NASCAR Whelen Mod Tour Team Owner David Hill Apologetic Over Racial Slur Posted On Facebook

The Hill Enterprises 79 Whelen Modified Tour car (Photo: Corey Sipkin/NASCAR)

The Hill Enterprises 79 NASCAR Whelen Modified Tour car (Photo: Corey Sipkin/NASCAR)

NASCAR Whelen Modified Tour team owner David Hill said Sunday morning that he was sorry for placing a post on Facebook late Saturday night that included a racial slur and veiled threat directed at reigning Whelen Modified Tour champion Ryan Preece.

Preece, of Berlin, was at Langley Speedway in Hampton, Va. Saturday night competing in the NASCAR Whelen Southern Modified Tour Bayport Credit Union 150.

Preece finished ninth in the event. Hill’s driver, Spencer Davis, finished 14th in the 17-car field.

Hill owns the Hill Enterprises race team based out of Westfield, N.C. The team had fielded a full-time car on the Whelen Modified Tour for more than two decades before leaving the series last year to run full-time on the Whelen Southern Modified Tour. The team has made three Whelen Modified Tour starts this year with Davis driving.

Commenting on Facebook about the finish and an incident between Davis and Preece, Hill posted what is pictured below:

Screen Shot 2014-08-31 at 12.13.29 PM

Hill confirmed Sunday morning he did indeed make the post, which he later deleted.

“I did post that,” Hill said. “But it was never meant to be a racist remark. You know it’s a figure of speech. It wasn’t meant anything the wrong way. It was took the wrong way. I should have had a better choice of words. And you shouldn’t be typing on Facebook when you’re upset that a really good run was taken away. I need to do better with my choice of words. … I did do it. But it’s definitely not the way I am. … I’m sorry for posting that. That’s not me.”

The comment about “payback” was making reference to the fact that Hill’s team will be competing, along with Preece’s Flamingo Motorsports team, in the Whelen Modified Tour season finale at Thompson Speedway on Oct. 19. Preece was competing at Langley with his family owned No. 41 Tour Type team.

“NASCAR is aware of the situation and we are looking into the matter,” NASCAR spokesperson Jason Christley said Sunday. “We do not condone this language in any form or fashion.”

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  1. The N Word is a figure of speech – a racist and hateful figure of speech. If he doesn’t know that …

  2. Open mouth insert foot, open mouth wider and insert both feet. Ya all can’t fix stupid . You just can’t make this stuff up . I am not a believer in face book they should change it to – -sbook. Fines to come soon

  3. Its not a racial slur maybe people need to know the true definition. It means ignorance so people should get their head out of there ass and grow up I would have never apologised.

  4. preece sure isn’t making any friends this year.

  5. David should no better then that. NTFB. Not too freaking bright.

  6. Jimmy Milo says

    Can’t take it back once it’s said. Especially in this day and age.

  7. It’s not a racist word! Nor is he racist. Look it up people, that’s what dictionaries are for.

  8. Jim patrovtz says

    The only problem is Preece was racing for a different team at Langley and at Thompson he’ll be racing for a totally different so why punish the flamingo team, plus it seemed Davis spun himself while he was beind the 41 of Preece? Just move on and have the drivers to handle the situation

  9. Susan, if there was nothing wrong with what was said why did he apologize? And why did he delete the comment?

  10. Shawn he apologized and deleted because it was took out of context and he’s not a racist and don’t want people to think of him that way. The people that really know him, know this. But some people are to quick to form assumptions these days. It’s a figure of speech and has been around for decades.
    NOTHING racist about it.

  11. Bob Freeman says

    There are many other, more appropriate, words that could have been chosen…

  12. Are the people on here crazy. It takes a really disgusting human being to try and defend a clearly racist statement. While I am sure mr hill is not attending clan meetings, it doesn’t mean that there was no racial undertones behind this statement. It is almost worse to hear people try and make it sound like it’s not a big deal. It is a big deal.

