SK Modified Sunday Feature Results Finalized At Thompson Speedway

Thompson Speedway Long Narrow LogoIt took a few days more than expected, but the results that took place on the track Sunday at Thompson Speedway are the results that will stand.

Thompson Speedway race director Scott Tapley confirmed Wednesday morning that there will be no changes to the finishing results that took place on the track.

Tapley had said Tuesday that track officials were reviewing some issues with multiple cars that were involved in the event.

It’s unclear what cars were involved in that extended review or what issues were involved.

Ryan Preece of Berlin won the event. Keith Rocco of Wallingford was second and Woody Pitkat of Stafford third in the caution-marred 75-lap SK Modified feature on Sunday at Thompson.

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  1. Same stuff every time
    Caught cheating and they just tell them not to bring it back. Every year same stuff. And they wonder why there’s no car count there. Would be nice if the tech guys would grow a set of balls one year and bounce these guys that cheat every year so everyone would be on the same page. I guess some things just never change!

  2. speed kills says

    this was a huge opprotunity to set the tone for the upcoming season and level the playing field at thompson and waterford… Tapley failed …..a complete sellout…watch the car counts increase at stafford and dwindle at waterford and thompson with the lawless tech.GO STAFFORD!!!

  3. Whats the point says

    Really that’s it….. Not even a statement from the track?? Ryan Preece Is caught with ported heads and the track lets him go. why did it take till Wednesday to decide? I guess that sets the precedent for Stafford too. So whatever Preece did to his heads must be legal there also. Why bother racing in CT if the tracks don’t even level the grounds. No wonder the same guys win every week.
    They finally get a tech guy who can catch people and they ignore him already.
    Whats the Point.

  4. Billy Parker says

    Caught Cheating??? And these guys” Cheat every year?? Do you have solid proof of this?? O are you yet another grand stand racing expert, who believes every rumor you hear??

  5. Little Smoke says

    Since you are so knowledgable, what evidence do you have to say these teams are cheating?Are you a Tech. official throwing the Other Thompson officials under the bus? Do you even own a race car? I’m guessing your just another Keyboard King crying that everyone is cheating because the same 3-5 guys win at every track. Maybe its just because they are good?

  6. Nobody cheated, there was an issue with the head manufacturer. Do your homework.

  7. Why delay the results until 3 days after the event, but then not tell everyone what the suspected infractions were and who they involved????

  8. After working with Scott a bit a few years back and knowing his integrity you will find out that he is probably one of the best around. He doesn’t let much slip through the cracks thats why he is in such demand.
    After being on the inside for so many years, I know just what a tech and race director need to do to keep thing on the straight and narrow. I am also aware of the criticism that outsiders put on them when they get minimal or half assed information and slap it all over social media. Any of the three race tracks in the state are always looking for people to intern or volunteer or if you’ve got the right stuff even make a few bucks on race night.( Just remember your not going to retire on it) .So if you really want to get the inside scoop get involved.
    In the long run your going to find that Scott is one of the fairest and knowledgable people around.

  9. And THAT’S why Preece was DQ’d down in Florida in February…..because Ricky Brooks doesn’t put up with cheating one bit, has no favorites and doesn’t give a crap what name is written over your driver’s door. That’s why they call his tech shack the “Room of Doom” down south……because he has thrown out some of the biggest name drivers in some of the biggest races in the country and he doesn’t give a crap.

  10. Eye in the sky says

    I know it’s pretty fishy the way Preece made up 6 car lengths in one lap. I also know I wasn’t the only one who saw his crew leave without one of his heads because the track kept it. Guess Preece gets away with it again. No wonder no one wants to race there. Forget about spec motors, if you want to win you need a Tapley website…..

  11. old observer says

    OK Everyone, just Back it down a bit!!!!! After reading comments in this & previous threads, you all need to settle down. Note most of this pertains to the SM/SK race only.
    Ryan just drives the cars.
    Ryan & Keith have the same engine builder.
    Scott Tapley wanted all info available, He didn’t want to make a knee jerk decision. I’m sure all teams will know where they stand before the next race.
    Be thank full for all the good racing & the teams that sacrifice lots so we can enjoy the racing.
    See you all at the Sizzler & enjoy the racing while we can.

  12. true racer says

    may I just say that Keith Rocco and Scott Tapley have been buddy buddy for years dating back before he was the rae director at the Speedbowl. and the tech guy at the bowl was on Rocco’s national championship team. Also Preece is not only Connecticuts “pretty boy” but the mod tour and all of new England’s. so they would never make him look bad. just a slap on the wrist like last year with him. they both had illegal stuff this past weekend but the track said it was “manufacturing problem” my ass! more like lets favorite who we want because let’s be real if it was someone else like the 6 or 56 or 10 or anyone else in the field they woul have been DQed but it’s okay they want a road course…let that be a bust and turn that place into a 2.5 million dollar land fill

  13. true racer says

    both had open motor with spec heads…sorry that isn’t a manufacture issue…

  14. Grey Matter says

    Manufacturing defect = Brzezinski.

