Issues At Track Push Sid’s Vault Production Crew To Shut Down Operations At Waterford Speedbowl

Sids View Logo FixIts something that’s become part of the fabric of racing at the Waterford Speedbowl.

Sid’s View “Webisodes” on YouTube have become the go-to place for fans to relive all the action at the track weekly.

But after four and half seasons growing their product into a highly professionally produced weekly video recap, unlike anything seen at any other short track in the US, the team behind the productions has decided it’s time to walk away, at least temporarily.

Tom “Sid” DiMaggio confirmed that the production team will be taking, at a minimum, a hiatus from producing their Sid’s View videos from the Speedbowl. DiMaggio said he’s not sure the group will ever return to producing videos at the track again.

“It is with sincere disappointment that we announce we have temporarily ceased production of Sid’s View at the Waterford Speedbowl effective immediately,” DiMaggio posted on the Sid’s Vault Productions Facebook page Saturday evening. “We want to thank all of our viewers, dedicated sponsors and race teams that have shown their continued appreciation for our efforts capturing the action on video over the last 4 1/2 seasons.”

After taking very rare a week off from the track for the June 28 event at the Speedbowl, the Sid’s View production team returned to the track Saturday. But, DiMaggio and his crew made the decision to leave the track before the start of feature racing Saturday night after a heated verbal confrontation between DiMaggio and track official Bob Gilot in the pits during time trial qualifying.

DiMaggio was leaning into a car speaking with Mini Stock driver Nick Pappacoda while Pappacoda was waiting to go onto the track for time trials. The track rules are that nobody can touch a car waiting in line to time trial after that car has crossed the tech inspection pad, which Pappacoda had done.

The confrontation between Gilot and DiMaggio started from a distance before Gilot approached DiMaggio and the two exchanged words face-to-face.

“We feel the Speedbowl has shown us what they believe is an acceptable way to treat us and we disagree with that,” DiMaggio said Sunday. “We feel we should be treated in a different manner. Until we can work that out, we have no plans to come back to the track.”

Said track owner Terry Eames: “It’s too early for me to comment on the events of last night. I’m hoping to have a conversation with Tom DiMaggio soon.”

DiMaggio’s production team will continue to produce video for events through the remainder of the 2014 season at Thompson Speedway.

DiMaggio confirmed that his group will also continue their work in producing a feature length documentary on the history of the Waterford Speedbowl. DiMaggio said he will also continue to oversee the reworking of the Speedbowl history website he created.

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  1. apan regor says

    The down hill spiral of the bowl continues

  2. Andy Da Woodchuck says

    Sid does a lot for the bowl but let’s see how ole Terry handles this one.. Free ice cream cones (vanilla or chocolate no twists)? Or maybe some dried out pizza?Funny he was probably saying good luck and turning the gopro on when Mr. Personality came over to chew him out. Unreal.

  3. And Pappacodas transponder didn’t work during qualifying. Hmmm let the conspiracies theories began.

  4. Andy Boright says

    Don’t these media members understand the rules apply to everyone!!! You want to have a conversation with someone do it either before the car is in tech or after qualifying is over for that team.

  5. This really stinks. On the other hand, did you or any other member of the local press cover Thompson? I couldn’t find anything in the local papers or online.

  6. Wow that really sucks, as some one that grew up going to the bowl and then spent yrs working in the pits there, since i have moved away sids view has made it so i could watch the races every week and with the amazing work he and his crew do every week it makes me feel like i was at the races that week. He has done more for that track when it comes to publicly and furthering the appeal to fans in the short time he has been there than ownership has done in the last 15 yrs. Is just terrible. Some people need to get over themselves and think about things before losing their minds, its Sid, you really think he was going to do anything to help that race car in qualifying, and on top of that it’s a mini stock, what the hell is he going to do to improve it any way, just mind boggling.

  7. There must be more to the story. If he was doing a video or interview I don’t see how this is a problem. I would expect the intent of the rule is for a crew member not to touch the car. it is a ministock, what can he do to it, no wings or spoilers to adjust. Clearly he feels they treat him poorly there and this was the last straw.

