Late Model Driver Tom Fearn Suspended At Stafford Motor Speedway

Tom Fearn (Photo: Nicholas Teto)

Tom Fearn (Photo: Nicholas Teto)

Stafford Motor Speedway officials announced Tuesday that Late Model veteran Tom Fearn has been suspended from the track for the next event.

According to a release from the track, Fearn’s infractions from the May 1 Late Model feature at the track were: “Unsafe conduct, on-track; Unsportsmanlike conduct, on-track; Actions detrimental to the sport.

In addition to his suspension, Fearn was also placed to last (17th) in the recorded finishing order for the 30-lap feature.

Fearn, of East Longmeadow, was also fined $250, payable to the Shane Hammond Foundation or the Spalding Foundation through Stafford Motor Speedway.

The Late Model division’s Xtramart Xtra D 50-lap feature is schedule for Friday at Stafford Speedway.

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  1. What did he do? I was at stafford that night, must have fell asleep during that race. Don’t remember hearing any cheering or jeering after the checker????

  2. true racer says

    oh well isn’t that a shame

  3. Chris D. says

    He wrecked hard after tangling with Adam Gray on the front stretch, didn’t see anything else except he jumped in a car parked in the infield, started to strap in to go out on the track, then the officials stopped him. He must have thought Gray wrecked him purposely.

  4. Oh yeah I did see the left rear go flat from contact with Gray, didn’t see the drama after that…. Pretty cool move getting into someone else’s car, race tracks need this kinda Madhouse drama to be exciting just wish he got onto the track.

  5. Sicklajoie says

    When he confronted Gray on the track he landed a punch or two.

  6. ModFan Home Tracks says

    After Gray and Fern got together, Fern got out of his car and threw a haymaker into the window of Gray’s car. Fern wrecked himself but it is never his fault. He is just an angry little man.

  7. Tommy should fix the car this Friday and put Eddie Lofland in it,maybe get Woody to spot.Track couldn’t make enough pop corn for that feature.

  8. Chris D. says

    Why not put Keith R. in the car?

  9. Lauren – “Pretty cool move getting into someone else’s car, race tracks need this kinda Madhouse drama to be exciting just wish he got onto the track.”

    So he could do what? Intentionally wreck and put the safety of whoever he was going after and the others on track, at risk? Are you for real? You need to find a new sport. You are absolutely one of the most terrible grandstand racers I have ever seen. No driver should EVER do that and Stafford absolutely did the right thing suspending Fearn if this is what he attempted to do. ABSOLUTELY Unacceptable behavior as is your response. Go crawl back in your hole because no one shares your opinion.

  10. Then why does Bowman Gray get 10k fans a week and stafford gets 3k? Why do you think NASCAR went to a have at it policy? Not saying he shouldn’t be suspended for his actions but race fans like me, like to see the drama unfold. Why do you think the Jap, Ronnie Rocco, Mordino, Greco and so on were so popular? If they think they were wronged they would show it

  11. Lauren, I am sorry but Bowman Gray is a circus… Sure, it’s entertaining, but in my eyes, what goes on there is not what a REAL racing fan goes to a track to see.

    You want to know the truth of why BGS has 10k fans besides the ridiculousness there? Fair prices… It’s $10 for adults, $2 for kids and 6 and under free. You can take a family of 4 to BGS for $24… Stafford is $20 for adults, $5 for kids 5 and under free… The concessions are also much more fair down there. It’s the same reason Dirt Tracks across this country are packed. Dirt tracks don’t have regular circus side shows like BGS has and pull capacity crowds on a regular basis. Affordable Entertainment is what it all comes down to.

    Last year, Terry Eames dropped the Waterford Speedbowl price from $18 to $12 for a NETS truck event in May that also had a full card of SK, LM, SS, Mini, SKL and Legends as well… The result? A packed grandstand… The next week back to $18, and the place was maybe half capacity at best. Trust me, NETS doesn’t have that good of a draw. They are fun to watch, but I have been around long enough to have seen their trends in attendance and how them being on a racing card effects or doesn’t effect attendance.

    Put all these tracks here in CT at $12 for adults, 9-15 $4 and 8 and under free and watch them sell out every single week. The tracks would charge less up front but because it’;s more affordable, more would come and they would make out better in the long run. It’s a risk, but a viable risk. I issue this as a challenge to Josh Vanada, Shawn Monahan and Jack Arute. Try it for a couple weeks and watch your stands fill up along with your pockets. Overall attendance will go up if its more affordable for a family to come to an event and in the end you will make more money. I know my own family would come more often. They have attended a total of 4 races in the past 3 years because it’s “too expensive”.

    Additionally, BGS charges $5 for adults for Modified Tour events and $8 and $12 for the individual K&N Pro series events. So why do we pay upwards of $50 for one day events other than greed? I would seriously like to know this.

    I’ll step off my soap box, but those are all facts. Don’t believe me? Take a trip out to Lebanon Valley one weekend and see for yourself. $10 for adults, $2 for kids, PACKED grandstand… Good luck finding a seat! Affordable Entertainment… Remember that.

  12. I guess I should have said Mark rather than Jack Arute. My mistake.

  13. Dingus, I totally agree with you on the prices…. That is another reason why the low crowd count.

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