    You guys who think these guys don’t cheat in some way need your heads examined. Been involved in mod racing for 15 years and there is always something, always. Preece being one of the biggest culprits but mostly in the WMT cars with two different car owners. He was busted for weights, drive shaft and slew of other items in the past. Granted the crew and car owner should bear the brunt of punishment, the driver is not that naïve. What do ya think happened when Ted gat snagged with an under weight crank at Stafford a few years back? Nothin. just don’t bring it back. Sound familiar?

  15. Real story says

    Wrong it wasn’t a open motors with spec intakes. The issue was only on preeces car. Geoff hicks is right. It was a head issue. Preeces head was just missing somthing that every other spec engine in ct has. Some how the track convinced itself it’s legal. It’s the most blatant sk tech problem in years, but I guess it’s all good and legal now and I expect to see a rule change soon.

  16. look alike says

    Something that fails to get mentioned in all of this as well is what a joke 90% of the tech staffs are. There is about three guys that actually are knowledgeable do their own research and home work. The rest are just compare. Three heads on a table and the one that looks different is illegal.

  17. speed kills says

    real earlier post says open MOTORS ..spec HEADS..If I believe what you say (preece car had issue). then the petit engine that is in his employees/inlaw (rocco driven ) car is different than the engine in his customers (preece driven) car ?..just have a claimer rule for the engine (w/clutch),trans,rear end . if you dont allow one of those three components to be claimed then you lose all points and you pay a fine .

  18. Bunch of cry baby’s these 2 guys are just that good quit complaining and put up your money if you’re so positive they’re cheating….simple as that

  19. Just the facts says

    Just heard from a very reliable source (from the speedway) that the heads on the 31 sk had no heat risers…. They are spec heads that had the right number on them but were manufactured differently than normal. The source had no explanation why he wasn’t dq’d. The track did keep one of the heads. I don’t know if they will give it back or not.

  20. crazy larry says

    Accusing someone of cheating are pretty harsh words, i believe that one guy will read the rules one way and another ,will interpret it differently ! the same rule this is call the gray a area ,it’s that their pushing the rule to the limit !! this is done in all sports Bending the rules not breaking them, NOW when their first discovered there’s a big ??? NOW they’re cheating NO ! They’re thing outside the box it’s called racing. then they are told don’t bring it back! I’m sure tech is doing the right thing one warning only, i don’t want to see it again is said , if tech didn’t do that there would be no cars on the track. AND if you don’t like it put down that bag of chip and beverage and get off your couch and help! Thompson is a great track with a great staff. I’m sure Stafford on the look for certain things good luck to all.

  21. crazy larry says

    And i love finding that gray area rule books did it for a lot of years,A brain twister is good for the sport of racing. Keep it up boys

  22. Billy Parker says

    Wow!! I wish I had the xray vision, and psychic powers of all these self proclaimed racing “Experts” commenting here…. I wouldn’t waste my time sitting in the stands with a beer, trying to convince my friends im an expert by making comments about what I believe a racer is running, instead I would take my super powers, and head to the casino, and get very rich!!!! Well done gentlemen, you have successfully killed more brain cells or readers in this thread, than marijuana has in 60 years…. WOW!

  23. Tony Membrino says

    Just once, I just wish I could come across this site/blog and see posts and comments that actually have some neutral and intellectual basis instead of the usual banter and finger pointing that is fueled by hearsay, personal bias, deep-seeded grudges, lack of intellectual capacity, and/or the more than just occasional alcoholic beverage. Rocco and Preece are both SUPER talented drivers that have had quite the dynamic and exciting rivalry with each other over the last few years, and this site/blog/forum is an awesome interface for the CT racing community to see all of that. It’s just a shame that these kinds of discussions couldn’t be moderately intellectual ones and not get flooded with more than personal lashings that do nothing but attempt to tarnish anything that’s good about what’s involved in the situation and the place people go to discuss it…

  24. No heat riser is not out of the box. Not saying that is what issue is but if it was… Engine builder should be fined 25k an put on probation. Believe me the car owner will still take a chance at 25k but he won’t risk being suspended

  25. Well said, Tony.

  26. take it to the bank says

    The 31 of sk had no heat riser in one of his heads. Its good to be a “Nascar Next”. How could they decide thats not illegal lmao. Good job thompson.

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