  13. Susan,
    I feel bad for David that he made the mistake he did and I believe he was sincere in saying he chose his words wrong and a time when anger was boiling over. And I don’t think anybody is trying to characterize him as any sort of awful person. That said, trying to rationalize what was said as not being a racist word is simply being ignorant.

  14. I know the truth and that’s all that matters. You people believe what you want and look for things to take out of context if you want. That’s your right. And Shawn I am far from ignorant and I’m done with commenting!!!!

  15. He may not be a racist, but he used a racial slur and “pretended” it wasn’t one.

    Btw – that word isn’t in a real dictionary. The Urban Dictionary doesn’t count.

  16. darealgoodfella says

    Susan, that word used by Mr. Hill is not in a credible dictionary such as Oxford’s or Merriam-Webster. That word is in the Urban Dictionary, not exactly what would be referenced say, in a legal case, or even the mainstream media and publishing in an attempt to legitimize the word. Just because it is in the dictionary doesn’t mean it is not a despicable word. The root of the word used by Mr. Hill is still universally and profoundly offensive. And even in the Urban Dictionary, the negative connotations, insinuations and innuendos are still there. It is indeed very sad for anyone to think that use of that word or derivatives is not racial.

    I’ve looked up the definition of the root of that word in Oxford’s and Merriam-Webster, and indeed it is defined as the common-knowledge interpretation, the horrible slur that it is.

    Susan, what dictionary are you using? Please enlighten us.

  17. He made a mistake in anger. He apologized. Enough said. This is starting to read like a bunch of 14 year old girls on facebook

  18. Dumb and Dumberer says

    Is this Susan really trying to say that the word used is an actual word?!?! and justifying it by using some definition?!?!

    I’m sure next we’ll hear from her “we aren’t racist, some of our best friends are black”

    The husbands choice was embarrassing, but the wife’s defense is revolting! (look that one up)

    NASCAR has suspended many for much less and the probably shouldn’t stop at Mr. Hill, if Mrs. Hill has a NASCAR license it should be revoked.

    Amazing how the inability to speak intelligently over the last 24 hours has forever changed the standing of a once proud racing name.

  19. Crazy in NY says

    Let’s talk reality here. IF David were black it would have been a non issue but he’s white

    so it goes to high crimes and misdemeanors The “urban” community uses the words

    everyday. It’s in their music and culture. The real issue is why Shawn even put this up.

    David apologized for it and took it down but Shawn put it up here for a reason.

    Now he has some buzz on his site. Look at the number of comments here talking about

    it. Mission accomplished .

  20. If this gets national attention, perhaps Reverend Al Sharpton lead a protest at the next WSMT event…

  21. SixEx Racing says

    I’ll second what Crazy in NY said.
    David made a poor choice of words in a public forum, deleted it and apologized, yet Shawn has to not only bring it up, but post the whole thing that was deleted for all to see.
    Shawn, what exactly was your point in bringing this up to the whole racing community?

  22. SixEx Racing

    A NASCAR Whelen Modified Tour team owner went on a public forum and used a racial slur to attack a competitor and also used a public forum to the threaten that competitor. You should be asking yourself exactly why you don’t think those actions should be reported on a site that covers the Whelen Modified Tour. Says plenty about your feelings on using racial slurs and publicly threatening people. And why is it you usually use your real name when you leave comments here Joe LaJoie, but when it’s a comment saying using racial slurs should just be an acceptable practice for NASCAR team owners then you use a fake name? So you don’t want people to know that you think it’s an acceptable practice for team owners to use racial slurs in public threats directed at other competitors?

  23. Sorry I didn’t use my real name. I’m surprised you didn’t call me a spineless coward.
    I’m guilty of using the same term myself. Are you happy?

  24. Crazy in NY says

    Excuse me Shawn but NO ONE ever said using a racial slur was acceptable.

    Give us a break on the “publicly threatening” thing too. Racers get a microphone

    shoved in their faces during the heat of battle and make all kinds of statements

    and the 79 team saying “payback” is coming is hardly new. But it is news yes.