  8. Adie Wun says

    VT people go away. You don’t come here or know anything about the track. You imply there is “tech” here and that is enough to highlight your ignorance.

  9. Brent Gleason says

    Hey Andy, when “media members” are not informed of the rule until after the incident, how are they to know, genius.

  10. Gil,
    What are you talking about “Cover Thompson”? There hasn’t been an oval event at Thompson since late May.

  11. Shawn, I didn’t realize the the road track events won’t be covered. Seems strange?

  12. Gil,
    They’re not running any spectator road racing events at Thompson.

  13. If they didn’t know the rules then it was an honest mistake. Cut them some slack if that’s the case. Hopefully they can work things out.

  14. Well this sucks! Sid and his crew do so much for the Bowl. What they do help the bowl. I hope this can be settled peacefully and that Sid and his crew will come back and to do their recording.

    Because let’s face it. No video media company gives two s**ts about local auto racing. Not even your local news. But Sid and his crew week in and week out do the best they can to promote the track the teams and the fans.

    And that’s something you don’t want to see walk away.

  15. Shawn, Thanks!

  16. Gilot is an idiot! He has no business being an official let alone in charge of tech or rather lack of tech. The place is a joke

  17. Mike Desaulniers says

    This is just another step back for the track a major loss they should can Bob and beg Sid to come back Tom does his job and is great for the track Bob is good for nothing and don’t know his job

  18. So Terry screws another person who has put their heart and soul into the bowl, that’s why it is going under

  19. Gilet has a huge ego and quite frankly isn’t even skilled enough to be a tech official, Sid does way more for that track then Bob could ever think of doing. He has confrontations with anyone that he can the man is on a serious power trip and I hope the higher ups at the track realize this and realize what they lose by losing Sid and his crew and maybe they will see that losing 1 official that causes more issues then he solves will be the better avenue versus losing a media production team that promotes the track, I mean come on he leaned in the window he didn’t jack the car up or start spinning things.

  20. I have to believe this is going to get worked out.

    Clarification of intent of rule, and timing of the communication of enforcing of the rule to the media members is really the core item to resolve. I’m sure there was tons of frustration-laden comments thrown around, but, like drivers after a wreck, they’ll get this resolved and move on to next week’s event.

  21. Chief Rain Cloud says

    Shawn thanks for getting this out there. People need to know what’s up.

  22. I hope Terry gets involved and is able correct this situation, and Sid and his crew return next week. This is a big loss for the Bowl but mostly the fans.

    On the topic of fans losing… has anyone check the MRS website lately? Don’t bother to check, without Scott Tapley it appears there is no more informative site where you can find schedules and stats.

  23. Shawn you should check on the spectator events at Thompson. The weekend that the vintage cars were at the road corse I saw a sign for spectator parking. On top of that they had plenty of people sitting in the grandstands. They may hav even been charging admission. You should maybe check that out

  24. Looks like spectators to me

    Cooler Policy
    Spectators are welcome to bring coolers to this event, however no glass bottles will be allowed.

    Ticket Prices:
    Friday: Adult – $20.00 Junior – $5.00
    Saturday: Adult – $45.00 Junior – $10.00
    Sunday: Adult – $45.00 Junior – $10.00

    Three-Day Ticket: $100.00

    Children (Age 6-14): $20.00 for the weekend

    Children (Age 5 or under): Free Admission

    Active Duty Military or Veterans: Free Admission with valid Military ID or other documentation.

    To order tickets, please call (860) 923-2280 or email [email protected].

  25. Sure that you are going to the right place? Try this:

  26. Facts,
    Yes, I get that the grandstands are open for people to buy tickets and go. My mistake for using more of an industry term of “spectator events” meaning racing divisions traditionally operated as events intended to be large events promoted greatly as public competitive racing events. As in when Lime Rock would welcome the American LeMans Series it was a spectator division, or the Continental Tire Challenge Series. Major known entities in road course racing that traditionally put large, highly promoted racing events intended to draw large crowds for racing competition.

