Jeff Rocco To Run Full-Time In SK Modified At Stafford Motor Speedway In 2015

Jeff Rocco

Jeff Rocco

The Rocco name has been established as one of the dominant forces of the SK Modified division at Stafford Motor Speedway over the last few years.

That domination has been set by the exploits of Keith Rocco.

Now it will be some moments of double vision for the competition in the division in 2015.

Keith’s twin brother Jeff Rocco will run an SK Modified full-time at Stafford Speedway in 2015 for Tolland car owner Glenn Johnson.

Jeff Rocco will be taking over the ride in the Johnson stable formerly filled by Doug Coby.

“I’m super excited to work with Glenn Johnson,” Jeff Rocco said. “He’s a class act and a great guy and he’s giving me a huge opportunity to race against the best of the best. I’m looking forward to it.”

Jeff Rocco, who won in an SK Modified at the Waterford Speedbowl, has never driven full-time at Stafford.

“Throughout my whole racing career, it’s always been scattered,” Jeff Rocco said. “The first season I did really well was when I was consistently in the car. But we’ve dabbled between SK and Tour stuff and it was never anything consistent. I’m excited to work with Glenn. He’s as enthusiastic about this as I am so I’m definitely looking forward to working with him.”

And Jeff Rocco will hit the track in style for Johnson in a brand new LFR Chassis.

“I think anytime you can have something different than the rest of the field it can be an advantage,” Jeff Rocco said. “Whether it’s an advantage at this point, I’m not sure. They do build an extremely good racecar and there’s a lot of knowledge over there with Robby Fuller and Tony Eury Jr. and Jeff Fultz. They know what they’re doing. It might be a little bit of a learning curve, but overall I think it will be a success.”

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  1. Who isn’t running Stafford? Qualifying may end up being as exciting as the features.

  2. 2015 SK Field at Stafford, Looking Good says

    Well said Mark, I just took a look at Stafford roster for 2015. So far almost 50 drivers and its only January. Who knows how many Speedbowl competitors will be heading to Stafford if the cant get their issues worked out soon. Looks like the old glory days when heats and consi races really meant something.

  3. left no name so I must be "spineless" says

    Speaking of the “old glory days”….remember when you had to have talent to land a ride…..When a brawl breaks out, this guy will be the one throwing punches from behind.

  4. Maybe this idiot is the second best driver in the

  5. So, he ran what, 2 races this year? Silk ran 1 in the car, what happened, where are they now?

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