    The fact that a poster here uses his real name or not doesn’t detract from a point being

    made. My name is Mike and you have my real email address if you’d like to chat back

    channel please write.

    . The bottom line is David messed up and made amends and it’s not in the

    best interest of anybody to keep dwelling on this minor sin. This wasn’t Fergeson,MO.

  25. Ouch!

  26. Joe,
    Yes, you are a coward. You go online and fire off accusations about people using fake names because you’re afraid to actually stand up and use your own name. That would be the definition of coward. You got called out and now you used your name because you got called out. You didn’t use your name at first because you wanted to hide. If you didn’t want to hide you would have just used your real name instead of a fake name.
    Why would it make me happy that you think that’s an acceptable term and you don’t think it’s racist?
    So you use that term regularly Joe?
    I bet you use that term all the time loudly at local business establishments right? Like you surely use it openly while standing in line at say Target or while walking around the mall correct? Because it’s a socially acceptable term that’s fine to use everywhere around everyone right Joe? That’s what’s you’re saying right?
    No wait, let’s be honest, you use the term openly at the racetrack because that’s where you feel comfortable and protected using the term right? Would you use that term in the face of a black person? No, you wouldn’t because you know it’s a racial slur and you’d be worried of the consequences of using it in a general social setting or how you would be perceived by those around you. Just because it’s a term that people – like you – use regularly at the racetrack doesn’t mean it’s not a racial slur. It just means you don’t care whether it is or not.

  27. lets set racing back 30 years…

  28. darealgoodfella says

    Rich O, “mistakes in anger” are not justifiable mistakes. Does he need anger management therapy? If you don’t want this to look like 14 YO girls on Facebook, don’t behave like 14 YO girls on Facebook. The other way to make sure this doesn’t happen anymore is to expose it, to show how wrong it is. That’s what is being done here, exposing it. Does that exposure make you feel uncomfortable?

    It is interesting watching the defenders, very revealing. A shame they are in a defensive position. Tells quite a bit.

  29. darealgoodfella says

    Hill can threaten payback at Thompson all he wants, but his equipment can’t compete with the car Preece will be running at Thompson, so Preece will be safe by just driving away from the 79.

  30. darealgoodfella says

    Susan, please tell us how “it was took out of context”, and what the real context was.

    Where are you from that using that word is common and acceptable?

    I love watching people do something really bizarre, and then try to make like it was something else. Like when people blather on a whole bunch of offensive crap, and then end with, “just sayin’ ” as if that mollifies the offensiveness of what was said.

  31. steady eddie fan says

    Now what looting and rioting ? where is Rev Al Sharpton 🙂

  32. The real racist are the people who take terms such as this out of context. Any normal person who don’t think their to good to say things such as thus know exactly what david Ment. The ignorant folk are the ones who think they are better then david. If David’s team was one of race days pit pass teams then this wouldn’t be on this site. Typical media person and a bigger problem then racial slurs in today’s racing scene. IMO.

  33. Sonny,

    Really? What white supremacist village do you reside in? There’s no taking the N-word “out of context” and making it not a racist statement. The word is a racist word, period, end of story.
    And Sonny, explain exactly was taken “out of context” in the story here? The exact statement that was made and posted on Facebook was posted here in its exact form. How was anything taken out of context? The N-Word is racist in any form. If you think it’s not it’s because you’re a racist, plain and simple. I don’t think I’m better than David and don’t even throw out here that I would look the other way depending on any scenario. A highly racist statement was made on a very public forum by a NASCAR team owner and it was reported as such. The fact that you don’t think the N-word is racist and you think it’s acceptable for NASCAR team owners to go on public forums and use that word to describe their competitors says all anybody really needs to know about you and the raving racist that you are. I suppose when you burn that cross on your front lawn in December you just say it’s a Christmas decoration too right? Please, just go back to cutting out the eyeholes in that new white pillow case you put over your head for your “social meetings” and don’t try to come here and say that anybody took anything out of context.

