Charmed Life: Joey Ferrigno Rolls To Fifth SK Light Modified Victory Of 2014 At Stafford

Joey Ferrigno

Joey Ferrigno

STAFFORD – Joey Ferrigno likes to pride himself as a showman when it comes to his exploits behind the wheel of an SK Light Modified at Stafford Motor Speedway.

Friday at Stafford Motor Speedway the East Hartford driver gave fans a show to remember at the front of the field, three times over.

Ferrigno saw two passes for the lead negated in the closing laps, but – even with a damaged ride – was still able to make the third try for the lead the charm on the way to victory in the 20-lap SK Light Modified feature Friday at Stafford.

It was the fifth victory of the season for Ferrigno, and his fourth victory in the last seven SK Light Modified events at Stafford.

“I was hoping to get three wins this year, that was my goal,” Ferrigno said. “We’ve far surpassed that. I don’t go points racing, but the points are shaping up. I wish the beginning of the year didn’t start the way that it did. With everything that’s been going on lately, these wins are huge helping my team going and just keeping us here every week.”

D.J. Burnham of East Hartford was second and Bob Charland of Stafford third.

Ferrigno went under Burnham for the lead going into turn one on lap 19, but the caution flew before the lap could be completed, putting Ferrigno back in second for a green-white-checkered restart.

On the ensuing restart, Ferrigno got by Burnham for the lead off of turn two but contact in turn three sent both cars spinning. But, officials deemed that an incident just prior the leaders spinning actually was reason for the caution, putting Burnahm back to the lead and Ferrigno to second for another attempt at a green-white-checkered finish.

On that final restart, Ferrigno powered to the lead off the high side into turn one and Burnham had nothing to challenge him for the final two laps.

“I can’t recall anything like that for me,” Ferrigno said of having two lead changes negated before getting a win. “But I’m all about putting a show on for the fans and I think we did that tonight.”

Ferrigno was left just shocked to get the car to the finish The contact with Burnham prior to the final restart left him with a badly bent left front wheel.

“I saw it and I felt it,” Ferrigno said. “That last lap, going into turn three, I had such a vibration I didn’t think I was going to hold onto it. This car is just phenomenal. We got into each other a little bit but no harm no foul, we’re both here on the podium.”

Said Burnham: “I kind of let one get away from us tonight.”

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  1. Someone PLEASE explain how the two leaders can take each other out causing a 4 car wreck behind them yet the two leaders get their spots back??? That was a terrible call!!!

  2. Dan,

    According to officials at the track, the caution call was made for an incident behind the leaders that took place previous to the contact and spin with the leaders.

  3. Really shawn? I dont know what the officials were watching but the 87 turned down into the 54 and the 87 spun. Everything that happened after was a result of the 87 spinning. I,d rather hear your opinion versus what the officials didnt see happen.

    All the cars that were put to the back were cars that were caught up in the wreck that started with the two leaders. How can you penalize everyone else that was caught up in it except for the major contributors? Its no different than than any other wreck. I could see if a car was in the back of the wreck that had to stop to avoid wrecking but this was not the case.

  4. And as a result the #31 car gor screwed again by the track, because he avoided the mess and should have restarted 3rd….and the #1 car should have restarted 1st. Everyone watching was shaking their heads after that call

  5. Um, the 54 was stopped on the track after the 87 turned left into him placing himself in the T-bone situation. They were not moving forward. They caused the piling up after that. Bad call. Favoritism? Yup, pretty sure. It is that time of year….and how about the Thompson Limited Sportsman cars in the Dare Stocks? What’s up with that? Disgusted with that continuing to happen. Glad the win was given to the 74, but he was denied the chance to celebrate in victory lane.

  6. Right on didi, I don’t know what the officials were watching but that was ridiculous. As far as the dare stock race goes. I was trying to figure out how that guy could actually celebrate that victory. He had to know he was gonna be disqualified. Makes you wonder about people when they knowingly cheat as bad as that was then celebrate it. I’m all about winning but if I had won in that car I woulda skipped victory lane and loaded up to go home. I don’t care for Brandon Michael very much but he got gyped last night.

  7. Showmen belong in the circus not on the racetrack! Let’s stop the favoritism and give the fans what they pay to watch good, strong, FAIR and SAFE racing. Soon Stafford will be giving camel rides on the infield. They will have to make up there revenue somehow when there fan count goes down. Don’t even get me started on the Dare Stocks feel bad for the 74.

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