I think he knew he wasn’t going to be able to hold me off [for the rest of the race]. He gave me plenty of room and ran me clean, it was a lot of fun.”

Said: Jeff Rocco: “My brother helped me out a lot with this thing and it shows. He gave me some of his secrets, but I don’t think he gave me all of them.”

Janovic went by Jeff Rocco for second with 30 lap laps remaining but Janovic had nothing for Rocco over the closing stages of the event.

“We were kind of catching him, but the car went away a bit,” Janovic said. “I had a blast tonight. … That was fun.”

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  1. Rafter fan says

    What knocked TC out?

  2. Rafter,

    Early wreck in the event.

  3. If I had to race some of these drivers I would quit! They think they can block a guy who wants to race for 90 laps . Some drivers just cannot pick a lane . They use the whole track , they’re up one lap down the next . These drivers should watch the film and they would see how much of a weapon they are out there. That’s the big problem when you race with mummy and daddy’s money . JMO

  4. Andy da woodchuck says

    It would have been nice if we had Sids video but since the speedbowl ticked him off. We won’t. Thanks speedbowl.

  5. Rafter fan says

    TC’s wreck looked pretty mild – what broke? It looked like he couldn’t refire the engine – otherwise, the car looked OK from the stands.

  6. Looked like TC had steam coming from the hood after the wreck.

  7. Was told they had a electrical issue

  8. Rafter fan says

    Jim – thanks for the info. I didn’t see steam coming out of the radiator/engine, so electrical would make sense.

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