  34. Thanks Shawn. You just proved my point how ignorant people like you are. If he was calling preece the N word then I would say he is a racist. But using it the way he did does not. Let me guess ” Polly want a cracker” is a racist term too. Time to get off your high horse. Sorry is that being a racist too?

  35. Sonny,
    I feel bad that you’re as ignorant as you are. Really, there’s nothing more to say. I suppose next you’re going to explain to us how slavery was really just good use of an available workforce and how civil rights took all the good bus seats away from you?

  36. Guess we can agree that your term o being a racist is different from mine. Just like your term of being ignorant is different as well. The difference is I can recognize that yet you being the classic liberal can not. Bet you also don’t have a problem with Obama and Holden being involved as much as they were in the whole yet cant bother to put the same resources together when it’s a colored cop shooting a white guy or better yet shooting a Mexican. People who do know wrong like yourself make me sick. Bet that bird just went over your head.

  37. Sonny,
    Really? Still waiting for you to explain how the word Mr. Hill used was taken out of context in the story I wrote? Explain to me the definition of that word. As a matter of fact, get me a dictionary definition that explains just exactly how that word isn’t just taking the root word and making it a new word using the racist word to describe someone doing something really bad. I know, you won’t answer the question I asked you a while back. You’ll just come on here and mention Obama and Ferguson and Liberal because it’s what ignorant people like you do. You make accusations then you offer up scattershot subject changers to get away from actually explaining the moronic first thing you said. Again, still waiting for that explanation of exactly how the word was taken out of context. I won’t hold my breath.

  38. Shawn it was pretty obvious that david felt preece screwed his team. Oops sorry that’s being to sexually. Obvious david was saying preece ‘s action caused his team to suffer a worse finish then what they deserved nothing racist about that at all. If he called preece the n word then in would agree it was a racist statement. You need hits to promote your site so you used David’s words to concoct up controversy. Hope you don’t call your self a racing journalist.

  39. Sonny,
    There is no way you can even compare someone saying they got “screwed” and someone saying they got “N-worded”. Are you seriously that ignorant? Are you seriously trying to say that using the N-word to describe something someone did to someone else is not being racist? Tell me this is a joke and you’re just really not as stupid as every one of your comments makes you seem. I didn’t “concoct” ANY controversy. And yes, I very proudly call myself a journalist. Nearly 25 years in the business too.
    And by the way, I’ll ask you another question that I’m sure you won’t answer. If you were standing in line at say Target with a friend of yours, and there was a black customer in line in front of you and a black customer in line behind you, would exclaim that your favorite football team got “N-worded” by the refs in the last game or that your boss “N-worded” you by not giving you a raise? No, I can guarantee you wouldn’t say it, because it’s not socially acceptable and it’s not socially acceptable because it’s a racist term. Just because you go to the racetrack and hear your buddies say it all the time and because you use it all the time in social settings where you have no fear of consequence for saying it doesn’t mean it’s not a racist word, it just means that you don’t care whether it’s racist or not.

  40. darealgoodfella says

    Sonny, instead of yapping about Obama, Holden, Ferguson, a Mexican, liberal, birds flying overhead, etc., and accusing others of taking something out of context, just explain what the correct context is. Just do that. What was meant by the use of a word that is condemned as socially unacceptable? Since nobody has been able to explain the correct context, this can’t be about context, it is about the use of a socially unacceptable word. But Sonny, you can tell us what the correct context was. Although it has been tried to explain this away as something taken out of context, nobody has provided what that correct context is. Sonny, maybe you can do that for us? Or you can tell us about your social circles where use of this word is considered a normal figure of speech.

    Here we have the classical “play the victim” scam going on. Somebody does something wrong, they get caught or called out on it, then they play the victim card as if everyone else is attacking them. Sonny, go ahead and explain the correct context.

