Stafford Speedway Readying For Rocking Fourth Of July Party For Inaugural SK 5K Event

SK 5K Logo StaffordStafford Motor Speedway officials are expecting the action to rock on the track Friday night when the facility hosts the inaugural SK 5K event.

And they know the atmosphere will be rocking before and after the action on the track.

The rock band Mean Gene and the Flamethrowers will perform before and after the racing events at the track Friday evening.

The Long Island based group is led by Gene Ullman, owner of ASI Racewear.

“We’re a Long Island based concert style party rock band,” Ullman said in a release from the track. “We play a wide variety of music, from Zeppelin, Hendrix, The Stones, Beetles, and Bruce Springsteen to some blues and some R&B as well as some songs that people can dance to.

“We’re kind of like having Bon Jovi or Bruce Springsteen right in your back yard. We played once before at the Meadowlands race track but this is the first time we’ll be playing during a race and we’re all looking forward to it. With myself being in the racing business, it’s going to be a lot of fun to be able to interact with the race fans and give them a good show.”

The track will also host a barbecue and have additional entertainment at the event.

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  1. Clown Union says

    Bring back Seymour the Clown!

  2. Wont be going. Not on 4th of July.

  3. electrician says

    I’m sure Seymour would love to be back ,but I think he is the top clown
    up stairs now

  4. Gonna be an awesome show. What better way to spend a day off from work? There are coming to be some wrecked cars after this one is over.

  5. Mary May says

    rain out

  6. Rafter fan says

    Has a rain date been determined?

  7. Rafter fan,
    None that I’ve heard about yet.

  8. Rafter fan says

    Shawn –

    Thanks, and thanks for running RaceDayCT.

    Do you know why Stafford doesn’t establish a standard rain dates for its Friday shows? For example, the standard rain date could be Saturday at noon, or Sunday at noon? I’d think that the lost revenue from rain outs would make it impossible to keep the track going.

  9. Rafter,

    That’s a tough deal all around. Many reasons why it would be hard to do that. One big reason I could think of is then you’d be asking your employees to commit to another possible day. That’s asking a lot of people who have other jobs and lives. It’s just a hard deal overall to do. There’s not too many tracks that set standard rain dates. One thing to set them for the biggest events, but it’s quite another thing to have them standard for weekly shows.

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