New Hampshire Motor Speedway General Manager Arrested

Jerry Gappens (Photo: NHMS)

Jerry Gappens (Photo: NHMS)

According to multiple media reports, New Hampshire Motor Speedway executive vice president and general manager and Jerry Gappens was arrested last week in Manchester, N.H.

According to USA Today, Gappens was charged with lewdness after police spotted him engaged in sexual activity with a woman in a vehicle.

A statement from the Manchester, N.H. Police Department provided to USA Today stated that two officers were monitoring illicit activities on Jan. 21 when they saw a female get into the passenger side of a Toyota Sequoia SUV. The statement went on to say that officers “observed an act of lewdness take place in the vehicle.”

The 53-year old Gappens was charged with lewdness, with 19-year old Kendra Johnson.

According to USA Today, Gappens’ attorney Tom Reid released this statement:

“Mr. Gappens acknowledges using poor judgment that has resulted in a misdemeanor charge that is both embarrassing and devastating to him and his family, and for that, he sincerely apologizes.

“He regrets his actions. While he made a bad decision, he did not, in my opinion, engage in conduct that violates the referenced statute or any other criminal law. Mr. Gappens cooperated fully with the police, and we hope to have this difficult situation resolved soon.”

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  1. Crazy in NY says

    An article that didn’t need to make it to these pages. It’s not a racing thing at all.

    Shawn your just like the rest of them out there. Can’t stay away from the dirt. Sad really.

  2. It certainly is “a racing thing” – a thing not good for racing, for sure…

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