Stafford Motor Speedway Officials Announce Suspension Of SK Modified Driver Chris Jones

SMS Logo 2015Friday night racing at Stafford Motor Speedway will have to wait a few weeks for NASCAR Whele All-American Series SK Modified division driver Chris Jones of New Milford.

Stafford Speedway officials announced Tuesday that Jones has been suspended for six weeks for his actions during and after the 40-lap SK Modified feature at the NAPA Spring Sizzler on Sunday.

Jones was involved in multiples incidents on the track during the event and was also involved in an altercation in the pits following the event.

Stafford officials penalized Jones for, unsportsmanlike conduct, on-track; Unsportsmanlike conduct, off-track; Actions detrimental to the sport.

Jones was placed to last (25th) in the finishing order of Sunday’s feature and suspended for the next six events and fined $250, which is payble to the Shane Hammon Foundation or the Spaudling Foundation. He was also placed on probation through Dec. 31, 2015.

Rowan Pennink of Huntingdon Valley, Pa. won Sunday’s season opening feature.

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  1. Dave Borawski says

    he has been suspended several times over the years, has he not?

  2. A Leopard never changes it’s spots… When will these tracks around here learn. I’ve seen a few guys like this allowed back to tracks recently, only to commit the exact same offense over and over after “indefinite suspensions”. Ban this guy for life and be done with it, the track will be a safer place.

  3. Somethings never change with this guy, I seem to remember he punched a police officer at the Speedbowl years ago. Just wondering how long it is until he really hurts someone.

  4. From what is written and told to me. I guess it safe to say than nothing has changed with Chris Jones. He is and always has been a real ASSet to the racing community…

  5. Youhavenoidea says

    Good he deserves it he shouldn’t be allowed to race ever again after what he did and said on sunday

  6. beserious says

    Was this driver in this kind of trouble at Stafford in the past?

  7. Shocking. Why do they keep letting this clown on the property? Is his entry fee needed that badly?

  8. Dave,
    Yes, he has. Between 1998 and 2008 he was was suspended eight times by Stafford officials, four times indefinitely. During that span he was penalized a total of 14 times for aggressive actions either on or off the track. I haven’t been able yet to catch up with the numbers since 2009.

  9. LOL, the pre-2009 numbers are quite impressive already.

  10. Bob Gadbois says

    I remember Chris Jones punching out Ted Christopher while Ted was still strapped in his car!

  11. Not defending Jones at all but how many weeks off is Bonsignore getting? He hit everything but the fried dough stand.

  12. I personally did not see what happened so I cant judge this time but I will say this about Chris Jones, he had been a real thorn on the track for years but sometimes I have to agree with his actions, he will take matters in his own hands and it is fun too watch and I believe if I drove a mod I would do something’s he has done in the past as pay backs.
    I was Also a big Fan of the Jap back in the day

  13. I saw what Jones did on the track, can anyone tell me what happened after the race?

  14. Randy Higginson says

    I remember in 06 or 07, there was an incident in an SK race, and Chris drop kicked Lloyd Agor in the face while Lloyd was still sitting in his SK.

  15. Andy Boright says

    Tom Fox should be suspended for at least a race for the call he made on Rocco on the restart. The only reason Rocco ran up into Pennink is because Preece ran into the back of Rocco. Fox really blew that call and cost Rocco a top 3 finish and likely a win.

  16. I have to say it is pretty bad when you junk a kid on the track and end up junking yourself too . Not to mention that kid is about the age of your own kids. Then you threaten to kill that same kid and beat him and his father up . Chris maybe it’s time to throw in the towel . A definite case of a 19 second car with a 20 second driver.

  17. So when Jonesy went nuts in the pits did that skinny security guy that looks like Notch Johnson come running over??? LOL, what about that Stafford cop who is always sitting in his car in the pits, haha, too funny!

  18. Bill Roberts says

    It did not break my heart when he moved from the Speedbowl to Stafford after we dealt with him for years

  19. Sharpie Fan says

    “Suspended indefinitely” usually means 2 years. Just ask Bo Gunning.

  20. Youhavenoidea says

    Bob gadbois it wasn’t ted Christopher it was Lloyd agor actually but I guess memories can get blurry lol

  21. Youhavenoidea says

    Also he isn’t to smart for what he did as it affected a lot of people and being front and center and seeing it all happen it wasn’t right at all the kid is 16 not 60 like him and I don’t care any age no ones life deserves to be threatened or saying I’m going to put u in the hospital I know he is very lucky the cop stepped in because it was real close once that happened

  22. Dear Chris,

    You might want to check out this lil’ track in the South called Bowman-Gray….

  23. Chris has been trouble for years. He is one of those guys you see in the line up and hope your car isn’t starting near him. Always a poor sport, always a “tough guy”. On a good day he takes himself out in the first 5 laps. On a bad day he takes out half the field while racing for 10th on the 6th lap. Ban him indefinitely! More money then brains.

  24. ModFan Home Tracks says

    Jones has to go. One of the best Jones moments was at a fall final when, after making contact while battling for the lead with Frank Wainright and spinning in turn 2, he turned his car around and played chicken going the wrong direction down the front stretch toward the oncoming field and ended up nose to nose with Frank right at the start finish line. Anger issues for years. Please tell him to never come back!! Stafford does not need that.

  25. Andy Boright, you should know better by now, Stafford has to protect NASCAR NEXT! The kid can do no wrong obviously…

  26. Isn’t Mike Jr a minor, I think he got off easy he should have been arrested and put in jail . Looser

  27. This is why I love this site. I noticed the 39 way out of shape or completely off the track several times, but had no idea he was doing it to himself or taking shots at a specific individual. The history above is interesting…

    Does anyone know what happened after the race?

  28. Youhavenoidea says

    He tried to fight a member of the 82 crew then threatened the driver and tried to fight the crew again in the pits

  29. Sicklajoie says

    His name should be “Morris”. He seems to have 9 lives.

  30. Thank god. He’s such a menace. Every time I see him out there I just roll my eyes cause that dude should not be driving a racecar period.

    As far as bosignore goes as soneone mentioned. Jones turned down on him which is what started the temper tantrum he had in a 2900lb wrecking ball.

    I say see ya later loser. He’s shown over the years to be completely out of control. Ive watched him stomp someone’s air cleaner in, drive like a Jack a**, cause problems after races and threaten people since I can remember. He’s not that good, he never has been, if his entry fees are what keeps him coning back then I say shame on these tracks. What’s worse is Ray Evernham was on hand for this weekend and he completely humiliated himself and Stafford. Hed fit in perfectly down at BGS. Good riddance…. at least for the next 6 weeks.

  31. I noticed NASCAR put Lee Pulliam on probation for the rest of the year for hitting Josh Berry after the race. He has done that before also.

  32. Man i rememeber the fall final in like 2005 when he came running out of the pits with two guards under caution during the tour race i believe for some reason. Guy doesnt belong in a racecar. He makes the then 2005 James Civali look not bad at all as far as temper goes and james got banned i believe am i right shawn? I dont remember. At least james matured a lot.

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