SK Light Modified Feature Removed From North-South Shootout Racing Card

RH2 New Ad Logo 300The RH2Way SK Light Modified 50 scheduled for Nov. 1 at the North-South Shootout at Caraway Speedway in Sophia, N.C. has been cancelled.

RH2Way owner Gino Difilippo Jr., who was helping the track to organize the event, confirmed that lack of interest forced event organizers to scrap plans for the event.

The race was offering a $2,000 winner’s purse plus a free custom firesuit valued at $1,000. Second place was to pay $600 and a free racing helmet and third place was to pay $500 and $250 toward a new racing helmet. The race was offering $400 minimum to start.

“I am kind of shocked that $2,000 and an additional $1,000 driving suit wasn’t enough to garner any interest in the race,” Difilippo said. “I seriously got two replies from all the racers at Stafford [Motor Speedway] And the Waterford [Speedbowl] that I reached out to on Facebook.

“It’s unfortunate. I figured that kind of money would have been enough to draw interest. Apparently not. We’ll give it a shot next year I guess.

“We want thank the businesses like Velocita and Bell Racing USA that stepped up to support the event. We wish it could have happened.”

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  1. Sad. Racers need to support those that support us. When you don’t back events like these you have no right to complain about purse

  2. Money doesn’t seem to guarantee a field of cars.I saw this more than once this year at our hometown speedway.

  3. That’s to bad.

  4. Personally we would have loved to attend, unfortunately the expense to attend was way more than the potential $2000 + purse. Traveling 1500 mile round trip in both the tow vehicle and motor home put a fuel cost of almost $1400, then add tires, race fuel, food, loss of income from work etc, makes it tough. Should a sponsor step up with some or all of the cost if a race is in the works for next year we would certainly attend. Thanks for the attempt, ……..Team owner #8 skl WSB

  5. jim phillips says

    Gino have this race at a local track that does not run the skl division such as sekonk and I bet youll get more people interested

  6. darealgoodfella says

    I’m shocked that there were even two replies.

    $2,000 for the win? At $600 in hauling fuel, then add lodging, and travel expenses. What sort of incentive was there for CT teams to travel 1400 miles? That’s a first place cost-benefit analysis. It just gets worse for P2 and down.

  7. WOW 3dr Place is BIG MONEY……GIVE ME A BREAK!!!!!!!Don’t even Pay the Fuel to get there….You certainly LOST a lot of CARS
    from up North…..

  8. $400 to travel down to NC is not enough, maybe if you paid less to the winner and spread out the monies might have made a difference. The helmet monies should go to the 4,5,6 positions plus everyone has a Helmet maybe tire and gas contingency would be a better draw

  9. I’m was just dreaming about the Turkey Gobbler 200 that was at Stafford years ago. It would be really cool to have another one next year, don’t remember the exact date but it was in November. I do remember that the place was SRO and Ray Miller won in the Simons 9. Why try to run a race in NC when you could run a race local to the divisions, sk, sk lite and dare stocks would be a perfect show.

  10. The cost of fuel to get their and back may have something to do with it .

  11. darealgoodfella says

    Let’s have a North-South event up here, say Stafford, and offer $2,000 for the win and half gallon of maple syrup. Then for second place, $600 and a quart of maple syrup, and for third place $500 and a pint of maple syrup. Let’s see all the southern cars flocking up here to get the maple syrup.

    Those two replies were probably something like, “WHAT ARE YOU FREAKING NUTS???!??!??!?!?!”

    This just shows that tracks and sanctioning bodies are going to have to do better at increasing fan attendance at events and sharing that resulting revenue with the teams.

  12. While I commend the thought and effort lets face it this race was a dead issue from the get go. Stafford has 18 cars on a good nite,the bowl has 12 on a good nite and Thompson dumped them totally and those are back yard tracks. Why on earth would anyone exspect teams to spend all that money traveling for a slight chance on MAYBE breaking even if they actualy win the race? Just foolish thinking. No tracks run the cars in NC so they are relying on the new englang to travel and as you see that just isn’t gonna happen. Put up a decent purse at one of the ct tracks and they have a chance.

  13. Run this race at Waterford or Stafford and I bet you’ll get 20 or more cars.

  14. Sk lights are a bad division, $25k cars that race for $300 weekly so every week they lose money and now you want them to drive farther away to lose even more money. The tires nobody runs so your looking at 4 minimum, fuel, race gas, hotel, pit fees equal way more than 2000 and then a chance wrecking that’s why not interested.

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