LFR Driver Development Group Launched

(Press Release from LFR Chassis)

LFR Driver DevelopmentToday, LFR Chassis has announced the formation of the LFR Driver Development Group, a company that will provide professional and experienced coaching with state of the art race cars for developing drivers in all late model and modified divisions nationwide.

The company’s goal is to provide top-level racing experience and equipment to drivers looking to progress through the motorsports ranks. LFR Chassis has quickly made a mark in the short track racing industry by providing top notch equipment along with a racing staff that is unparalleled in the industry.

Four racing veterans will lead the group: Rob Fuller, Tony Eury Jr., Jeff Fultz and Ryan Stone. From Daytona International Speedway to Hickory Motor Speedway, these racing veterans have collectively won more than three dozen championships and over 700 victories at the highest level of motorsports, bringing a wealth of knowledge and experience to new drivers.

Rob Fuller, owner of LFR Chassis, was born into a racing family, but made a name for himself in NASCAR by winning at the top levels as a driver, engineer, and pit crew member for teams including Penske Racing and Dale Earnhardt, Inc. Fuller’s 25 years of racing experience and innovative approach to building racecar chassis led to the creation of LFR Chassis.

Tony Eury Jr. is the competition director at LFR Chassis and brings over 20 years of experience working at the top levels of NASCAR as a crew chief, car chief, mechanic and tire changer. He has lead the top teams in motorsports – including Dale Earnhardt, Inc., Hendrick Motorsports and JR Motorsports – to numerous wins and championships.

Jeff Fultz has 30 years of experience in racing as a driver, car chief and builder. He has 10 championships to his name and over 250 wins throughout his career. Fultz is a three-time champion and all time wins leader in the NASCAR All Pro Series.

Ryan Stone is a championship winning crew chief in the NASCAR Whelen Modified Tour. He has been racing for 18 years and has a decade of experience specifically in modified racing as a driver, car chief and crew chief.

“With the experience level of our coaches and quality of equipment, we are taking a huge variable out of the developmental stages of a driver’s progression,” said Rob Fuller. “We have all wished at some point of our career to have the best equipment and most knowledgeable crew so we can test our driving ability, and all that is under one roof. We have worked closely with the NASCAR community throughout our 20 plus year careers, and know what it takes to succeed in this ultra-competitive sport.”

The LFR Driver Development Group will utilize equipment and racecars from LFR Chassis. These chassis were designed and constructed by some of the best racing minds in the industry. The group will offer several different packages for all experience levels.

“What will be great about our program is that we will have entry level to pro level classes available,” said Jeff Fultz. “Some drivers might only drive a few races while others will continue through a few seasons. All this depends on the talent level shown throughout the year. We expect this to be a high-profile driver development program within the industry in a short amount of time. We’ve made heads turn with our progress at LFR Chassis and expect to do the same with this program.”

The LFR Driver Development Group will also offer marketing and communications support for this next generation of drivers. Nealie Stufflet, a veteran NASCAR public relations professional, partnered with LFR Chassis in its inception to offer PR, social media and sponsorship services to its customers and will do the same for the development drivers. Interview skills training, media coaching and landscape insight will also be offered.

“We created this group to help those looking for the right place to find a combination of unparalleled experience in NASCAR and top level equipment for drivers looking to take their careers to the next level,” said Fuller. “We have two drivers signed up as of today and will announce the full team when all seats are occupied.”

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  1. The dreaded “D” word… “Developmental”…. Means introducing very young drivers into the sport. Great, just what racing needs, more rich kids competing…. wake me when its over.

  2. electrician says

    Don’t know if you noticed but its not a poor kids sport,so if it brings new faces to the sport its a good thing

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  4. Paul white says

    Driver developemnt in a brand new chassis? So some 14 year old kid is going to give feedback to a bunch of old fellars about what a new chassis is doing??? Good luck with that.

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