Keith Rocco To Replace Tommy Barrett Jr. For Our Motorsports Whelen Mod Tour Team At Stafford Spring Sizzler

Keith Rocco

Keith Rocco

NASCAR Whelen Modified Tour team owner Chris Our confirmed to RaceDayCT that his regular driver, Tommy Barrett Jr., will not be racing the team’s entry in the NAPA Auto Parts Spring Sizzler 200 at Stafford Motor Speedway Sunday.

The 19-year old Barrett was charged with driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol in Willimantic on April 17.

Our said he wasn’t made aware of the arrest until this morning.

“It’s not acceptable and I don’t know a lot, I didn’t know anything until today,” Our said. “But Tommy will not be in the car this weekend and that’s per me and Our Motorsports. That isn’t how we operate. I’m doing this on my own before NASCAR tells me anything. I’ve already sent the messages upstairs to NASCAR that before you tell me anything I’m telling you he’s out of it this weekend.”

Attempts to reach NASCAR Whelen Modified Tour series director Jimmy Wilson concerning the situation were unsuccessful Thursday morning.

Former NASCAR Whelen All-American Series national champion and Stafford Speedway SK Modified division regular Keith Rocco will replace Barrett in the Our Motorsports No. 22 Whelen Modified Tour ride for the Spring Sizzler.

“Keith is a very seasoned, good driver,” Our said. “I like Keith. He runs very well and he keeps his equipment under him. I’ve always liked Keith, he’s a real good guy and he’s got a lot of experience and a lot of time around the track at Stafford.”

Our said that there have been no decisions made concerning the future of Barrett with the team following the event this weekend. Barrett is due in Danielson Superior Court on Monday.

“This is just for this weekend until we figure out exactly where we are with everything,” Our said.

Barrett is in his second season running on the Whelen Modified Tour for Our Motorsports. He won his first career Whelen Modified Tour pole at last year’s Spring Sizzler.

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  1. One of the down sides to replacing a veteran with a kid. They could have picked a better replacement though. This team is on a slippery slope. Announcing the Daytona deal then falling flat on their face at that. Then running like crap at Thompson and now this. The owner needs to stand up and make some changes quick.

  2. Thank you, Mr. Our. Your logic and prompt response to this sad situation is appreciated by this race fan. At 19 yrs., Tommy Barrett should know better and there needs to be consequences to his bad behavior. He has a problem. This isn’t his first offense. He would benefit from inpatient rehab and not just 30-60-90 days. If anyone really cares about him, they will get him started today!!

  3. I like the way Chris Our is handling this so far. The fact that Barrett didn’t even tell Our about it is very telling about his character. Our had to find out through the media like the rest of us… that is is not cool.

  4. just a fan says

    two things …. IMO..i agree chris our did the right thing and only thing to do with the way this went down…finds out the day they are loading the car after a week goes by !!!!!! if it were me that alone would be it for any driver …no respect your out ……second do not judge keith rocco by this race if its not a great day …it takes time for a team to gel….heck other than bristol the past driver has not set the world on fire after a hole season with the car ….2015 icebreaker 22 team car , new suspension ,no testing, no notebook , equals another bad day….if they bring that same car ,which they just tested at stafford with hopefully the car will be better …BUT there still on a learning curve with it so keith is in a tough spot…give him half a dozen races then you can start to look at things about this combo….but i wish keith good luck…

  5. I’m pleased to see the choice for replacement and glad to read how Chris Our is standing up against Drunk Driving in our world. I’ve always thought that Keith Rocco should be at the very top in NASCAR and hope to see the team have a great run.

  6. Crazy in NY says

    Bravo to Chris Our to get out front before NASCAR does their thing. Bad move by TB for sure
    but did any of you ever screw up at 19 ? Tommy may have some issues with the bottle but he
    needs some support and not gratuitously dumped on. Maybe some of his “handlers” have put
    unrealistic expectations on him who knows. I’m not making excuses for DD it’s a bad thing for sure
    but I see some “hate’ for a youngster who took the seat from everybody’s hero Mike Stefanik.
    Tommy is one of the young guns in the sport and has a ton of talent. Lets’ just hope this works out
    best for all involved.

  7. Tommy Barrett is no doubt very talented and yes he is only 19 and I don’t no a person on this earth that hasn’t had a few drinks at 18 ,19 ,20 years old I’m not saying tommy is wright here but he dose need his hand slapped now as for Keith getting this opportunity in this car I think is awesome Keith is by far the best driver out there without a good tour ride so all I have to say is thank you to our motor sports and good luck Keith

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