LFR Chassis Partners With Race Works Chassis For Distribution And Customer Service


(Press Release from LFR Chassis)

LFR - RaceworksLFR Chassis has announced a partnership with Race Works Chassis, owned by Ed Flemke Jr. and Reggie Ruggerio, to distribute and service modified chassis in the Northeast.

Flemke and Ruggerio are legendary drivers in the modified series, combining to race for over 50 years and winning 61 tour races and countless other track championships and wins between the two of them. They partnered and opened Race Works, Inc. in 1989 to build modified chassis for top-level racers.

“I hope this move shows the current LFR customers our commitment to customer service,” said Rob Fuller. “When I started this company I really held my cards close to my chest. After really looking into what Eddie and Reggie have done in the past, their quality of work is at the level that we expect for our customers and their reputation in this industry is impeccable. When I placed my cards out on the table to show them to Eddie he was immediately interested and that meant a lot to me and really shed a light on what we have accomplished in such a short period of time as a company.”

Flemke, a modified racing legend, has been impressed with LFR Chassis and is excited to join the team.

“I’ve kept an eye on Rob starting LFR Chassis and its progression and I think they’ve made all the right moves and are in a great position,” said Flemke. “We’ve been in business a long time and this is a great opportunity for us to take this more technologically advanced chassis and still bring our expertise, quality, energy and enthusiasm to it.”

LFR Chassis will be available at Race Works starting in March. Customers will have access to the LFR team data and open test dates.

“We will begin to get Reggie and Eddie a streamline of parts, chassis and clips for their inventory,” said Fuller. “My biggest fear as of late is the inability to service the customer. I know that I will need some assistance in handling the maintenance of over 30 modifieds this year and I believe this is a step in the right direction to solve this issue before it arises.”

“Combining the Fuller, Flemke and Ruggerio families there has to be over 100 years of modified history there!” said Fuller.

LFR Chassis was formed in early 2014 by Rob Fuller to take late model and modified chassis to the next level. The initial year of the company has been a banner year with five wins and multiple podium finishes across modified and late model divisions.

Race Works, Inc. is located at 55 Willow Brook Drive in Berlin, Connecticut and can be reached at (860) 829-1312.

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  1. Youhavenoidea says

    This is something great to hear the amazing craftsmanship raceworks had to offer with the technology of lfr is going to be a great and winning combination!!! Good luck guys and best idea anyone has ever had!!!

  2. Does this mean we can put The Reg in the 15 for a race now?

  3. I was pretty skeptical of the LFR thing, but Reggie and Eddie are the best builders around and are reasonable. I wonder about the regular raceworks chassis, will they keep building them? Adapt maybe some of Fullers ideas to their own? Either way good news for Raceworks.

  4. Reg in the 15 at new Hampshire.winner winner chicken dinner.

  5. Reggie, Reggie, Reggie This needs to happen.

  6. Andy Boright says

    I take this as about the only move Eddie & Reggie could make to say in business. Think about it, LFR is in business less than a year and already they have blown Raceworks out of the water and breathing heavy down Troyer’s neck.

    Eddie & Reggie might do quality work, but they weren’t selling a lot of modifieds (at least not on the WMT & VMRS level), and they weren’t in victory lane at the big races in recent seasons.

  7. George Buzel says

    Eddie, Reggie will do a great job, this is a very good business move to support LFR in the north east.

  8. Scott Parker says

    Andy,Are you a regular at Race Works or Bookeeper?Stating that this was the only way that they could stay in business is about as stupid a statement as you could make.They quality of work from this shop is impeccable and they dont just build chassis.They do repairs as well on all makes and also provide sound technical advice and sell parts.Its a common knowledge in racing that the “Flavor Of The Day”is what sells.Keith was winning in Chassis Dynamics cars for the Poulins.Then when he went to a Troyer he was still winning and everyone wanted a Troyer!Same with Engine Builders.There was a time when Larrys Auto Machine was almost untouchable at all three tracks and everyone had to have a Larrys Motor.Technology changes as does the times.Its the nature of racing.All of these Chassis and Engine Builders have something to offer everyone,and thats great.the most important thing howver is between the seat and the steering wheel,and if you dont know what to do there,it doesnt matter what you have!I hope rthis adds another aspect to an already reputable and honest shop.

  9. How active is Chassis Dynamics these days? Is CD selling new chassis? All current talk seems to be limited to Spafco, Troyer and LFR.

  10. CD is still very active building chassis and still being run by Mike Paquette.

  11. Andy Boright says

    Rowan Pennink will be running a CD chassis on the WMT in 2015.

    As far as Race Works goes, the top tier modified teams on the major touring series have bypassed them for several years now. If you have such a hot product you don’t become a subservient to a competitor. Race Works fell out of favor with many modified teams as demonstrated by the fact that there aren’t many people using their chassis on the modified tours any more, and they aren’t exactly the frontline chassis builder for SKs or weekly modified tracks either.

  12. Crazy in NY says

    How long before the WMT becomes LFR/Spec only IROC clone?

    Naw…that could never happen.

  13. There are plenty of competitive raceworks, mckennedy won big checks with his, riverhead, wall and mahoning valley have lots of them and so does NC area, but like Scott said alot of people are bandwagon racers, and buy the next big thing! I have no doubt if you gave either reggie or eddie the budget some of these guys have on the tour they would come out of retirement and win alot of races

  14. This is really a great move by both parties. LFR looking to expand is servicing and distribution capabilities is just plain smart business; Ed and Reg being open to broading and adapting their business model, smart.. LFR has built I’ve been in the RW shop since it started and I do hope they continue to build their own chassis; you need healthy competition, plus – who wants to see the same kind of car out there, everywhere…

  15. .. I left out a something there.. LFR has built quite a business in a short amount of time, they continue to make the right moves..

  16. Bruce Phelps says

    Does this mean there will no longer be Raceworks chassis being built? Was this a buyout by LFR or just simply a customer service and distribution agreement? I have been a modified fan for many many years and have seen the results for Reggie and Eddie in the track. They do impeccable work with these cars and they always turn out a first rate chassis…

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