Valenti Modified Racing Series To Compete Only Once At New London-Waterford Speedowl In 2015

2014 VMRS LogoIn racing parlance, one could call it jumping the start.

The Valenti Modified Racing Series, in releasing a 2015 schedule through Facebook on Monday, jumped the gun on one event.

The schedule released on Monday by the Valenti Modified Racing Series had the division competing on May 2 and August 8 at the New London-Waterford Speedbowl in 2015.

New London-Waterford Speedbowl general manager Shawn Monahan confirmed to RaceDayCT on Thursday that the Valenti Modified Racing Series will not be part of the racing card on the May 2 season opening event the shoreline oval.

The announcement posted on the Modified Racing Series Facebook page has since been edited, with the May 2 date at the Speedbowl removed from the posted schedule. Monahan said the Modified Racing Series prematurely released a schedule with an event that had yet to be agreed upon.

“It’s a simple scenario where one person had it on the schedule and the other one didn’t and there was never really an agreement made to do it,” Monahan said. “At this time, we’re going to have the Modified Racing Series there for Wings and Wheels [on Aug. 8] and they will not be at our opener. I just thought it was the best business decision for management at this time.”

Monahan said he hopes to have a finalized Speedbowl schedule ready to release by Saturday.

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  1. Awwwww! That fracking sucks! The opener better have a good main card race. 🙁

  2. Andy Boright says

    Good decision on management’s part. Opening day for a new team will present enough challenges by just focusing on the weekly classes, no need to add complexity by bringing in a major tour. If the weather is decent and the track can get enough cars to show up, opening night with the regular weekly classes should be a good show with plenty of people in the grandstand.

    If the track needs a tour to bring in a good crowd, then the track won’t be in business very long anyway.

  3. JustMyThoughts says

    I think it’s a good move. Shawn and gang have enough on their plate just trying to get the place open. They’re trying to do 6 months of work in 2. Like I said in other posts, just be grateful the track is even opening. Shawn will have plenty of unique ideas and promotions. 2015 is going to be a great year for the ‘Bowl!

  4. Are SK Mods, late models, mini and strictly stocks not good enough for an opening weekend for new management? A month ago nobody was sure if there was ever going to be a race again. So quit your bitchin and head over there on May 2. Bring a friend, buy a beer and some popcorn and support the sport!

  5. Ya know, I was beginning to wonder who was coming up with the money to pay the up front purse for the VMRS and Whelen tour. These guys don’t get paid the next week like everyone else, they are paid before they even race. I think it is biting off more than you can chew by taking on this financial obligation without even testing the waters attendance wise to see how everything else works out.

  6. i have a question? i would like to know when season pit passes will be going on sale so we can get ready for the new season.. thanks

  7. Grey Matter says

    Hey Larry, You should email the track or Shawn himself. Just sayin.

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