Upon Further Review: Joey Ferrigno Expected To Be Named SK Light Mod Winner At Stafford After Disqualification

Joey Ferrigno

Joey Ferrigno

STAFFORD – When Stephen Kopcik got to victory lane at Stafford Motor Speedway to celebrate his first career victory Friday, second place finisher Joey Ferrigno greeted him there with a kiss.

Though it was a little while later that it came to light that the biggest kiss of the night would be Kopcik kissing that first victory goodbye.

Sources close to Stafford Motor Speedway’s competition officials indicated that Kopcik will be disqualified from his victory in the 20-lap SK Light Modified feature Friday.

Tom Fox, Stafford Speedway director of racing operations and competition, said Friday evening he could not comment on the situation.

Stafford Speedway officials typically announce any race disqualifications the Monday or Tuesday after events.

Kopicik, of Newtown, will be disqualified for having illegal hubs. There were also other competition issues involved with Kopcik that officials are still investigating.

The disqualification will give Ferrigno, of East Hartford, his second consecutive victory, third victory in the last four events and fourth victory overall this season.

Ferrigno started last in the 21-car field.

Kopcik, who was making his 11th start in the division, passed D.J. Burnham to take the lead in turn two on the final lap, but Ferrigno got under Kopcik in turns three as the two went side-by-side to the checkered.

Jeremy Sorel of Westfield, Mass. will be moved to second place in the race and Geoff Boisjolie of East Hampton, Mass. will be moved to third.

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  1. joey is on a roll , and he has earned the right to it !

  2. Let the win stay…give him a small fine and make him change the hubs. I’m sure they had nothing to do with winning.

  3. “Kopcik kissing that first victory goodbye” really? He earned his win. He is an amazing young man on and off the track, I don’t think a few accusations from sore losers should compromise his skill and talent. You would have to dig way deeper than that to find any flaws in his performance and even then I don’t think you will find anything other than a talented young man who has what it takes! Raceday Ct should be ashamed of there accusations based on unnamed “close sources” that kid drove his but off and earned his win!

  4. Some guy who was in tech says

    Except for those illegal parts and spotter amirite?

  5. I agree with Richard (and summer). Let the kid keep the win…….he drove his tail off (cleanly) and earned the win. DQ’d for hubs??? come on……how is that a performance enhancement? Every time I start to like Stafford they disappoint me again!!!

  6. Some Guy who was in Tech-were you even aloud to be there? Illegal parts? Nothing that would make or break the drivers skill and as far as the radio/spotter accusation show me proof and don’t go off of hear say. Nothing but accusations come back with some concrete evidence and your questions may be entertained. I don’t understand why anyone would try and tear apart a 16 year old kids first victory win. Can’t you just be happy for the winner? Any winner? It seems that if you win a race you are automatically cheating! Pointless. I was a true fan of Stafford but am being to wonder how and why somewhere along the way professionalism and courtesy has gone by the wayside. You win some and lose some in all aspects of life on and off the track but still must maintain a wee bit of integrity for yourself and your opponents.

  7. Sharpie Fan says

    Cheater! Cheater! Cheater!

  8. I’m sure some other cars have some parts that is illegal to but they know people they are aloud to do it

  9. Ummm
    nice article – to bad you don’t understand how to properly use the English language. Prior to a decision from Stafford and their posting the official results – you openly write “Kopcik will be disqualified”
    “Will be?”
    Who are you in bed with that you know the official results before the track officials make their announcement??? This is the problem with the media today – a bunch of jerks that assume they know the facts – even if they made them up! WRONG

    Proper English and accurate reporting would have used words such as “may,” “might,” “allegedly”
    just sayin…

    give the kid back his trophy

  10. Kleenex,
    So you’re David right? Newtown Bee right? Another media member coming onto a website and using a fake name to say how you think people in the media should be doing their job? Or is it just a fake email with your fake name? Kleenex, next time grow a spine and back your words up with a real name instead of being a courage-sapped keyboard cowboy. I guess nobody notices if the names are fake or real anyways when you’re the antiques editor of a newspaper nobody reads huh?

  11. Seems like the decision was final way before it should have been. That kid raced hard and earned his spot I sense possible favoritism. Don’t know to many grown men that would have the balls to come over and rip a trophy away from a first time 16 year old winner before the event was even over and given due process. And thank you Mr. Courchesne you have just confirmed my thoughts and suspicions all along no due process required apparently.

  12. Nicholas kopcik says

    Official dq was for bearing spacers in the hubs no where in the rules does it say any thing about spacers but was told low drag seals are legal note the words low drag, radio was cleared should get the facts right

  13. Lets get together as fans and demand answers and give him the win back. we all pay hard earned money to enjoy a show…….the kid put on a heck of a show, cleanly AND legally. So we the fans aren’t getting what we paid for and he isn’t getting what he earned…….his first win.

  14. Thats right if it was rocco or preese nothing would be done about it. It would be keep quiet .

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