NASCAR Indefinitely Suspends Sprint Cup Series Driver Kurt Busch

(Press Release from NASCAR Integrated Marketing Communications)

Kurt Busch (Photo: Jamie Squire/Getty Images for NASCAR)

Kurt Busch (Photo: Jamie Squire/Getty Images for NASCAR)

NASCAR has indefinitely suspended driver Kurt Busch for actions detrimental to stock car racing following the release today of a supplemental disposition setting forth the findings and conclusions that formed the basis for the Family Court of the State of Delaware’s decision on Monday to issue an Order of Protection from Abuse against him.

Busch, driver of the No. 41 car, was found to be in violation of:

· Section 12.1.a: Actions detrimental to stock car racing
· Section 12.8: Behavioral Penalty

“Given the serious nature of the findings and conclusions made by the Commissioner of the Family Court of the State of Delaware, NASCAR has indefinitely suspended driver Kurt Busch, effective immediately. He will not be allowed to race nor participate in any NASCAR activities until further notice.

“Kurt Busch and his Stewart-Haas Racing team are fully aware of our position and why this decision was made. We will continue to respect the process and timetable of the authorities involved.”

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  1. “The assertion that [Busch] would be chastened from assaulting [Driscoll] for fear of the possibility of physical injury is further discredited, in the Court’s view, by the fact that [Busch] makes his living risking his life on an almost daily basis by aggressively driving a race car at speeds often approaching 200 miles per hour in close contact with others driving in the same manner, at the same speed,” Jones wrote.”
    I find it incredibly worrisome that a court of law can decide that simply because one chooses to drive a racecar, they shouldn’t reasonably fear physical injury from another person. This should cause great concern for anyone involved in the sport.

  2. darealgoodfella says

    As if all the other aggressive and bullying behavior he did within NASCAR over many years wasn’t enough already? He was doing stuff detrimental to NASCAR a long time ago, and for a very long time. This is long overdue. His little brother better learn something from this.

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