Celebration Sunday For LFR Chassis After First Whelen Modified Tour Victory At Thompson

LFR ChassisWhen Doug Coby took the checkered flag to win Sunday’s NASCAR Whelen Modified Tour season opening Icebreaker 150 Sunday at Thompson Speedway, the celebration was on for his Mike Smeriglio Racing team.

But behind the scenes it was party time for another group.

Coby’s victory marked the first victory for LFR Chassis, the Rob Fuller owned company that hit the track for the first time with rides in 2014.

“All of the LFR teams worked great together and we’re trying to build one big team,” Fuller said in a release. “We’re collecting as much data to help everyone. Everyone had the same setup package and just fine-tuned it to their driver. It was a basic shock package and spring package and each team tuned their set-up.”

Coby led Whelen Modified Tour practice Saturday at Thompson, was fastest in qualifying to win the pole and led 127 of 150 laps Sunday.

“I think round one of the Chassis War goes to us I guess because this thing was just unbelievable,” Coby said immediately following the race. “I thank Rob Fuller and his whole team, Ryan Stone and these guys down there for really starting something from scratch last year and putting such an impressive piece together.”

Coby said being the first team to in the division with the chassis was a historic feat he wanted to grab.

“We were really the first team to commit to going with them,” Coby said. “I saw the success down south with the car and wanted to do that for the northern series. This is a part of history for their company and it’s great to be a part of that.”

“I could tell [Fuller] was excited – he was standing outside and taking pictures – and [crew chief Phil Moran] went over and grabbed him and told him to get in the pictures with us. He’s a huge part of this. He’s growing a business and making sacrifices. I saw a little bit of relief in his face and that sense of pride. I was proud that our team was able to dominate the first time out and give him that solid win. It’s just going to make him want to go that extra step and push extra hard to do this and put more cars out there. Ultimately, that’s what we’re here to help with.”

Mike Smeriglio Racing switched to the LFR Chassis after winning the 2014 series championship with a Troyer Chassis.

“I think a lot of people were surprised we would do that – especially some of the people who don’t follow the series that closely,” Coby said. “We had zero personnel changes and huge equipment changes. We were going with something that was unproven and that was calculated into our decision. But this was the best decision for long-term growth of the No. 2 team. I think a lot of people thought we’d start the season with mechanical disasters. Now we’ve set the bar high with this first race and we have to make sure we are good at every track.”

Said Moran: “It’s a brand new start but we knew as a team that it had potential. [Mike Smeriglio] told me this is my area and I could make the decision. I’ve known Robbie for a long time – we are good friends off the race track. We’ve been talking about this for over a year now. It was big undertaking. To get him the first win in the way that we did – dominating the weekend – being the fastest in practice, getting the pole and leading 127 of 150 lap race – that was awesome.”

The 23 laps of the event Sunday that Coby didn’t lead were led by Ron Silk of Norwalk, who was driving an LFR Chassis house car for Rob Fuller Motorsports.

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  1. hear that?…………total silence from doubters. I love it.

  2. Youhavenoidea says

    Not for nothing yes it takes talent and skill to win I’m not taking that from Doug or lfr but the teams that ran up front have guys on their payroll taking care of the cars and I should hope they run up front. It would be nice to see how it all plays out thru the season and the true chassis test, did anyone mention that cd not being a tour car, wel rowan had one in the field and it was his backup be of what happened so I don’t think it means they are ahead so far I just think yea they are a great bunch of guys and they have their cars in the big money teams so I hope they would win.

  3. Total domination of round 1.Great job!!!!!!.Doug did a outstanding job on those restarts.Smoked them every time.

  4. 90% troyers cars in the two modified series and LFR and CD each take home a win

  5. Does anybody else get worried that everyone moving to the same chassis and spec engine could make the tour a little less exciting? Let me preface that I don’t have any preference to built motors over spec or LFR vs Troyer. I just really like seeing all the wide variety of car setups. It’s one of the things I feel separate the mods over cookie cutter k&n cars.

  6. Youhavenoidea says

    I agree with Steve there are cars out here that people will buy just to be on the bandwagon I mean give wade cole a lfr chassis and spec motor or fifield then let’s see what they do. I feel that it’s all a hype and excitement and the drivers and crew aren’t getting the respect they deserve. Doug did the same last year with his t car so I mean is it different maybe but we will just have to see.

  7. JustaFella says

    The restarts are a joke !! The leader always has the advantage and God forbid the second place car gets a jump they will be sent to the rear .

