Sources: Adam Gray To Be Disqualified From Stafford Motor Speedway Late Model Win

SMS Logo 2015Multiple sources have confirmed to RaceDayCT that reigning Stafford Motor Speedway Late Model champion Adam Gray will be disqualified from his victory in the 30-lap feature for the division Friday night.

Sources have confirmed that Gray was found in postrace tech inspection to have a driveshaft that did not meet the diameter requirements of the Stafford Speedway rulebook.

Stafford Speedway typically does not announce disqualifications or event penalties until the Monday or Tuesday after an event.

Tom Fox, director of racing operations and competition at Stafford Speedway would not comment on the situation Saturday morning.

Gray has won the last two Late Model championships at Stafford. He finished second in the first three events this season before Friday night’s win.

Josh Wood of Palmer, Mass., who finished second Friday, will be awarded the victory.

Tom Butler of Stafford will be moved to a second place finish and Michael Bennett of Stafford to a third place.

Wood also won on the track’s opening Friday night of the season on May 1. Bennett has won the other two Late Model division events this year.

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  1. Chris D. says

    Only 11 cars started the feature, one of them is a start and park (the #2), so only 2 more late models compared to the speedbowl’s 8 last week.

  2. Sicklajoie says

    So is this driveshaft the “kitchen sink” that Adam was referring to in victory lane?

  3. Andy Boright says

    What has happened to the Stafford Late Model division? That was an awful turnout last night. Makes no sense for a race track to run two heats for a 12 car division and a 30 lap feature. When the car counts are that poor management needs to be proactive, the fact that they are down to 12 cars means they aren’t.

    A division that small shouldn’t run more than 15 laps for a feature event. This division has issues to deal with that are bigger than driveshafts.

  4. I agree that this late model division is lame, there are probably 100 act legal cars within two states of ct and stafford is too stupid to run them… Best thing they could do is open the rules to act.
    Next week would be sweet!!!

  5. Any news on the tri track practice today?

  6. IMO I think its about time Stafford moves the LM’s to the ACT format like the Speedbowl and Thompson have done. I believe the current LM chassis’ could be used in the Limited LM class so they would not go to waste. I would also suggest Stafford allow any drivers currently in the LM division to step down if they did not want to go to the ACT chassis LM’s. I would think it would be beneficial for all 3 tracks in CT to be on the same page with the rules like they used be back in the old Tri-track Series days in the 1980’s.

  7. I agree that the ACT rules format for all 3 Ct. tracks would benefit everyone. With a field of 8 cars at the bowl a week ago and 12 last night at Stafford the time has come for standard rules. The Late Models are a great but expensive class that could improve car counts at all 3 tracks if owners could race everywhere with only a gear change.

  8. Is run Stafford with my tour late.

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