  27. Sids View is free marketing for the Bowl. They’re not out there charging Terry every week to show up and film the action for everyone on Youtube to watch. It’s a win for the Speedbowl and clearly a win for Sid whose out there enjoying his hobby of filming short track racing. While they shouldn’t be given a free pass card to roam wherever they choose, harassing them in the manner described above is extremely unprofessional on the tech staffs part. I highly doubt a professional media organization like Sids would ever do anything to affect an outcome of a race.

    In the meantime I’d suggest shooting at Seekonk Speedway on Saturday nights. They have some of the best weekly action going in the tri-state area. And with the way the bowls going it certainly wouldn’t surprise me to see more cars headed that way in the next few years…

  28. Gil, Thanks, my mistake as the series does have a new web address, and the old one is a dead end. Time to update it in my favorites.

  29. I’ve got a fun fact for you. Nobody cares about the road course. Waste of time to cover it.

  30. Hmmm let’s see.. one official or an entire production crew dedicated to getting my name out there for all to see. Bye bye Bob, go pound sand. That’s what I would have said.

  31. Here we go again. What is it with the speed bowl officials? I am a car owner who used to race at the bowl but left because of all the bullis..t on and off the track. It starts with Terry and ends with his track officials all guilty of treating people who compete at the bowl like crap. If you ask me this will be the straw that sinks the ship, talk about kicking the wrong people in the ass. This production team has brought more fans to the bowl through their work then Terry could ever get even if he offered half price tickets. Sids production take this advice go to another track that will appreciate your efforts, you guys work way to hard to be treated like this. For the bowl nice move what’s next?

  32. Paul, Glad to help.

  33. Terry Eames-Immediate Action Required!1)Call Tom DiMaggio apologize at once on behalf of your tunnel visioned official.2)Beg,plead or somehow convince the Sids Vault Production Crew to return to the Speedbowl.3)Recognize Tom and his crew as the best thing to happen at the Speedbowl since the first car hit the track.4)Respond to this issue with a comprehensive public statement promptly.

  34. The End Is Near says

    Is it just me or does it appear that “ownership” has just given up and resigned to the fact that this is the end?

    Why else would a grown woman use Facebook constantly stir the pot like one the “owners” Mrs. Eames does EVERYWEEK!

    She’s an utter embarrassment to the sport and NASCAR has got to be sick over everything they read from her (they see EVERYTHING)

    Now to the latest drama at the Bowl,

    Robert Gilot is a bully, simple.

    This “man” is the most unprofessional NASCAR official in the sport today.

    Ironically enough Sid’s View capture this same Robert Gilot getting disgustingly aggressive with Mr. Lutz in the pit area during the “teather” webisode recently.

    Robert provides nothing to the track other than being the spouse of the lady who counts Terry’s money every night, and if you think for one second that the Eames family will choose to side with Sid (who is clearly right here, I saw the whole mess) over the guy who’s attached to his money, then I have some ocean front property to sell you in Nebraska.

  35. just another episode of the soap opera that is the bowl.

    I am disappointed to hear that Sids View staff, which really does a tremendous job promoting the speedway and its racers, was treated poorly in this incident. Perhaps a rule was broken by Sids View but it could have been handled in a more professional(polite) manner. I imagine it was just an innocent mistake and there was no intent on cheating. From past tech events, including the tether incidents earlier this year, I didn’t realize the Speed Bowl officials where such sticklers for the rules. It seems like a safety issue which could cause serious harm to track staff, racers and fans should be the issue to get upset and angry about not an incident like this. It seems tech staff priorities are not aligned correctly.

    I was thinking the Bowl might really be able to capitalize on the reduced schedule at Thompson this season. Perhaps attract some of the racing deprived drivers and fans to visit the bowl. Unfortunately, if this is the manner the Speed Bowl staff treats its patrons they are not going to improve much.

    Hopefully, the issues can be resolved and Sids View coverage can resume at Waterford. If not, thanks for several years of quality entertainment. I appreciate the time and effort you guys put in to showcase the bowl and its people.

  36. same old BS. certain drivers can switch cars , run without wheel tethers , do a boatload of illegal things , yet leaning on a car will get you in trouble?????

