American-Canadian Tour Returning To Thompson Speedway In 2015

ACT At Thompson LogoThe American-Canadian Tour will close out its 2015 season with a return to Connecticut.

Thompson Speedway management announced Monday that the American-Canadian Tour’s 2015 season finale will be part of the track’s annual Sunoco World Series of Speedway Racing weekend next year.

It will mark the first visit to Thompson Speedway for the division since 1992.

The event will be held on Oct. 17, 2015, headlining the Saturday schedule for the three-day World Series of Speedway Racing, Oct 16-18.

“We are delighted that Thompson has invited ACT to the dance,” Darla Hart, vice president and general manager of the American Canadian Tour said in a release. “NASCAR Modifieds, Thompson Speedway Motorsports Park’s own Modifed and Late Model divisions, the Valenti Modified Racing Series, Mini Stocks, really, just about every kind of asphalt stock car division in New England is at Thompson’s World Series. We are excited to show fans at TSMP an ACT Late Model 100 lap championship race.”

Said Thompson Speedway general manager Josh Vanada: “I’m a huge believer in the ACT program, and I’d like to thank [series president] Tom Curley for working with us to bring an American-Canadian Tour race to Thompson in 2015. We are honored to crown their 2015 Champion as part of our World Series. There are few organizations that could raise the caliber of this event, but ACT is chief among them. Their Tour offers some of the finest fendered racing that this region – and the country – has to offer, and we look forward to having many of the Northeast’s finest Late Model racers back at Thompson for the first time in nearly 23 years.”

The American-Canadian Tour last visited a Connecticut short track in 2010. The Waterford Speedbowl played host to the division twice that year, including holding the division’s season ending event. Joey Polewarczyk Jr. won both events at Waterford in 2010.

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  1. This was suppose to happen in 2014. Not sure why it fell through but it will be cool to see ACT back on the high banks next October.

  2. When is the last time ACT ran Thompson?

  3. Chris,

    From the story above: “It will mark the first visit to Thompson Speedway for the division since 1992.”

  4. Andy Boright says

    Cha-Ching, that sound you just heard is the price of World Series tickets rising yet again!!

    I have faith that Thompson management will be the first short track in New England to break through the $60.00 barrier (a place where other race tracks fear to tread).

  5. Headlining the Saturday schedule? So no VMRS?

  6. Andy- To pay $60 over 2 days to see Whelen Modified tour, ISMA, NEMA, and ACT + more seems like a pretty good deal to me

  7. VMRS race should happen on Sunday with the other Modifieds.Let the ACT Tour run Saturday with the other Taxi-Cabs.

  8. This looks like a gift wrapped present for Jeff Smith to get his first ACT Tour win. He made everyone else look silly when he ran there this year on a very limited basis. Can’t believe that no one has him driving their car on a full time deal. His Dad seems to be a great set up guy too!

  9. I think the ACT race should b on a date by themselves and be a combination oval / road course event and include a modified division on both circuits over two days. Pay a bonus to anyone that can win 3 of the 4 sho

  10. Andy Boright says

    The problem Chris is for all the fans who can only make one day. The current $55.00 price tag is way out of line for people who normally pay $20 to attend ACT Tour events. Thompson is about the only short track in the northeast that doesn’t offer a one day ticket option for their multiple day events.

  11. Andy,

    You said: “Thompson is about the only short track in the Northeast that doesn’t offer a one day ticket option for their multiple day events” ???

    This statement couldn’t be further from the truth.

  12. Thompson offered a one day pass to the MRS competitors but not to the fans which is really not fair to anyone but the MRS guys

  13. Just a little fyi. The World Series is a 3 DAY EVENT soo your paying for 3 days of racing..

  14. Not a fan of this fool. says

    Thompson DOES NOT offer a 1 day ticket……..If only you knew anything about the sport you “cover”……….#clueless.

