SK Modified Results Being Reviewed At Thompson Speedway; Mini Stock Winner Disqualified

Thompson Speedway Long Narrow LogoAs of late morning Tuesday, Thompson Speedway officials had not made official the results from Sunday’s 75-lap NASCAR Whelen All-American Series SK Modified feature, which was won by Ryan Preece of Berlin.

Race director Scott Tapley said the track was going through “a few things from a few different cars” before making results official.

Tapley said the track hoped to have everything finalized concerning the results of the event by Wednesday.

The track did announce a disqualification from the 15-lap Mini Stock feature from Sunday.

Eric Bourgeois of East Haddem was stripped of his win in the event because of engine issues found in postrace tech inspection.

It gave the victory to Scott Michalski of Killingly. Michalski also won the 15-lap Mini Stock feature on Saturday.

Nick Anderson, who finished third in the event, was also disqualified for motor issues found in tech. Dave Trudeau of Mansfield was awarded second place and Ed Field of Deep River third.

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  1. DouG DiPisa says

    How many guys running their open motors as spec motors with wrong intakes. Let’s see what they do.

  2. Truth teller says

    All the sudden Rocco is driving that 16 and it leads more laps than it has in 5 years……Guess we know who the cheater is!

  3. That Rocco has been thrown out before at the Icebreaker. Last year with that cheated up late model for the flywheel and a low roll bar halo. Once a cheater always a cheater. Preece doesn’t have to cheat to win. At least you can say you raced with him when he’s running Cup cars in two years. He’s good!

  4. think again... says

    It’s not the #16 that’s in question….

  5. I know Ted had a legal open motor because he didn’t run in the top 5 all day. That 13sk is a career killer….

  6. Didn’t Preece get DQ’d down at speedweeks this year?

  7. DouG DiPisa says

    Well then maybe you need glasses. Cause we dropped out of 4th position Sunday do to an electrical problem.

  8. Steady Eddie Fan says

    Listen to the haters, maybe the 16 ran good because of the driver but you haters would never admit to that.

  9. if you think Preese is going to cup , I got a bridge I’d like to sell you

  10. Something fishy going on because rules r pretty black and white. Shouldn’t take days to determine if someone is legal or not unless it is tires

  11. Dipisa fan says

    I’m assuming you had electrical problems because you were making facebook posts while you were wiring that car. lol

  12. You guys up north can’t figure out why Rocco doesn’t have a ride. That’s funny. He gets caught cheating constantly and is a disrespectful punk that talks like a gorilla from NY. He he kept his mouth shut and played by the rules you would have a good question. Until then stop asking why he doesn’t have a ride!

  13. Frankie Tree says

    Those 2 put on a heck of a race . Preece saved his tires for 10 or so laps and out drive Rocco in the end people went crazy . If you missed it to bad . See what happens tomorrow .

  14. *The 16 is not under review…
    *Preece will NEVER have a full-time cup ride, unless he or the family hit Powerball. Start and Park for TBR maybe, but hard to see anything beyond that. Drivers need to bring TONS of money these days as well – its not just talent. Yes, his family has money, but not Sprint Cup money. Not a Preece hater, either, but it’s not in the cards.
    * The 13SK is not a career killer. TC is one that has walked away from junk equipment, or cars with no hope of winning. Hasn’t walked on the DiPisa 13 for a reason…knows their close, just need a break / luck at Waterford.
    * I agree that they are looking at tires or a rules interpretation, and most likely trying to decide on the penalty at this point – a pinch, slap or the belt.

  15. Doug DiPisa says

    And for the record. Guys were running open motors with the 7101 intake and calling it a spec. Open motors are supposed to use the 2101 intake. That’s a 20 HP difference.

  16. Youhavenoidea says

    I agree one if preece goes to cup I think that would be a miracle, I mean if he isn’t there already he isn’t gonna be probably and my guess is his car is in question bc they hate to dq him there and as for Rocco he has talent i won’t take it from him remember he was on tc crew so I’m sure he knows the right moves but when u build motors u know secrets that u can use and our still legal and I’m sure he has the best and freshest piece on the track so can’t take it from him and as for tc that’s a brand spankin new car have to work the bugs out of it and then it will be bad fast u watch

  17. let it be known says

    Preece and Rocco both have websites with scott tapley. There is a zero percent chance either will be dq’d this year, even if one of them are in CLEAR violation of a black and white rule.

  18. This is all way too

  19. Real Facts says

    Mark is right, Rocco has been DQ’d Twice…. Preece has been DQ’d in Florida in the 6, the north south shoot out in Bonos car, and at the world series for illegal fuel… So I dont think cheating has anything to do with rocco not having a tour ride. I think we are gonna find out that Preece got caught again, not that they will ever DQ him since he became a Nascar Next. Im sure he will act like a baby either way. He jumps from ride to ride like a six year old goes from swing to swing. Burning bridges along the way……

  20. Very interesting how people speculate on the opposite side of the fence… very entertaining lol

  21. What a way to start the season!

    This is going to turn into a reality TV series!

  22. speed kills says

    LIBK is right on the money. this was huge opprotunity to set the tone for the upcoming season and level the playing field at thompson and waterford… Tapley failed …..a complete sellout…watch the car counts increase at stafford and dwindle at waterford and thompson with the lawless tech.GO STAFFORD!!!

  23. According to Rocco, the 16 was running on 7 cylinders in last few laps – spark plug issue/breakage. Just sayin.

  24. Put Keith Rocco and Ryan precce in to identical cars and I’ll take Rocco 10 out a 10 Keith is that good and Ryan just plain SUCKS

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