Talking Points: Shawn Monahan Proves Best In Show For Those With Speedbowl Questions

Shawn Monahan

Shawn Monahan

WEST SPRINGFIELD, Mass. – One of the busiest spots on the floor of the Frank Maratta Auto Show and Race-A-Rama on Saturday and Sunday at the Eastern States Exposition was a moving target.

It wasn’t a booth itself that had fans and local short track participants flocking, but moreso the guy standing near one.

It seemed wherever Shawn Monahan moved Saturday and Sunday on the floor of the Better Living Center at the Eastern States Exposition was where the crowd was going.

And with good reason. There are plenty of folks in the Connecticut short track racing community who had plenty of questions to ask of Monahan, a longtime competitor at the New London-Waterford Speedbowl who was recently named the facility’s new general manager and promoter by new track owner Bruce Bemer.

And Monahan, with the help of a handful of track staff members, helped clear the air on a lot of wonderment many had about what the 2015 season will hold at the shoreline oval.

“I think it was huge,” Monahan said. “There were a lot of smiles in the Waterford booth. This was a happening spot for the Frank Maratta Show and Race-A-Rama this year. There’s a lot of support behind this. A lot of people knew we were on the brink of not even being here, at this show or at the track. This is exciting for racers in general. Whether they liked me or not in the past, I think they’re all going to understand the fact that I’m here with smiles and I’m here to promote this place. If they support me that’s awesome. If they’re not sure, I’m going to give them, something to support and they’re going to like me when the day is done.”

Monahan made a few announcements about the track at the show that had yet to be publicly revealed, including the addition of a Tri-Track Open Modified Series event to be run at the facility on Sept. 13.

Monahan also announced that the track’s Wacky Wednesday program would be moving to Thursday nights for 2015. The Wacky Wednesday program is a low-cost alternative to the traditional NASCAR Whelen All-American Series Saturday night racing show. The events offer lower cost tickets and divisions that prove much lower in participation costs for customers. The X-Cars, Super X-Cars and Legends primarily fill out the shows for the track.

Monahan said working with Thompson Speedway was a big reason for the change. Thompson Speedway will host five Wednesday night summer shows in 2015. Thompson had previously run primarily Thursday shows.

“I think what it really boils down to is showing that we want to work with the neighboring tracks,” Monahan said. “It’s very simple. Thompson [Speedway] Motorsports Park has a great road course deal that they have a lot to be proud of. They opted to go with a Wednesday. Quite frankly, with us coming out with our schedule last, I think it’s a great opportunity, while under new ownership, to make a change now and that change is to bring the Thursday practices at Waterford over to Wednesday and to bring the Wednesday night program over to Thursday.

“The racing is going to be just as good. When the kids get out of school the grandstands will be just as packed. There were just too many reasons not to be accommodating. Give a little, take a little is going to go a long way for everybody.”

Monahan said he’s unsure when the Thursday night programs will kick off for the season.

“It’s the big question right now,” Monahan said. “I’m putting my feelers out to competitors. A lot of them are ready to go racing. They generally start at the beginning of May with their [old] Wednesday night program. I’ve got concerns. This was initially for the kids when they’re out of school. If we can move the program along a little faster than we have in the past so that kids can get home and get to bed and not be grouchy in the morning, because I’m a father and I know what that’s like, I think we’ll entertain starting it a little earlier than when kids come out of school. Within a week I want to have a schedule released.”

Monahan said one of the most common questions he heard all week from competitors was what would the rulebook look like for divisions for the 2015 season.

“As far as the rules, that’s another big question I’ve had this weekend,” Monahan said. “I would say that if there’s competitors know they were getting away with some things that weren’t black and white before, they better bring it to our attention now because it’s a new regime and I simple am going to refer back to last year’s rulebook. There’s no time to reestablish and make people spend money to rebuild now.”

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  1. Ken Woodward Jr. says

    It was fantastic to see everyone there, I got to meet Mr. Bemer and is a great guy. I’ve known Shawn for awhile and with him and Scott Tapley at the reines, I’m 100% confident the NLWS is here to stay. High five guys and gals

  2. former scale guy Bob says

    Being home earlier on a week night would be sweet after starting my day at 4 am and working the infield than driving an hour home!!

  3. I think that this is a great opportunity to reinvent and reinvigorate the community around the New London-Waterford Speedbowl. This is an historic entity and its great that the people involved have a long history with the racetrack. Shawn is an entertainer, as a driver, as a person and as a friend. There is no doubt that the shows will be exciting and fan oriented. Glad to get back to racing at NLWS!! Thank You Mr. Bemer, and thank you Shawn.

  4. Wondering says

    Shawn M, with some of the changes to the normal format, will the SK 150 survive? This is a marquee event for SK racers and with new blood running things I think the car count for it will greatly improve also.

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