Fan Voting For 2015 NAPA SK 5K At Stafford Motor Speedway Returns

(Press Release from Stafford Motor Speedway)

SK 5K Logo StaffordThe NAPA Auto Parts SK 5K returns to Stafford Motor Speedway Friday July 10th and the fans will once again play a direct role in determining the format of the event. With over $30,000 in prize money awarded and one of the most exciting races ever witnessed at the half-mile, last year’s NAPA SK 5K was one for the history books. The fans, through fan voting at, selected a 100-lap race format with heads-up starting that saw Pennsylvania native and Whelen Modified Tour regular Rowan Pennink prevail. The event saw over 25 lead changes and countless laps of side by side racing.

Voting for the distance of the event and the starting order invert will return for the 2015 event but two additional twists will be added.

“With the success of the fan vote in 2014, we had to bring it back for this year,” explained Paul Arute, VP Marketing at Stafford Speedway. “This year we will bring back voting for laps and invert but we’ll also be adding a twist to the event with the Gambler’s Challenge and the SK 5K Bonus.”

The Gambler’s Challenge and the bonus fan vote will add a new twist on an event that can already be dubbed “a classic”. Drivers will have the opportunity to put up $100 directly to the SK 5K bonus and fans will then vote on how the bonus will be distributed. To add to the excitement, local modified fan Doug Dunleavy of Dunleavy Truck and Trailer Repair, will match dollar for dollar the money raised from the “Gambler’s Challenge”.

“These are the type of events I really enjoy,” said Doug Dunleavy of Dunleavy Truck and Trailer. “It’s always great when we can have big shows for the modifieds and also get the fans involved. I’m already looking forward to the NAPA SK 5K.”

With the bonus match provided by Dunleavy Truck and Trailer Repair, the bonus could potentially swell to $5,000+. “We want the fans to be involved, let us know on Facebook and Twitter what bonus you would like to see in the fan vote,” explained Arute. “No idea is out of the question.”

Voting will begin in mid-March on, but until then fans are encouraged to weigh in on Facebook their ideas on what bonuses to include in the voting. Here are some bonus idea to get us started:

–         Randomly select a finishing position and award bonus to that position

–         The winner

–         First driver out of the race

–         Halfway leader

–          Distribute evenly across the top-10 finishers

–         Last driver to qualify for the feature (non-provisional)

At the conclusion of the event the top-5 bonuses per the fan vote will be put into a bucket and randomly selected to determine how the NAPA SK 5K bonus money will be distributed.

New for 2015

Gamblers Challenge: Drivers will pay $100 to enter the “Gambler’s Challenge”, this money will contribute directly to the SK 5K Bonus. The more drivers who take the challenge the bigger the bonus; 25 drivers = $2,500.

Dunleavy Truck and Trailer Bonus Match: Doug Dunleavy of Dunleavy Truck and Trailer Repair will match the total amount raised by the drivers entered in the “Gambler’s Challenge” automatically doubling the bonus amount up for grabs; 25 drivers take the Gambler’s Challenge there will be a $5,000 bonus up for grabs.

Fan Vote Bonus: Fans will have the opportunity to vote on how the bonus will be distributed throughout the months leading up to the July 10th event. Voting for the SK 5K Bonus as well as the other two voting options will close the day of the NAPA SK 5K. The top 5 bonuses, selected through fan voting, will be put in a bucket and randomly drawn after the race has been completed.

Fan Vote Options


-50, 80, 100


-5, 10, 15, Heads-up (No Invert)

SK 5K Bonus:

-TBD; Let us know on Facebook and Twitter how you want to see the potentially $5k+ bonus distributed

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  1. So stafford wants the teams to start paying half the bonus….what a concept. I believe the teams expenses are already too much for this race.

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