  8. If the defending champs decide to change chassis that tells me they think they will be better in a LFR. Burt Myers won the WSMT as well this weekend. You can’t debate results. LFR has hit on something.

    Steve, LFRs involvement gives you that chassis war environment you desire. Troyer has been unchallenged for several years. Now we have a real competition.

  9. Let’s not forget the spec motor has a huge influence as a part of the chassis.

  10. Hey guys, I would like to see some opinions to this question, Somebody who is dedicated to Troyer chassis (Billy Colton) may buy the LFR chassis then turn it over to the guys at Troyer and then let them see what the difference is several north and south tour teams cant say enough about this LFR chassis. Troyer is not going to sit back and watch. What are you opinions on this. Shawn what do you think

  11. Joe,
    I don’t see anything wrong with that. That’s part of a free market. If you spend the money to buy it then all the power to you. We all know there’s no secrets for long with any of this stuff.

  12. Wow. You have no idea is a perfect name. Doug is a great driver yes but to sit on a pole and dominate the icebreaker no. He hasn’t had a pole in a few years and had 1 win last year. He already has more poles and the same amount of wins as last season in 1 race! Burt Myers didn’t win at caraway in 9 damn years now he’s won 6. Really guy?! And as far as buying a LFR and sending it somewhere, if you think fuller doesn’t have them sign a contract or something when they pick those cars up you really have no idea. He’s not that dumb. Stats don’t lie bro those cars have everyone covered period. Give credit where credit is due. Spek engine? Great. Everyone has them. Ronny silk had a built motor and led a bunch of laps with that. Engine isn’t what people think it is. Car is more important. Competition is what makes racing great. I’m not even in your eastern time zone and it’s all clear to me.

  13. Youhavenoidea says

    Well lfr chassis so far are big bucks so that means big money teams have them I mean troyers are expensive to buy not as much as them, usually these teams have a full staff on these cars all week and I hope they go, most of them will be good lets see the season

  14. That’s what differentiates guys that know what their doing it and why they are doing it, from guys who talk a lot and think they know but cant actually do it. Apple didn’t invent the computer they redefined it. LFR didn’t create the modified, they redefined it. If anyone else could have done it then why didn’t they? Fuller took years of engineering and racing in the south and applied it where no one else did or could. Real simple. If you believe that he isn’t working on a better design as we are typing then you are fooling yourself. A company can copy all they want but if you want to pay the company that is copying and not the company that is innovating then that’s your dumb ass decision and you will be behind the rest of your life. Buena suerte amigos!

  15. Chassis wars… it comes down to a couple basic things…

    1. The chassis locates the tires. This includes dynamic location and attitude. If you know what tire locations and attitudes make a car run fast, you can make any chassis do this.

    2. A spiffy sway bar adjuster and different pan hard bar does not make a difference.

    Motor wars…

    1. The SPEC motor has mass advantages over a built motor, and that mass advantage helps any chassis run much better, as has been shown by several different chassis already.

    With that, I’d like to see how the LFR chassis does with a top shelf built motor. What LFR chassis are running a fresh top-shelf built motor? How does it do against the SPEC motor loaded LFR?

    The #2 team has the talent to make just about anything run very well.

  16. goodfella must not watch any races. Did you not see Tood Zegedy run last year? Lead the most laps at LOUDON and finished second! Lead the first one too. WOW dude get your stuff straight. Ron Silk had a built motor last week at Thompson and was the ONLY other car to lead any laps other than the other LFR car! Get off this post and do some research. If you think the only difference is the sway bar and pan hard bar your nuts! I have seen pics online and it is NOTHING like anything out there. I am going to the Bristol race and I will get some close ups of them personally. Its a shame when someone does something that many have attempted and succeeds that everyone wants to rip it apart. Go get some steel and a welder and give it a shot.

  17. The steve Leavitt, the other lfr partner , was the premier full bodied chassis builder in the north east before he moved south and headed the chassis shop at Hendricks when a young kid named Gorden started out. When steve left, so didn’t gordans multi win seasons. When red bull came into cup they ran well. Steve was building their chassis as well. Many components on all chassis have come from Leavitt’s CnC machines. Not sure how involved steve is with the lfr chassis but with him and all the other that rob has assembled it is know wonder they are running as good as they are.

