RaceDayCT To Cover Tri-Track Open Modified Series Event At Lee USA Speedway

Tri-Track LogoAs had been planned originally, RaceDayCT will be at Lee USA Speedway on Sunday May 17 to cover the Tri-Track Open Modified Series Bullring Bash 100.

After first denying RaceDayCT a working media credential, Tri-Track Open Modified Series management agreed Tuesday morning to grant the website a working media credential to cover the event.

The issue at hand was never about “purchasing” a ticket to the event, as many have wondered. The issue at hand involved the agreement that is what a working media credential stands for.

Being credentialed is essentially an agreement between the media outlet being granted the credential and the entity being covered that the media outlet is there to do a job professionally and that those being covered know, understand and accept that.

The moment that media outlet gains entry to the event as a “ticket buying customer” they’re giving up that status as a professional media outlet and giving up on the ethical standards of journalism that credential sets forward.

On Monday, Tri-Track Series officials released a statement stating essentially that the issue involving the granting of any credential involved the financial operating issues of the series that arise from offering “passes” into the track. That issue had not been stated to RaceDayCT before the initial denial of a working media credential. “Limited space” at the track had originally been cited as the reason for denial of a working media credential to RaceDayCT.

In working to foster an agreement between the website and series management – after the Tri-Track Series management released their statement Monday concerning the financial hardships of the series involving “passes” – RaceDayCT offered to make a donation to the event purse. That offer of a donation to the event purse was accepted by series management and subsequently series management agreed to issue a working press credential for the website for Sunday’s event.

RaceDayCT would like to thank series founders Dick Williams and Jim Schaefer for their efforts in cooperating to help repair the situation.

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  1. Too much needless drama in my eyes. I understand the situation sucks, but it casts a bad shadow on both sides and most of this could have been covered out of the spotlight. I am disappointed in how this was handled on both sides.

  2. Group hug!

  3. Ryan Gilbert says

    Agree Dingus. The more coverage the better for both sides and racing. But lets just hear facts and story’s and not opinions. Race on!

  4. Bill Driscoll says

    It’s a shame that after a purse donation was made a credential was issued doesn’t seem right to me

  5. Andy Boright says

    How is buying a ticket to an event “giving up on the ethical standards of journalism” and making a donation to the purse not?

    Seems to me the higher the financial stake, the quicker ethics get tossed out the window.

  6. Andy,
    You know what, it’s really no different. You’re right. I was making an attempt to try to smooth over a bad situation for all parties. I don’t know what you mean about financial stake and ethics getting tossed out the window. I will cover the event the same way I’ve covered any other event in the past. I made a decision to play ball, and maybe rationalized that decision by making a donation rather than other option. We all know it had nothing really to do with finances. If that was the case that would have been stated initially by the public relations director. I was denied a credential because of “limited space”. That’s what I was told. I guess some of that “limited space” must have opened up. But we’ll move on accordingly and get through the weekend.

  7. Shawn,

    Do you have something against their PR director? I know you have had issues in the past, but does there come a time where you put it behind you and just move on to covering the sport and helping promote events instead of bashing him constantly?

  8. Lou,
    Where did I bash the public relations director. I’ve stated the facts of what happened. That’s it.

  9. I’m with Lou, you may have not come out and directly bashed the PR director but your first article sure dissected some of the things he is/has done.
    Secondly when I read this article, I read it as you bribed your way into a press credential. You “donated” to the purse, AKA, how about if I grease your palm a little will you let me come in.
    Third and finally, I have a hard time swallowing when you state a credential is an agreement to do your job professionally. Heck if I didn’t do my job professionally, I wouldn’t have a job. Having two articles about this instead of handling it behinds the scenes isn’t professional, it is TMZ like. What you essentially did was act like a 3 year old who did not get candy at the check out counter and started screaming until mommy got it for you. Hopefully you can leave the BS out of your coverage this weekend and do this event justice.

  10. SMH,
    Posses the courage to put your name behind your opinions and then maybe I would give them some respect. Until then you’re just another spineless keyboard cowboy, too terrified to actually stand behind your words with an identity. Have a good day.

  11. to start, im a strong supporter of racedayct.com and what shawn has done for new england racing. i believe racedayct and the backstretch (from his hartford courant days) started out as an opinion/blogging site. I guess blogging can be considered a “professional” practice (mixed feelings on that). though, it seems that racedayct is in a tough position of being an opinion blogger or news journalist. I like both parts but they seem to often clash… almost like the site should be split in half. so shawn- as i said, i like what you have done but the tri-state credential article and there was an article maybe a year ago that created a lot of controversy which i remember you naming some people who were bashing your site… is a bit tasteless. i realize this is still a fairly new venture, so i just hope you keep working at it to find a comfort zone for racedayct.com.

  12. Ryan Gilbert says

    As I always state my name, Even doing so you have censored or picked and choose what comments of mine you have let threw and based on content as they are non vulgar. I have to agree with most of them Shawn. How you handled the try track issue was very unprofessional and childish. Unfortunately I find a lot of your articles and coverage bias or opinionated. That is your right as it is your page but you really should draw a line,are you a “blogger” or are you trying to present yourself as a factual and reputable “journalist”? Just report the facts,do not leave any out. Report interesting story’s and leave out the opinions….I am very torn, there is a lot of great up to date info on Raceday CT. and some things we would never know if you did not post them. I like your surveys and little things you do too. But damn some of the articles are just too bias and opinionated and others are good and right to the point with facts so we can make our own honest opinion on the matters. The bottom line is at the end of the day I think your hearts in the right place,you love racing and are as much of a fan as we are and that being said you have strong feelings and passion for certain teams,tracks,series as we also do as fans. I get it and that’s what I keep telling myself when I get heated on some issues I have with you lol. But as a big race fan (at least 3-5 races a week),reader of your site I would offer some advice as I think it will help you and Race Day in the long run. Leave the passionate race fan in stands and out of your reporting,and the honest balanced to the point reporter in your articles. Best of luck and till the next green flag drops

  13. Shawn,

    The article you posted claiming plag was an old offense that is in the past. Do you not feel like that was unnecessary to post that? The series gave you the credential after the donation. I would think apologizing to the PR director would be right. He did not make the decision to deny you credentials, it was a decision of the series from my understanding. I have heard they denied many people.

  14. is the 100 lap tri tack race only counting green flag laps

  15. This hang up over using a screen name or a “real name” has to stop. You can’t tell a book by its cover. There are people that use an apparent real name, and they are totally clueless. And I’ve schooled many of them. Get over it. The beauty of a forum like this is that the content of the message prevails, regardless of the name or lack of a name. Once you can understand that, you can proceed and appreciate a forum such as this.

  16. But if Shawn did not take advantage of the aggrieved position and expose the pettiness, then he might not cover the Lee Tri-Track event. The plagiarism is not a trivial transgression. And that the accused was called out on it only led to more embarrassment due to the same issue that had to get dredged up again. If the accused simply granted the press credentials, none of this would have ever happened. So the accused made a bad situation worse, and then caused it to be dredged up again and given more publicity. He did it to himself.

  17. Ryan Gilbert says

    Well “Da…” You can tell yourself what ever you like and need to get threw the day or life… No name =no credibility,no conviction,no real confidence and no balls. Also “you” telling that “you have schooled” anybody also = my previous statement here….. Credibility is given and earned not self proclaimed….

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