  15. Not a Fan,
    I’m very well aware of the fact that Thompson does not offer a 1-day ticket. I was pointing out Andy Boright stating that: “Thompson is about the only short track in the Northeast that doesn’t offer a one day ticket option for their multiple day events” is the furthest thing from the truth. Most short tracks actually don’t offer one-day tickets for multi-day events and none of the three short tracks in Connecticut offer them for any events. For him to state that Thompson is somehow unique in the fact that they don’t offer single day tickets to multi-day events is simply not even close to stating anything close to the truth. But thanks for checking in “Ken Z.”. Hmmm, wonder who that could be?

  16. Yea Im pretty sure… but correct me if I’m wrong Shawn, neither of the 3 CT tracks offer a “1-day” ticket to either one of their opening or season finale events…

  17. seekonk fan says

    wonder if Gentes will be able to get that #70 car through ACT tech??? Stand alone event iat Thompson would probably not work. PASS races at Thompson and Stafford have done lousy in recent years. My question: Thompson late models, will they have a seperate race?

  18. Rich,

    You are right. None of the three short tracks in Connecticut offer one day tickets to any multi-day events.

  19. The World Series is the one event that should offer a one day ticket for Sat. Especially with major touring features being run on Saturday now. I would imagine they would draw a lot more people in. The fact remains that a lot of people stay away from the World Series due to price, regardless of where you fall on that argument. A Saturday ticket would allow folks to enjoy some racing at a more affordable price. Maybe spend a few bucks on hot coffee and hot chocolate. You get the idea. The other 2 day events in New England don’t run features on Saturday so it makes less sense to have a one day admission. I believe Wall offered a 1,2, and 3 day ticket option this weekend.

  20. Andy Boright says

    Nothing further from the truth Shawn???

    Stafford has in fact offered one day ticket pricing in the past for their multiple day events like the Sizzler and Fall Final. I know because I have purchased them.

    How about the Oktoberfest at Lee Shawn? How about the Oxford 250 in Maine? Then there is the Milk Bowl at Thunder Road or the International at Airborne? Hell even NHMS offers multiple day pricing.

    Ever go to super dirt week in Syracuse Shawn (don’t bother to answer that, I know your racing world doesn’t extent past CT)? Yes even Syracuse offers multiple day pricing.

    Want me to go on, because I can!

    So you see Shawn, my statement about multiple day pricing is a lot closer to the truth than your knowledge about how major, multiple day events in the northeast are priced for race fans.

    How Thompson prices the World Series tickets is only the norm for Thompson, and your comment couldn’t be further from the truth.

  21. Andy Boright says

    Add the Turkey Derby at Wall Stadium to the list of major, multiple day events at Northeast race tracks that have single day pricing.

    Don’t get me wrong, $55 for a 3 day ticket at the World Series is a good deal, however it’s not for those who can only attend one day.

  22. Andy,
    You have not purchased single-day event tickets for the Spring Sizzler or Fall Final at Stafford anytime recently. The Oxford 250 is a one day event. Practice days are not part of multi-day show. Qualifying is on the same day. Oxford has other events that weekend, but nothing about the Oxford 250 is part of those other days. You’re stretching here and you know. Simply put, you’re trying to indict Thompson Speedway for a practice that the good majority of short tracks also practice.

  23. Andy Boright says

    As recently as 2 years ago (the last season I attended) the Fall Final had admission pricing for Sunday only tickets vs. the whole weekend. How can you claim I’m stretching it when I just listed 8 of the biggest races in the region that do not follow Thompson’s ticket pricing policy? And how can you claim Thompson is following the policy of a majority of short tracks when places like Stafford Springs, Oxford (the 250 has been a legit multiple day show before, and the current pricing gives discounts for purchasing a whole weekend), Beech Ridge, Lee, Thunder Road, Airborne, Devils Bowl, Syracuse, Fulton, ect. are doing the opposite of Thompson?

    Where is your majority Shawn? It certainly isn’t in New England or New York.

  24. Andy,
    There were no single day tickets at Stafford Speedway for the Spring Sizzler or Fall Final in 2013. Simple not true. There are no tracks in Connecticut that sell single day tickets to multi-day events, period, end of story. The Oxford 250 is a one-day show, no matter what you want to say. And New Hampshire Motor Speedway, last I checked, was not a weekly short track facility.

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