  18. Sonny, seriously dude? Come on. When have you EVER seen Steve at a track or in a pic? He has NOTHING to do with LFR. Don’t you think if he was designing these cars at some point someone would bring up his name or thank them? Hes retired and Jr is in NC doing other cars. WOW you all are some serious haters. Ask a LFR customer if they have ever seen him around. There are no partners according to the LFR webpage. Owner means single owner. NOWHERE is the name Leavitt even on there. Holy cow man! Now you all are digging deep. Nothing on those cars comes from any of Steves cnc machines that he doesn’t even own anymore. Go somewhere online other than this site and get some facts before you post and look REAL dumb like your doing now.

  19. Mark, perhaps this crazy announcement from Rob Fuller Motorsports is where Sonny got that silly notion from. I’m not sure how good the info could be coming from RFM, but it seems that might have a clue.

  20. Sorry, forgot to attach the PR
    MOORESVILLE, N.C. (January 10, 2014) – As the 2014 race season begins, Rob Fuller and Steve Leavitt have announced a partnership to create LFR Chassis, Inc. (Leavitt Fuller Racecars). The company will provide a cutting edge chassis that will be user friendly and provide high-end components and customer service to the top-tier modified and late model race teams.
    The Leavitt name is synonymous with high quality fabrication and Fuller has competed at every level of racing at an equally high level so the product and customer service will be second to none in the industry. Fuller, the primary owner of LFR Chassis, will be responsible for running the day-to-day operations, including customer relations and overseeing chassis construction.
    “I really want to design and build a chassis that is on the cutting edge of technology and I think the timing is right and the racers are ready for it,” said Fuller. “My focus will be the racers who want something different and a more custom part. I want a smaller clientele with higher customer service.”
    With four Super Late Models and three NASCAR Modifieds already on order, LFR plans to focus on the R&D side of production in 2014 and offer full services in 2015. A complete inventory of clips, chassis components and body panels will be accumulated throughout 2014 in preparation of the 2015 release.
    “I’ve been in this industry for 50 years and I’ve never been more excited to start a new venture,” said Leavitt. “This is the first time in the history of NASCAR Modified racing that an experienced Cup chassis manufacturer is putting the same quality and technology in a modified chassis. We’re expecting to turn heads once we get these chassis out to the track.”
    A 24-hour turnaround for clip repair is the goal. A complete spindle and frame jig will also allow each racer to get a more customized part for their individual racecars.
    LFR Chassis will be based out of Mooresville, N.C. in 2014 while a 25,000 square foot facility will be constructed in West Boylston, Mass. and planned for opening in 2015.
    For media inquires, please contact:
    Nealie Stufflet
    [email protected]
    (704) 918-0963

  21. getserious says

    Wow, “Mark”, take a pill, dude.

  22. I will be curious to see how Stafford shakes out. That 44 is stout there and should provide a good measuring stick. That said, LFR will remain a force to be reckoned with.

  23. Hear “that”?… absolutely brilliant!!!
    .. I’d love to get back to the quality conversation as this is a worthy topic, but for now let’s just enjoy this..

  24. Wait a minute……does that mean that not everything that is on the internet is true?! CRAP!
    I’m calm, I just don’t get it. I worked in cup until 2009 and I did shocks for Petty when Rob was at DEI. All I know is that if you wanted to know what was the latest and greatest shock design you would follow that guy around. Then he designs a spring line that all the cup teams and half of the racing world is using that is way better than any other spring out there. Now he designs a chassis that is kicking but and all the Yankee haters want to give credit to spec engine or a driver or crew chief. Its a shame. The guy might not be the most personable dude around but man everything he does is spot on. You don’t have the Eury family work for you and not have a clue. I asked Rob what shocks they ran in Pocono after they kicked our ass and he told me. I honestly didn’t believe him but when I went to tear down where Nascar takes the top teams shocks apart it was exactly what he said. I asked Steve the last time I was down there if he was still doing the LFR deal and he told me he moved to the drag strip last year and hasn’t been to the LFR shop in a year. He was cutting brackets and was very busy. Rob was involved with Steve in 2000 and they designed the first late model and that won races too. (I think Rob was driving too) I just don’t get why people just don’t acknowledge success with a congrats instead of a bashing and discredit. That’s why Im not upset that I am not in the industry anymore. The majority are like you sorry people. I getting off this a posting a congrats to Robs FB page. Later!

  25. Awesome response Mark. Good to see you have great reading comprehension skills. Read my last sentance. According to Steve’s farther he hasn’t retired. Lfr chassis is a great piece but it has taken a great team to make it all work.

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