    Sonny, Mr. Hill admitted it was a poor choice of words, took the post down, and apologized. Interestingly, Mr. Hill is quoted as saying, “You know it’s a figure of speech.” Now that is getting closer to the root of the problem.

    Here’s the definition of “Figure of Speech” from Merriam-Webster:

    ” : a form of expression (as a simile or metaphor) used to convey meaning or heighten effect often by comparing or identifying one thing with another that has a meaning or connotation familiar to the reader or listener”

    It is a figure of speech held on to by what is hopefully very small and declining value systems that will one day stop behaving this way and stop using this offensive language. Maybe one day they will learn that they are the ones that are getting hurt by using this language. They are doing it to themselves.

    Shawn, it looks like you need to fix an error. You wrote, “Hill was competing at Langley with his family owned No. 41 Tour Type team.” I think that “Hill” needs to be replaced with “Preece”.

  41. Shawn,
    You delete people’s posts for language, saying that you want to keep the site clean (which is a good idea). Yet the least you could have done was blur out the socially unacceptable n-word when you reposted Mr Hill’s deleted facebook post.

  42. Joe,
    Yes, I keep the site clean of obscenities in almost all cases. That said, the language and word used was the reason for the story and in that instance it will stay because of what it is. It’s why a graphic was used to represent exactly what was said and how it was posted.
    And Joe, two things, why would you in particular say the word should be blurred out when just yesterday you said the word was not racist and that it’s a word that you actually use? Why would you say the word isn’t racist and that you actually use the word but then say it should be blurred in the story?
    Secondly, after you claimed that the word was not racist and that you actually use the word, why did you never answer the question I asked about how often you use that word loudly in public settings away from racetracks and race fans? So you do you use that word commonly and loudly in most public places you visit right? Because you said it’s not a racist word and you do use it right?

  43. Okay Shawn, quote in my 3 previous posts where I said that it wasn’t racist. Find it, quote it. The exact words.
    And I said I’m guilty of using it – in that racing context – amongst people I know. I’m not saying it’s right, I didn’t say I’m proud of it, I don’t have a megaphone in my hand and blare it across the Stafford pit area from where I stand next to the handicapper’s booth every week. But it’s a term that’s been used since I worked on racecars in the street stock division in the mid 80’s. It was a whole different world and time back then.

  44. Joe, from your comment: “Shawn has to not only bring it up, but post the whole thing that was deleted for all to see. … Shawn, what exactly was your point in bringing this up to the whole racing community?”

    You left a comment saying that there was no reason for the story to be written. The story was written because it was a racist term used by a NASCAR owner in a public forum. If you’re saying there was no reason to write the story then you’re saying the term was not racist. Again Joe, you seem to want it both ways. You want to say it’s kinda sorta a bad word, but you use it and your friends use it so it’s really not racist then if you and white friends use it at the racetrack when you’re not around anybody that might be offended by it’s racists nature.

  45. As usual Shawn, you will twist words around to fit your agenda.
    It’s funny when the tables are turned and someone accuses you of something you will go on and on and on and on in your normal repetitive way about “where did I say that?” You seem to want it both ways, also.
    And on a side note unrelated to this topic, in your own little world, you don’t know the meaning of the phrase “We’ll agree to disagree.” In your mind, everything is “I disagree with you because you’re wrong and I’m right.”
    Ramble On.

  46. Maybe this story is worthy of writing,maybe not, but posting the actual Facebook post is a little sleezy if you ask me, you’re supposed to be his friend on Facebook, what gives you the right to exploit his page! People need to know who are their friends, and who’s just waiting for an opportunity for someone to slip up and say the wrong things so they can gain from it, I didn’t mind that you wrote the story so much as all of your comments, I just think you’re unprofessional, just my opinion.

  47. Agreed Ray. This is not a professional attitude being displayed here, by all. David did wrong, is taking responsibility for his actions, now all lets just move on.

  48. Oddly enough I just watched a video Ryan preece posted on Twitter. While they were bumming and banging wheels a little bit. The driver of the 79 is the one that cost them a good night by running out of talent in turn four.

