NASCAR Deems NAPA Whelen Modified Tour Spring Sizzler 200 Results From Stafford Official

Whelen Modified Tour 30th Anniversary LogoSTAFFORD – It seemed a story scripted for a Hollywood studio.

The hometown boy becomes the first driver ever from Stafford to win the biggest event of the year at Stafford Motor Speedway

That was the case Sunday when Woody Pitkat of Stafford won the NASCAR Whelen Modified Tour NAPA Spring Sizzler 200 at Stafford Speedway. In 43 previous times the event had been run, no driver from Stafford had won.

And for more than a day after rumors swirled that maybe it was a story too good to be true. Could the fairy tale story actually end up with a sour ending?

NASCAR officials confiscated the motor from Pitkat’s winning Buzz Chew Racing Modified following Sunday’s victory.

Though, Tuesday morning NASCAR officials ensured that victory for Pitkat Sunday at Stafford would stand. NASCAR made the results of the event official as of Tuesday morning.

NASCAR spokesperson Jason Cunningham confirmed to RaceDayCT that the race results have been made official. Cunningham also confirmed that Pitkat’s motor will be taken to the NASCAR Research and Development Center in Concord, N.C. for further evaluation. The motor isn’t expected in Concord until at least Thursday.

Whelen Modified Tour director Jimmy Wilson wasn’t immediately available for comment Tuesday morning.

It is not anticipated that any potential penalties that may be incurred going forward would involve any sort of change in the posted results of the event. The Whelen Modified Tour returns to action on May 30 at the New London-Waterford Speedbowl.

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  1. If the motor is illegal does that make Woody the new Ryan Newman?

  2. Could it be just checking the motor in an effort to keep competition even? NASCAR has stated they will keep an eye to make sure that the spec engine does not get an unfair competitive edge.

  3. No, NH Mark, that makes him – or better said – puts him in the same category as Richard Petty following a Firecracker 400 at Daytona. When I first remember NASCAR’s “don’t have the fans wake up the next day and learn the driver they saw win” didn’t in fact win. Not a policy I agree with…

  4. Well, the 88 had a huge power advantage. The way it just squirted at will around good fast cars was bit obvious.

    I’m sure there will never be a public release about what was found, but something like. “don’t do that again” will be said, and forgotten 10 minutes later.

    What a joke.

    The Loudon races are given a red flag stop so the SPEC motor cars can get the extra gas they need to finish the race.

    Look how NASCAR accommodates the SPEC motor.

  5. The red flag stop at Bristol and Loudon saves teams the expense of bringing a full pit crew to the biggest events on the schedule. Teams have also said that the only reason they make it to the track is the spec engine because of $. The only thing I know for sure is that ANYTHING nascar does to try and help the NWMT will be met quickly with complaints. The newest one I love hearing is how the largest TV package basically ever for the tour is useless…. Ummm ok

  6. Why is it that tour director Jimmy Wilson is NEVER available for comment?

  7. Someone pass the popcorn, these conspiracy theory morons are getting pretty good here…

  8. The 88 engine was confiscated on Sunday (April 26) and NASCAR probably isn’t even looking at the engine until today in NC. It will take days to go over the engine, maybe a few dyno pulls, inspect the key parts, and such. Those results won’t be finished until next week. NASCAR won’t hold up race results that long. It would put too much attention on the SPEC engine. After all, NASCAR is NASCAR and can do anything they want.

  9. Should make us all wonder, what has to happen for NASCAR to issue a penalty that changes the finish results and/or payout?

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