Breaking: Shawn Monahan Named GM Of Waterford Speedbowl; Scott Tapley Named Racing Director

Shawn Monahan

Shawn Monahan

Passion for the Waterford Speedbowl is something Shawn Monahan has never been short of, whether it was growing up as a fan at the track or being a competitor at the facility since the 1990’s.

Now he will get the chance to run the place.

New track owner Bruce Bemer confirmed exclusively to RaceDayCT on Wednesday that he has named Monahan as the new general manager/promoter of the facility.

“Shawn has a lot of passion for the track,” Bemer said. “He was very instrumental in helping to get this whole legal issue behind us. He’s been very dedicated and hard working. He has the best interest of the track in mind and I think he’s the best person to do this.”

“Nobody has worked harder since day one in getting us to this point. Without him and his diligence and hard work this thing may have not been settled yet. He wasn’t afraid to call anybody and everybody. He put everything aside, even his own business, and worked hard to get this thing to where it is today. There’s nobody I’ve met that has the passion for the track like he does, and the willingness to work hard. He’s already made so many sacrifices for what we’re doing.”

Bemer also said that former track owner Terry Eames will not be a part of the track’s management staff in any capacity going forward.

“It’s a dream come true,” Monahan said. “I feel like it’s something I’ve always had a passion about, auto racing. I grew up down the street from the Waterford Speedbowl and I’ve bee going there since the early 80’s. I’ve been a serious competitor. I’ve been on the positive and the negative sides of the entertainment aspect. I understand what the sport is about and I have high hopes that I can show the racing community and Mr. Bemer that they’ve made a great decision.”

Monahan said he will bring former race director Scott Tapley back to the track.

Tapley left his position as race director at the Speedbowl after the 2012 season to become the series director for the Valenti Modified Racing Series. Tapley is now the race director at Thompson Speedway, Lee USA Speedway in Lee N.H. and also leads the Mr. Rooter New New England Truck Series.

Longtime track official Eric Webster will serve as chief steward under Tapley. Patrick Williams, who served as race director last year, will work under Tapley and Webster.

Monahan said other slots within the management of the facility will be filled soon.

“I know I can make it a better place than it ever has been before,” Monahan said. “I feel extremely confident that the team I have in place is what is going to make this extremely successful.”

Monahan said the track will remain NASCAR sanctioned and management is in talks with NASCAR to get a Whelen Modified Tour date for the 2015 season, despite the fact that NASCAR has already released a Whelen Modified Tour schedule. An opening weekend for racing has not been decided upon as of yet.

“We are in discussion right now on the exact opening day,” Monahan said. “I would say a lot of the schedule will look like years past. I do think we’re going to be looking at opening up a few weeks later. My goal is no later than the first weekend in May.”

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  1. former scale guy Bob says

    This is awesome news!!!!!! Congrats to all!!!!!

  2. Pitgatelady says


  3. Bruce A$$clown says

    ReAl news from reporter in the know!!! Awesome!

  4. sandy garside says

    awesome news. best of news ever.

  5. More good news continues to come from the new management at Waterford Bowl — wishing them a very successful 2015 season.

  6. George Buzel says

    Great News

  7. Mr Monahan…. Please try to talk Teresa into coming back as the south pit steward. She did an outstanding job and deserves the opportunity (if she wants it). She has the perfect demeanor to deal with all the competitors.

  8. Robert Gadbois says

    That is the best news to come out of the Waterford Speedbowl in years. Shawn Monahan is the most qualified person to bring the Speedbowl back to it’s former glory.

  9. Robert Gadbois says

    That is the best news to come out of Waterford Speedbowl! Shawn Monahan is the most qualified man to bring the track back to it’s former glory. Long live the Waterford Speedbowl!!

  10. Kevin Hogan says

    Congratulations!! When the snow clears lets do a story.

  11. This should prove to be interesting and exciting. Shawn has managed a successful business at Critical Signs, managed to win many races in several divisions, managed to get into lots of trouble exercising his free speech (usually on the track), and learned a lot about Waterford Speedbowl operations. If he keeps his focus on fair and clean competition among drivers and owners he will be a great GM. GO SHAWN!!

  12. Way to Go!

    Best new of all OUT with the old and in with the NEW!!!!

