Back To The Future: With New Regime, Waterford Speedbowl Gets New Name

The Waterford Speedbowl will now be known as the New London-Waterford Speedbowl

The Waterford Speedbowl will now be known as the New London-Waterford Speedbowl

Cue up the Huey Lewis on the iPod, the Waterford Speedbowl is going back in time.

Shawn Monahan, the recently named general manager/promoter of the Waterford Speedbowl, announced Tuesday that the track will be rebranded with a new name.

Going forward under the new ownership of Bruce Bemer, the Waterford Speedbowl will now be known as the New London-Waterford Speedbowl.

It marks a return to the original name used at the track when it opened in 1951.

Bemer acquired the track through a foreclosure auction that took place last October. After a drawn out court battle through November, December and January, Bemer was finally able to close on the facility earlier this month.

Monahan and Bemer were recently discussing name options and landed on the classic old name of the facility.

“Bruce and I discussed what the new name would be and there was no doubt in my mind that the word Speedbowl had to be in there somewhere,” Monahan said. “We weren’t sure if we wanted to have the word shoreline or something incorporating the fact that it’s on Route 85. And then it was just one of them things that sparked.

“I was thinking about a guy like Jiggs Beetham, longtime engine builder, he still calls the place New London. He’ll say, ‘I’m going out to New London this weekend.’ So I was like, lets do that, New London-Waterford Speedbowl. And as far as conversations will go with the general public, people are going to say, ‘I’m going to the Speedbowl’ or ‘I’m going to the Bowl.’ I think it’s fitting. We needed to have a name change to show new life, and it’s still relevant to what’s going on today.”

It’s unclear exactly when the Speedbowl ceased to be referred to as the New London-Waterford Speedbowl and became the Waterford Speedbowl.

What is clear is that the facility was still being referred to as the New London-Waterford Speedbowl in promotional materials when Harvey Tattersall Jr. purchased the track before the 1975 season and by the time the Arute family began leasing the facility prior to the 1985 season it was being referred simply as the Waterford Speedbowl.

“There was no real date for that change that I know of,” said track historian Tom “Sid” DiMaggio. “It seemed like it just slowly faded away. I always wanted to find out of if there was a date for that and I never could.”

Monahan said Tuesday that track officials are hoping to release a 2015 schedule within the next two weeks. Monahan said track officials are leaning toward an opening event in early May. Monahan said the season will likely open with a regular Saturday night show and not a typical large two-day blastoff-type event.

Monahan confirmed that track management is still in negotiations with NASCAR to secure a Whelen Modified Tour event for the 2015 season at the track.

Monahan also said track management will be meeting with town officials on Friday.

“We’ll be meeting with the first selectman and zoning and building officials, the fire department, police department, all of that, to basically just establish a good working relationship,” Monahan said.

The Speedbowl will also debut a new website in the near future under the domain

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  1. former scale guy Bob says

    Happy happy happy

  2. JustMyThoughts says

    Great idea to bring back the old name!

  3. I always called it New London when I was a kid and still like the name, good choice

  4. just wondering says

    Jiggs………there’s your tech man.

  5. Andy Boright says

    I think the new group is using good judgment by waiting until May to start racing. Gives them a chance to get organized and make any need repairs or upgrades.

  6. Frankie Tree says

    Great job Bruce and Shawn . Second best move so far ! Back in the 70’s we used to goto the New London Waterford Speedbowl to watch Dick Dunn,Walt Dombrowski, Pete ” Wally ” Gator, Moose Hewitt and so many more .Thanks for bringing back great memories. Any one remember Lindsey Royce ?

  7. now that the name is sorted out how about those track forms? does anyone really know when theyll be updated?

  8. Bring back Sid!!!!!

  9. I am very pleased that the ownership has finally been established and the work is going to begin in an effort to open the New London-Waterford Speedbowl as soon as possible. I attended my first race there in the summer of 1954 and my family became regulars on Saturday nights. There are many memories of great drivers and exciting family entertainment. Can not wait for the gates to open again!

  10. I second the bring back Sid motion.All in favor of bringing Sid back,say Aye!

  11. Frankie Tree says

    Yeah def Bring back Sid’s View !!!

  12. Have to bring back Sid’s view due to work schedule couldn’t make it and looked forward to his youtube views,showed a lot of good things especially the in car cameras that was awesome.

  13. They surely must fix the restrooms. 14th centruy London was probably more sanitary and had less offensive odors.

  14. Bring back Sid and give the bathroom troths to the pig farmers.

  15. lowbed johnson says

    Any word yet on the Wedsnesday night legend races ?

  16. No blast off is a bit disappointing as sat nights will be hard for me to take off work this year but that’s just a personal let down as I would like to attend the opening event, am just glad there will be a bowl to go to when im able.

    The list of things that need to be done there really is pretty long but I am quite sure Shawn knows what needs to be done. He is not stupid. Will have to prioritize though, it will not happen all at once. The bathroom issue is pretty high on the complaint list but that is a big job, I think simply adding more port-a-potties and having them serviced after each event will go a long way. I have no problem using them its just the lack of cleaning them that would bother me.

    Other than that really the focus should be on the race program,we go there for the races, so its simple run a fair and organized program and everything else will fall into place. Even penalties across the board, too many times I would see 1 guy get sent to the back for something and another guy just get a pass for doing the very same thing. If you dump someone you go to the back regardless of what your name is.

    Blocking!!!! not sure what can be done about that but we all know how common it is at the bowl, A slower car will block so blatantly and eventualy get punted out of the way. Can a driver be penalized for blocking?? I don’t know but if I was much faster and kept getting chop blocked I would get angry as well.

    Just a few of my thoughts but getting Sid back will be huge, he is a great asset to the track and needs to come back full force.

    I believe Shawn will do good things

  17. will there be Wed. night racing…SX, XC, Leg.,,Bando’s?

  18. All the best Shawn. If you need anything let me know.

  19. Pitgatelady says

    hope they bring back the existing crew to maintain the track. They have done a great job in the past !

  20. ok so i was still wondering when speedbowl forms will be 2015 updated?

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