New London-Waterford Speedbowl Issues Penalties From Saturday Competition

New London Waterford Speedbowl LogoNew London-Waterford Speedbowl management announced multiple penalties Tuesday stemming from their NASCAR Whelen All-American Series event on May 9.

Rob Janovic Jr. was removed from his second place finish in the 35-lap SK Modified feature for use of an unapproved tire in competition.

According to a release from the track, Janovic used a tire Saturday that was not in the team’s registered inventory for the tire. It was a left rear tire purchased in 2014 and last used in competition on Oct. 5, 2014.

According to the release from the track, the 2015 tire inventory rules state: “It is the team’s responsibility to register tires each week prior to qualifying” and “Any tire you have on the car during qualifying or feature events must be a registered Inventory tire.”

The release stated: “Any use(s) of an unapproved tire during any single lap of green flag on-track competition will result in a One (1) lap penalty per unapproved tire. In addition the team will forfeit any unapproved tires that were used in competition to [New London-Waterford Speedbowl] officials for the totality of the 2015 NLWS racing season.”

Janovic was penalized one lap from the event, dropping him from a second place finish to a 13th place finish in the event.

Jordan Hadley, who finished third in the 25-lap Mini Stock feature, was disqualified by the track for use of an illegally altered exhaust manifold.

SK Modified driver Jeffrey Gallup was disqualified from Saturday’s feature for: “Purposeful (and negligent) contact with another race car under caution.”

Limited Sportsman division driver Brandon Fisher was penalized for blocking during Saturday’s event and will be required to start at the rear of the field of his next event at the track.

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  1. Racedayct fan says

    That ought to really set off doug dipiza. I guess the world really is against him. Life is so hard and unfair.

  2. Teddy123 says

    Doug, do you still greatly respect scott tapley?? Guess the tire was an honest mistake unlike your cheated up intake. Looks like only real cheaters get thrown out for the night.

  3. Doug DiPisa says

    Lol. Set me off. Why ? I’m not running for points. I just want to see this more often. Cause the more dq’s happen, the better off the track will be.

    Life unfair ? Who says that ?
    My life is perfect. Family, Hot a$$ girl, my kids, good friends, and a good job. What mor can you ask for.

    You guys must really like me to add me to this post. Ty.

    Remember, I love you

  4. IMO the article reads to me that the SK tire inventory rules must have published somewhere. If that is what was in writing and the info made available to all the teams prior to opening day than no one should have any issues with the penalty assessed the 51 team including Doug. Now if this is some new rule that was just written, well than that’s definitely another story.

  5. The track made the right call on the tire whether Doug agrees or not. The tire was an old used tire and had no real performance advantage unlike an intake or other item might. The penalty still shows that there is zero tolerance for anything, but isn’t too harsh.

  6. Doug DiPisa says

    What does weather Doug agrees or not mean? I’m happy the track is doing this 100%. No matter who it is. As for this so called intake issue you guys keep bringing up it really showed a difference this weekend huh ?

  7. Andy Da Woodchuck says

    Zero Tolerance? Ha! what about when Jeff Rocco was suppose to be DQ on opening weekend for illegal distributor spring.. Then it got overturned the next day by…Scott Tapley. Hmm interesting and the reasoning was “the paint burnt off the spring”. Seriously. A distributor doesn’t get that hot.

  8. Jeff Williams says


    I have zero tolerance for bad information. Jeff Rocco didn’t even race opening weekend. Check the results of you forgot. Before you get all excited, zero tolerance is a very subjective term and it is making sure that all evidence is proven to the greatest degree. I believe Scott is a fair director and have dealt with him directly on many occasions and even got my point across to him in a civilized manner. If we all think there is zero tolerance in racing, we are living a fantasy world. Careful for calling out specifics from your very high soap box.


  9. Jeff;

    The Speedbowl’s website shows Jeff Rocco finishing third in the LM race opening day and that is the race I believe Andy Woodchuck is referring to. I do not think there is a distributor spring rule in the SK’s but I could be wrong.

  10. Ryan Gilbert says

    Hey rules are rules, The tire rule is stated and printed,kind of cut and dry. I have never seen the printed version of the “it looks different rule”…. They even stated on Hadleys DQ was for the “use of an illegally altered exhaust manifold” Correct me if I am wrong but I have not heard or seen it stated that was the issue with the 13? Here nor there old news, move forward just as that bad ass 13 does on the track!

  11. Just wondering where are the tire rules are printed and/or posted? I took a look at the Speedbowl’s website where the SK rules are found and all I found was 2.9.7 and it states is “See tire rules as posted by track”.

  12. Tire rules are in “Tire Schedule” tab to the right of the “Track Rules” If you don’t see that tab, hit F5 or refresh to clear your cache.

  13. Webguy, I must be missing the part where it states the penalty for using a tire that is not in your registered inventory?

  14. Youhavenoidea says

    It says must be in inventory therefore if it isn’t it isn’t allowed and common sense says dq. Just like the engine rules it doesn’t state a penalty it just says it must be something

  15. The point I was trying to nail home is the lack of consistency in the penalties given to people that were found in violation of the rules. Point in case: both recent engine related issues (intake manifolds) were given a complete DQ penalty with no points or money won, and also the Street Stock with the fuel issue (some left over pump gas in the fuel cell from pre-season start up) a pretty common occurrence at the beginning of the season was awarded no money or points won. So why is the car with the tire issue given a penalty of being one lap down and allowed to keep their points and money for a 13th place finish. I am not affiliated with any of the teams in question but rather an outsider considering returning to the Speedbowl. I applaud tough enforcement of the rules but most importantly consistency. I’m fairly sure the tire issue was just a mistake on the teams part as I can not ever remember the #51 being disqualified for anything before. But you never know, was the tire checked with a durometer or chemical sniffer? Bottom line is a rule was broken and it appears they may be getting special treatment since they were only put one lap down instead of a complete DQ. I was hoping with new management the previous issues of inconsistency were going to be a thing of the past but so far I am not so sure.

  16. CORRECTION; it was a SK light that had the fuel issue. I forgot that Galvin moved up this year from a Street Stock.

  17. Just viewed the latest Sid’s View highlight video from May 16th. Its great to be able to see a recap when I can’t make it to the track. It will be interesting to see it there will be any penalties following the physical altercation between the two mini stock drivers Glen Thomas in the #53 and Ray Christian in the #93. Kind of reminds of the Mad House or whatever the name was of the tv show from Bowman Gray. Link to the video is below, the incident occurs around the 2:43 mark and continues from there.

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