  13. jim phillips says

    Great Chose on both people im positive Shawn and Scott will do great. take your time opening to ensure its done right and first class its great to see things are already looking up

  14. Cool.

  15. Great news for all the competitors, fans, Waterford Speedbowl and anyone in this sport we all love…who better than Shawn to bring the Speedbowl into an exciting new race season! He will definitely make a positive difference in future of racing in CT. Congrats to all…!

  16. Great news, scale crew commence!



  19. Shannon Main says

    Fantastic news! If your doing any hiring my son would be soooo interested! Congratulations and good luck!!!

  20. Andy Da Woodchuck says

    Tapley will clean up the racing that has gone one step above bumper cars. As for Shawn.. He should be decent.. Me personally I’m glad that terry and company are gone and maybe just maybe the zebras stripes will change

  21. Frankie Tree says

    I hope that Shawn puts his critical touch on the place. Hope we can all pitch in and clean up the old and start with the new . Good luck to Shawn . Please do us all proud and make this a track for the racers and our great fans .

  22. Ken Woodward Jr. says

    I’m the happiest person the world right now, I know The Bowl will succeed with Shawn Monahan and Scott Tapley behind the wheel. WOOOOOOOOOOOOHOOOOOOOOO !!

  23. Congrats shawn!!!.. I know you have a lot going on but please consider the feeder divisions (legends)….look what happened in tech last year (or didn’t happen)..drove most competitors to other tracks… really need a tech inspector who doesn’t have a vested interest in the winner..and who at least has read the rulebook. … less than 10 competitors on Saturdays when Seekonk had 25 plus on Fridays. .. all anyone wants is an actual chance to win a race with a legal car

  24. Time will tell !!! Glad to hear the news but not buying into all the hype just yet. Looking at my racing budget and wondering were will I get the best bang for my buck? With a legend car ready to go , the question for me is where to go . Hoping the legend division is given some respect and rules are allowed to be enforced .

  25. Dick Burdick says

    This is great news,the Bowl needed a fresh start ..the goal I would think it to get racers and fans alike that left years ago to return.

  26. Bring back Sid!

  27. Critical signs eh? Hopefully a lot more advertising money flows through the track now. Backstretch billboards have been pretty bare the last few years. Contingency programs have been non-existent. Let’s hope they boost up the purse, which I’m sure they will.

  28. Youhavenoidea says

    Last time I checked the tech was pretty strict and people were demed illegal when they were caught a, especially the legend cars but what’s funny is the cry babies who see it different I think bob was a great tech and should be brought back he was fair and to the point.

  29. Fantastic news. Congratulations to everyone involved and a huge Thank You to Mr. Bemer ! I know there is much work to be done at the track. One small tiny request from a fan. Maybe a fresh set of light bulbs for the scoreboard 🙂
    Also, I repeat my offer to volunteer at the track.

  30. Definitely bring back Sid. He did more to help this track than most people. When he left the Speedbowl we lost a good friend.PLEASE come back Sid, you are missed.

  31. Youhavenoidea….your name says it all … Bob may have been told what to do by higher ups but tech was anything but fair…and illegal cars were NOT penalized when they were caught, that was the issue… all anyone wants is a fair shake…I believe neutral tech and a race director allowed to penalize on track incidents will make a tremendous difference. Mostly a great group of competitors that are close in performance, which could make a great division once again.

  32. The best part of this article is that Eames is OUT!!

    Congrats to Shawn! Grew up with him and Diego. Glad to see him get this job. Well deserved!

  33. Youhavenoidea says

    Car owner , how do u figure that last time I checked cars were caught and races were pulled from them. Also trust me when I say this there is a lot more going on that aren’t checked like when people refuse to go thru tech for a odd reason and then have the balls to claim on someone else which seems fair lol well in the end tho i would say bob knows his stuff and was fair and to the point.

  34. Put a fan/racer in the office and you can’t go wrong
    It’s been a few years since I was a regular at the Speedbowl but this will change that!!!

  35. Opening day polesitter diego monahan lol. Glad this is finaly settled and i beleive shawn knows what needs to be done. Hope it dont take long for a opening day to be set so i can take off work to go

  36. A HUGE THANK-YOU to all parties involved with keeping the Speedbowl on the racetrack map!!!

  37. Hopefully with new ownership comes a rededication to applying the rules equally to everyone. Anyone remember when the feature winners car failed tech, but was allowed to keep the win and points?

