Stafford Motor Speedway Announces Fan Vote Results For SK 5K Race Procedures

SK 5K Logo StaffordFor the inaugural SK 5K, Stafford Motor Speedway put setting the procedures for the event in the hands of fans and Thursday the track announced the fan voting results that will be in place for tomorrow’s event at the track.

Fans had the chance to vote on the number of laps that will be run, the qualifying procedure for the event, the tire change rules and the lineup invert.

More than 5,000 votes were cast in preparation for the event.

On Thursday it was announced that the race qualifying will be completed through heat events, there will be no tire changes allowed and the top 12 qualifiers will be inverted for the starting lineup.

The distance for the event will be determined minutes before the start. The top three race distances voted on were 76 laps, 80 laps and 100 laps.

The distance will be decided when cars are set on the track for the start of the feature with one distance being drawn.

The number of chips for each distance will be allocated based on the votes each distance received. The final vote totals for each of the laps were; 76 laps – 774 votes; 80 laps – 844 votes; 100 laps – 2715 votes. Eight chips will be in the draw for 76 laps, eight chips will be in the draw for 80 laps and 27 chips will be in the draw for 100 laps.

The event features a purse of more than $27,000, including a $5,000 first place payoff. Second place will earn $2,500, third place $1,800 and fourth through tenth will receive at least $1,000. Twenty-six cars will start the race with a guaranteed $450 for each starter. There will also be a payout of $250 for the winner of each heat race, with $150 going to second place and $100 to third in each qualifying event.

“I think the heats are going to be pretty interesting,” eight-time Stafford SK Modified division champion Ted Christopher said in a release. “We’ve never done that before so it should be fun. Of course people are going to try stuff in the heats. There’s money on the line and we’re all racers, why wouldn’t we try something?”

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  1. How many heat races?

  2. Bob,

    I think that will be decided once they know exactly how many cars will be there.

  3. Steve georgiades says

    Should have a B feature like at seekonk did last night , they had 40 car

  4. Seekonk had a nice field of cars last night which made for some good racing. I hope we get a similar turnout at Stafford!!!

  5. So, knowing they are going to be inverting the top 12 ahead of time, aren’t we going to see “sandbagging” in the heats, with competitors trying to finish 3rd or 4th (rather than 1st or 2nd)?

  6. “There will also be a payout of $250 for the winner of each heat race, with $150 going to second place and $100 to third in each qualifying event.”

  7. I don’t think anyone will be sandbagging in the heats. There will be to many cars trying to make it in the race to think they would risk having to go to a consi or be anywhere near a transfer position.

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