    As far as what David said I’ve heard this comment before while taking about a racing deal. I’ve heard it twice both times said under their breath and looking around. Both clear indications that you know what your saying is wrong and you don’t want anyone else to hear it. Other than that the only other time I’ve heard it was once at Waterford for which an owner was referring to a brother running another brother up high. “Hint”.

    I don’t see how this term can be anything but a racial slur. If the N-word meant, screwed, bumped, clean out, slammed, ruined, or anything that describe the banging wheels that night than I could see how this would relate but that word doesn’t even mean any of that. Anybody can twist it to mean what they want it to mean. It’s not what the word means that makes it a slur it’s what the word stands for that makes it inappropriate.

    I can almost bet ANYONE on this comment page will say the word f**k in a group of adults without any thought about it. I will also bet NOONE will say n****r in a group of adults without giving it some thought as to who is listening. Drop the word from your vocabulary because it does nothing but make you look ignorant by using it.

    And lastly if he didn’t think it was a racial slur than why did he apologize? After all it just means they were taken out… right?!?!

  49. darealgoodfella says

    So is there any video of this move that Preece did to the 79?

  50. darealgoodfella,
    Go to 4:25: Langley 8/30/14 Highlights

  51. Shawn Courchesne,
    Looks like the kid ran preece low into the corner and they made contact. Preece was underneath him and held his line. In the end, Davis spun himself out!

  52. darealgoodfella says

    Geez, Hill is all worked up over that??? What is Hill complaining about? His driver lost it. Preece was in front of Davis and had nothing to do with Davis spinning himself. Then Hill gets all upset and rants on FaceBook. Davis spun himself out, what is Hill complaining about? Playing the victim card… that dog ain’t gonna hunt here.

  53. Idiot.

  54. darealgoodfella says

    Ray, FaceBook is not the same as being with a bunch of close friends in a garage. Facebook is public, companies and businesses use it for exposure and publicity. It is not private and secure, as much as you would like to think. It is not secure, it has been hacked, it will be hacked.

    Now you have to understand Shawn’s position… he is a journalist. If he sees something like that and does nothing about it, he could then be accused of bias, partiality, prejudice, etc. Not good at all.

    And Ray and DR, go watch the video. Mr. Hill’s driver failed to get through turn 4 all on his own, Preece had nothing to do with it. Why Hill ranted like that on Facebook is still a mystery, regardless of the poor language, and the only thing unprofessional going on here.

  55. The utter ignorance in these comments is beyond compare.

    Quote: “Its not a racial slur maybe people need to know the true definition. It means ignorance so people should get their head out of there ass and grow up I would have never apologised.”

    Saying the “true definition” means ignorance is litterally one of the dumbest things I have EVER read on the internet.

  56. darealgoodfella says

    JG, even I left that one alone… I just couldn’t bring myself to respond to it. It set the bar, by far.

    And for completeness, since we are talking dictionary definitions, here’s the definition of ignorance: “: the state or fact of being ignorant : lack of knowledge, education, or awareness”

    I’m going to vote for just about any candidate that supports improvements in education.

  57. I think it may be the dumbest comment ever typed. It has the ability to loop in the depths of the internet until the end of time.

  58. I think all of you need to grow up. There is no one any better than the next. He apologize for his actions and he will take his class for his actions…No one on this page can say they are perfect and has never made a mistake better. If so you would be God, and trust me you are not. And that being said you have to forgive in order to be forgiven yourself. So before anyone starts casting stones you may want to look for those skeletons in your own closets!!! God is the only perfect one!!!

  59. Murray hill retired racer I says

    Racing is racing, let them settle it on the poo kicktrack like the old days!Keep your chin up

  60. Ray Skoglund says

    Just my thought:
    David no longer has a talented driver such as Teddy, Silk or Civali.

    Does he thinks for one second this kid can take Preece out without taking himself out also?
    What the heck, that car wouldn’t run long enough to finish the race anyway!!

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