  38. Congrats, To Mr. Bemer and to you also shawn. Looking forward to racing on saturday nights again. I have 2 requests, 1. Clean updated restrooms for the fans and the ladies. 2. Can you give the street stocks Headers please? Every track that I’ve been to uses headers except Thompsom and Waterford. I think it’s a small upgrade to ask for. I think you, your team and Mr. Bemer will pack the stands once again.

  39. I respectfully disagree with this choice. Monahan’s behavior on both sides of the fence was erratic at best. I do not believe he possess` the demeanor to deal with the day to day operations of a RACE TRACK. I guarantee sparks to fly early (opening day). As for Taply, he is going to now be race director at three tracks and running the truck series? Doesn`t fly with me .I am happy the racing will return however I expect serious growing pains with lots of drama and continued favoritism and poor application/enforcement of the rulebook but hey that’s the bowl. It appears this new team is throwing support behind the racers for racers banquet. This is a step in the right direction. The racers and previous staff who provided unconditional support for the track the past couple years should be rewarded/recognized .Its unfortunate previous ownership failed to follow thru with the purse and a banquet. A real slap in the face to those who made it possible for you to remain at the helm so long Mr. Eames Best of luck to Mr Beamer and his new team .Even if I disagree I am happy for the continued operation of our beloved bowl.

  40. All positive stuff can’t wait to get going … BUT.. I HATE when people hide behind fake names and complain and post negative crap. Grow up! There’s always a few that can’t just shut the lid on their toilet. Shawn shouldn’t even allow nameless feedback.

  41. Butch Oliver says

    Great news to hear the track is back. Sounds like a good start to race department. If Scott or Web need any help let me know.

  42. jerry scheidel says

    I started racing at the bowl in 1977 .Had alot of great times there.Good luck keep the place open.If you can do as good as Dick Williams did you will do fine.

  43. Frankie Tree says

    I’ve heard that were not changing any rules and was told it’s to late to do that . I hope that Bruce and staff should give the racers help deside which way would be good for there divisions . I hate that other tracks with in driving distance out draw our class . If we could get on some what of a same page with them l know we could get them to come and join our great track . What I’m thinking is that it’s prob good to keep some of the new staff on your side . I’ll be watching to see if cars sponcered by some of the officials get a different ruling ? Should be interesting ! I’m glad we have a great new owner in Bruce and hopefully have Jerry in a supporting role . Ty again.

  44. Great news . Bring back Bobby Freeman in the announcers booth .

  45. Congrats guys !
    Is this where we ask rules questions. Why do Waterford Modifieds run different Hoosier compounds, couldn’t they be the same as the other Connecticut tracks?

  46. Frankie Tree says

    I’ve talked to others in my division and if there’s not some rule changes there not coming back to the speedbowl ! I’m now leaning on the fence with out 3 cars about that . We will have to wait and see if we get a input on where we can make it a true budget class and fair to all . I really hope Shawn puts us together for our thoughts . I want our division to grow and not loose more cars than we have over last 3 years ! I hope the rumors are false and we can get back to 30 plus cars . It’s a stock class and we need to make it that way . No race rims . Let’s get on same page as other tracks . “Just Venting “

  47. JustMyThoughts says

    Frankie Tree… are you kidding me? The new owners just went through a nightmare with legal issues, and through no fault of their own, took ownership merely days ago. October or November would have been time for rule changes, but rule changes almost always translates to additional costs and time, something that is not welcome at this late hour. While your thoughts on rule changes may be sensible and needed, the far more pressing situation is getting the track reopened in the short time they have available to them. Be grateful there are people like Bemer willing to stick their neck out and get this place opened. He’s going to be spending an incomprehensible amount of money there over the next couple years to make it a fantastic facility, so that people like YOU will have a place that will make you proud to race at. You came within a gnats hair of losing your local track. This is not the time to threaten to hold your breath until you turn blue unless you get your way. Be thankful it’s reopening. It could have just as easily ended up being just another permanently closed track.

  48. It’s unbelievable to me that some people are already complaining and threatening to not race at the speedbowl already. The place was on the verge of not even opening and already the same bs crying has already started. For years many people were saying as long as Terry and his group were involved that the cars and fans would not come. Well, Terry is gone and that means things should turn for the better. But I suppose if it’s not one thing then people need to complain about something else. Give it a break already.

