Report: North-South Shootout Returning To Concord Speedway In November

Burt Myers celebrates his North-South Shootout victory in 2009 at Concord Speedway

Burt Myers celebrates a North-South Shootout victory at Concord Speedway

The website reported Friday that the North-South Shootout will return to its original home, Concord Speedway in Concord, N.C. in November.

The event was run from 2003 to 2010 at Concord Speedway before moving to Caraway Speedway in Sophia, N.C. for the last four years.

The event will take place Nov. 6-7.

“There’s no doubt that the history and tradition of the North-South Shootout began at Concord Speedway,” event promoter Darren Hackett told Speed51. “If you were to take the Icebreaker or the World Series events from Thompson and moved it to Stafford, even though the tracks are about 30 miles apart in Connecticut, it wouldn’t do as well. It’s because of the history. That’s what happened to the North-South Shootout and that’s why we’re excited to bring it back to Concord.”

Hackett owns Caraway Speedway. The original North-South Shootout was the brainchild of late promoter Charles Kepley.

The Tour Type Modified John Blewett III Memorial event will remain as the anchor of the show at Concord. The Pro All Stars Series Super Late Models will also be part of the racing card at the event.


  1. Crazy in NY says

    Just when you think nothing good happens in modified racing….this.
    Fantastic news, can hardly wait.

  2. Chris D. says

    OK, that’s great… But I ain’t driving from CT to NC for a mod race. Would be nice if NASCAR could schedule something like that up here, say at Thompson. Make it prestigious enough with a good purse so all the top teams show up, maybe double points for both tours. There are no big shows anymore like the old ROC race or the Thompson 300. Every race up here is the same, 125 or 150, no race is special anymore.

  3. Chris if you go you won’t regret it, they also have airplanes just saying that is one awesome track for modifieds

  4. Chris, this race has absolutely nothing to do with nascar, just an FYI

  5. Chris D., let me give you something to think about… I am from CT and I went to the Bristol Modified race a few years ago, and never missed another one. That’s one race I will not miss.

    Concord isn’t Bristol, but there are some races that are incredible, and worth it.

  6. Chris D. says

    I’m not that interested what they do in NC or TN. We have 3 tracks in CT that run modifieds. This is modified country, right here. One of these 3 tracks should step up and have a prestigious modified race with a purse that would attract cars from all over the east coast. I mentioned NASCAR because if it were a combination NORTH/SOUTH tour race then it would likely attract all the drivers from those tours. Make it double points so they can’t afford to miss it. Every race here in CT is the same, you can’t tell the difference from one race to the next. And don’t try to tell me the Spring Sizzler is big, it’s no different than any other race now. I have been watching mods since 1972, I know the difference between then and now. If you combine the NORTH and SOUTH NASCAR cars/drivers with the VMRS and the ROC tour there should easily be 50-60 cars drivers available for a big mod show. Work out the rules so these guys could all run, if NASCAR can’t do it, do it without NASCAR. Example, 300 laps at Thompson, 40 cars to start with heats that start you straight up in the feature, no inversion BS. A Non qualifiers race (winner makes the feature) and only 1 support division (maybe sk’s) so all the money goes to the mod purse. And make it a 1 day show with the the next day the rain date. Let’s show Concord what kind of show we USED to have up here in CONNECTICUT. I’d gladly trade 3 of these 125’s/150’s for 1 250 or 300 lapper that really MEANT SOMETHING!!!

  7. A Thompson 300 with all the tire they want would be awesome.

    But give Bristol a try. The Modifieds on that track are awesome.

  8. Sounds like a great time to add a North South Vintage Modified Event

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