  37. chief rain cloud says

    Noticed my post was deleted because I said a whole in it…

  38. You weren’t the only one who tried to use that word chief rain cloud…

  39. kevin trageser says

    I would have knocked that official on his bleep.remember most people r need to disrespect someone.he knew what tom d. was doing .what an idiot,.what else would u expect at the bowl.

  40. Chief Jay Raincloud says

    Sid does a great job, Shawn probally pointed this very thing to the offical and Sid got thrown out

  41. Bob Freeman says

    Tom “Sid” DiMaggio is a class act who does amazing work. I doubt anyone has a clue to the amount of time he and his crew put into his preserving the history of the Speedbowl – both past and present. No one deserves to be treated disrespectfully and certainly NOT Sid DiMaggio or any other member of the media.

  42. Chief Jay Raincloud,
    Why would you even say that?

  43. I would like to hear from Tom. My family and I returned to the Bowl in 2013, after a 24 year absence specifically due to Sid’s View videos. We won’t be back, until they are back. Get this thing resolved. As long as no one drew “first blood” this should be fixable. Some sorries all around and let’s get back to work.

  44. We are all still waiting for Terry Eames ‘ statement.This is a huge issue.Time is Time!

  45. 450Mike,

    I’m not sure what you’re waiting for on a statement from the track? I don’t think they’re obligated to address this any more than it has already been addressed. If they choose to fine, but I don’t think they have any obligation to do that.

  46. Shawn.The obligation is of course implied.The future of the Sid’s Vault Production crew at our beloved Speedbowl is likely in the hands of Terry Eames.His response to this potential disaster is critical.On behalf of countless racers and race fans,I am asking again for a comprehensive public statement now.

  47. darealgoodfella says

    This track needs its own reality TV show.

  48. 450mike,
    Respectfully speaking, I don’t know exactly what you think any sort of public statement would do at this point or why you think it’s needed. I’m sure to see Sid and his crew return it would involved he and the track management working out some issues. I don’t think anybody needs to make any public “statements” regarding it at this point.

  49. darealgoodfella says

    “We feel the Speedbowl has shown us what they believe is an acceptable way to treat us and we disagree with that,” DiMaggio said Sunday. “We feel we should be treated in a different manner. Until we can work that out, we have no plans to come back to the track.”

    If the production crew was operating outside of the rules, that is a problem. If the production crew needs to operate outside the rules, that needs to be presented, reviewed and approved by the track. The production crew just can’t ignore rules, they are not above the rules. That should have been worked out before the production crew ever started. If the problem ultimately reduces to antagonistic personalities, well, that can’t be fixed other than personnel changes or the production company never returns.

    Everybody likes to think they are special and the rules don’t apply to them. Rules are rules, and the video production crew needs to learn to operate their production within those rules. Just because the video production company does something pretty good doesn’t mean that rules don’t apply to them.

  50. chief rain cloud says

    First of all the production crew would need to be informed of all the rules that may apply to them. The rule that nobody touches the car after tech before time trials is more verbal than anything. I being a racer would think that it applied to the crew members not a media person who would do what? _Perform some cheating act? Be serious! Gilot could have approached Sid and stated what he wanted. He didn’t need to go ballistic for a continued time and berate Sid in front of all. That mentality went out with Dave LaRose 14 years ago. Sid’s job is to get info and related verbiage he can use in the production of the videos. Cut him some slack I don’t think he thinks he is free to do what ever he wants but if he doesn’t know a rule that is listed in the rule book for drivers and crew members kindly let him know it also applies to him and I am sure he would have obliged. The owner needs to step up and show he is in charge and defuse this now not let it boil over and keep boiling. Take Bob aside and explain that he was slightly out of line and tell Sid that he will correct it so it doesn’t happen again, and be a man and apologize! The owner needs to rule the hen house not the chickens!

  51. John Boy says

    I’m with the track on this one. Rules at a track apply to everyone including the media. All to often the media thinks they are privileged characters and try to push the envelope too far. This is an example of just that. No, Sid, you should not be treated in a different manner. You should have apologized and it should have ended right there.

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