Sid’s Vault Productions Crew Bringing Sid’s View Back To New London-Waterford Speedbowl In 2015

Sids View LogoWhen the court dramatics surrounding foreclosure of the New London-Waterford Speedbowl were settled recently, one of the first questions many fans had concerning the return of racing to the facility was whether or not that would include the return of something that had become part of the fabric of the shoreline oval.

Would new ownership and management mean the return of Tom “Sid” DiMaggio and his Sid’s Vault Productions crew to the track?

On Sunday DiMaggio finally offered up an answer, the one many were hoping to hear.

“We’ll be back,” DiMaggio told RaceDayCT Sunday afternoon.

The Vault Productions produced Sid’s View “Webisodes” over the past few seasons have become part of the experience of racing season at the Speedbowl. Those productions ended abruptly early last July though after a disagreement with the former track management crew forced DiMaggio to make the decision to walk away from the track.

DiMaggio said he and his team will ease back into the Sid’s View “webisode” productions in 2015.

“We’ll be there on a weekly basis but we will only be doing probably five, at the most, full-blown Sid’s Views with the whole 25 in-car’s and grandstand commentary and the elaborate graphics package with car numbers and all that stuff,” DiMaggio said. “That will cut back on the editing time and that time is going to be put toward finishing up the documentary. Because the foreclosure saga is over we now have our ending for that, and we just have a lot of video geek stuff to do.”

DiMaggio said to expect the standard long form “Sid’s View episodes for at least the Wings and Wheels Show on Aug. 8, the Tri-Track Open Modified Racing Series event on Sept. 13 and the finale Open show on Oct. 24.

“And then we’ll choose a couple other one’s at some point,” DiMaggio said. “But we’ll all be there every week. We’ll all have [hand held cameras] on us ready to capture action. We plan on putting some type of video content out every week. [Official Eric Webster] will run his camera every week. So some weeks we may get the last three laps of a great side-by-side finish or another week it might just be ‘Webby-Cam’. … There will be a lot more of us walking around the pits like we used to do that we kind of got away from.”

The Vault Productions crew has been working on their Speedbowl documentary project since 2010 and DiMaggio said he hopes to have it ready for release in 2016.

DiMaggio said his sponsors, Mr. Rooter Plumbing, Honest John’s Used Cars, Thirty Marketing, Nicks Service Center, and Eastern Connecticut Lawn Care continue to support what he and his crew are doing.

“They all support our direction with what we’re doing for 2015,” DiMaggio said. “The plan is to get the bulk of the documentary done this year so we can hopefully go back to doing the “webisodes” weekly again in 2016.”

DiMaggio said he is excited to work with the new management team, led by longtime track competitor Shawn Monahan, who is the new general manager.

“I think the upside with Shawn is huge,” DiMaggio said. “I think he can be really good at this. He’s obviously unproven because he hasn’t done it before. I’ve always thought that he could be really great at this. IN that respect, we’re excited to be back and be a part of something that could be really good.”

DiMaggio said his team was forced to make the decision to stop doing production at events at Thompson Speedway.

“The Thompson deal is really just a matter of availability,” DiMaggio said. “I just can’t get a crew for their schedule. They were great to us up there though. We really appreciate everything [Thompson general manager Josh Vanada] and [Thompson race director Scott Tapley] did for us there.”

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  1. This is good to hear!

  2. crazy larry says

    Hey that’s nice that SId to come back to the bowl . BUT if sid post these videos too early ,NO one will show up at the gate Race 1 OCT. 1 or there will be no gate money and that’s not good THINK HELLO!!!!!!

  3. crazy larry says

    GATE money is very important not youtube thanks

  4. What in the heck are you talking about crazy larry? You think people will not bother going to the bowl to watch the races because they can just watch them on youtube?

  5. Bring Sid ba….oh, wait..brought Sid back! Sweet!

  6. Ken Woodward Jr. says

    Absolutely great to hear, I appreciate all that Sid and his crew has done snd thanks to his wife for letting him spend a lot of his time entertaining all of us. I’ve been watching all the videos to get through the winter. I thank you all

  7. Sids return to the Bowl is great news. Wont detract from the gate, only adds ‘texture’ to the Legacy of theBowl.

  8. Crazy in NY says

    For sure …a no brainer.
    No other place I can think of has a production as good as Tom’s.
    Now the Bowl is back officially. LOL

  9. YeeHa!More great news at the Speedbowl.Sid is the best!Talk about “wreckers to checkers”,we are goimg to have the best Speedbowl season ever.Thanks to everyone involved in Sid’s long awaited return.

  10. I love Sid’s very entertaining vids… I wish they would cover Stafford!

  11. late model fan says

    I honestly don’t go to the Bowl because I can catch up on Sids View.

  12. Grey Matter says

    It was said that Sid’s View will be changing how they bring the action so put your fingers down and slow your knee jerks. Wait to see what they come up with. None of these guys are stupid and for people to be calling them out before they produce a single shred of footage is just idiotic. Cash flow is important and I’m fairly positive that Monahan knows this since he operates his own business.

  13. Watching a race on video is not a good substitute for being there in person. Every true race fan knows this. The sounds, the smells, the atmosphere of the race track in my mind, and im sure in many others minds, are special. Those of us who are racers and/or race fans love them, they make us happy. All of these things are missing when viewing on a monitor. Also missing is the excitement of seeing things unfold as they actually happen.
    The videos Sids Vault Productions puts out can help promote the track and attract new fans to the speedbowl. This is something all of us who love racing at the speedbowl should appreciate, and do what we can to expose people to these readily available videos on youtube.
    I think the videos are great and will only help put fans in the stands.

  14. This is fantastic,Sid, I am sooo glad you will be back.A friend of mine had told me that a friend of his who lives way out of state ,watched Sid’s Vault and wants to come to Ct. just to go watch a race at the Bowl.This must be happening more than once. You are a great positive publicity source for the Bowl.I watch your videos when I miss a race, so that I don’t miss any of the action.Also during off season, I get to rewatch past races.You were greatly missed this past year.All this good news about the Bowl is making all us racefans thrilled.THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU

  15. So glad to hear Sid is back. I’m in Canada and the speedbowl is a great show! Thanks!

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