  49. Frankie Tree says

    Just venting . I didn’t say l wasn’t racing . Just 2 others guys in our division said there out and if it snow balls who want to race with 12/15 cars . We already have a tough time getting 12 on the few sat nights were added ? Just hope our voices are heard that’s all . Not a Terry thing where they made up rules w/o hearing for the racers there selfs .

  50. Frankie Tree says

    And I’m pretty sure I was one of the first to offer my crew and equipment to help get track up to par and ready ASAP . I’m saying that with who was chosen to lead this track need to be heard from the competitors to air there feelings and not be shut out like we were in the past. I know we have the right owner in Bruce but he’s new to this . If you race you would understand how the doors been closed to the guys who put asses in the seats . I not only race on Wednesday’s and any Saturday’s were invited but we also do the shows like smacktoberfest and more . I’ve helped young racers get a start n even there first win . I just want a chance to be heard from the officials n owners alike . Talk all the smoke about me but I’ve been going there and raced off n on for 30 yrs . I’ll bet you dont remember the motor cycle short track races we used to have every Friday ?

  51. was wondering when track forms will be updated?

  52. Thank God !!!! Good luck Shawn & Bemer ! The Track Will Be Much Better This Year ! I Can Already See It. Last Year Sucked.
    Good Luck Shawn & Bemer .

  53. Good Luck to Shawn and Bruce!Be careful of Mike Beebe’s involvement as a consultant.Owner,manager and racers must work together toward a goal of fair.competitive racing with a financial return for all stakeholders.Dick Williams is a wise,experienced promoter who listens to the racers and returns profits to the owners.Do not dismiss this man,welcome him back home to the Speedbowl.

  54. speed kills says

    450mike… what are the specifics of your post ? could you clarify ? Mike Beebe will be a consultant?? did not see this officially posted anywhere (press release) One phone call does not make a consultant …Is Dick Williams going to be the promoter OR is he not and you are hoping he will be contacted ?

  55. speed kills,as you can imagine,only a fraction of available information is confirmed and released.Reasonable “street sources” have indicated an involvement of some type of Mike Beebe.Dick Williams has been contacted,however there is no indication that he will be the Speedbowl’s promoter.That said,you are correct if you are assuming that I hope Dick will be closely involved with the Speedbowl’s operation.He has organized great Modified races that provided a generous payout to the racers,a major profit to track owners,a bargain for the fans ,often without taking a dime home himself.Dick Williams and Shawn Monahan would make a fabulous team.

  56. speed kills says

    thanks 450 mike …I wasn`t attacking your post .I believed the announcement about Shawn and his “team” was official and in stone. Agree that Shawn could use some non biased/proven assistance in getting his feet wet on the promotion and GM side to alleviate any growing pains. I don`t doubt his (Shawn’s) affection for the place. As far as Mike Beebe, can`t really understand his role unless he has some financial arrangement/stake in the place?

  57. Frankie Tree says

    God Bless the Waterford Speedbowl . Let’s hope we have a great place to race and put on great shows for our fans w/o them were just back yard dreamers . I hope we get toghter soon and get our race dates worked out . There’s a lot of us who love the Bowl as much as Shawn and we want a place that thrives and everyone will want to race here . Thanks again Bruce .

  58. crazy larry says

    I see the soap opera continues the schedule needs to be announced ASAP people need to make arrangements hotels ,lodging an so on. If you want fans and racers then it’s time to show the place has changed! Let’s GO GM

  59. Youhavenoidea says

    Hotels for what lol is there a sprint cup race we should know about all off a sudden?? It’s weekly racing the Waterford guys know when they are gonna have their cars ready and people are going to go there as usual. Hotels .com works!!!

  60. crazy larry says

    Youhavenoidea ….Your name does say it all !! some people like to shower on a 2 day event not wash up in the bathroom and then sleep in a car. the new staff is trying to make this establishment a nice place for fans an racers ,Your comments are not helping in anyway .must be old crew hope all new tech people also. I would like to thank MR. Moahan for the two announcements on Tuesday. NO NEED FOR NEGATIVITY I wish this track well Good luck

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