Ted Christopher, Josh Galvin Disqualified From Podium Finishes At New London Waterford Speedbowl

New London Waterford Speedbowl LogoAt times during Saturday’s 35-lap NASCAR Whelen All-American Series SK Modified feature at the New London-Waterford Speedbowl, Ted Christopher looked like he had the car to take on Keith Rocco at the front of the field.

Christopher, of Plainville, was unable to beat Rocco on the track though and later his car was unable to beat post race tech inspection.

New London-Waterford Speedbowl management confirmed Saturday that Christopher was disqualified from his second place finish in Saturday’s SK Modified feature.

Christopher’s Prestige Motorsports owned ride was found with an illegal intake following the event.

The change moved Rob Janovic Jr. of Waterford to a second place finish and Craig Lutz of Miller Place, N.Y. to third.

In the 25-lap SK Light Modified feature, Josh Galvin of Franklin raced to a third place finish in his division, but that finished was stripped away after Galvin’s car was found with illegal fuel in post race inspection.

Rick Williams of Haddam was moved to a third place finish in the event.

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  1. El Rushbo says

    It troubles me to think that a team so rich in weekly racing history would stoop to a level of disregard for the rules as outlined above. While it is well known that the Prestige Motorsports squad has come across tough times at the track as of late (16 years since a feature win), oh…. The days of watching a young Chuck Docherty rip through the tight turns of our beloved Riverside Park with that immaculate green and white #13, all the while being regarded as the cleanest of racers and the most professional of teams (at least among teams that ran a metric framed pick up truck) to win after feature win…. But I digress, this latest attempt to boldly go around a simple rule that’s been in place since Moses was in diapers, not the brightest move.

    To think that the possibility exists that this extremely hogged out, acid dipped hand rubbed aluminum intake could perhaps have been on that same pick up noted above has crushed my spirit and soiled the memories I have of that fantastic showplace in Agawam, MA.

    Perhaps the best thing this team could do would be to save the intake, drop a 427 big block under it and run full time on the NEAR tour with Mr. Christopher. With a pre determined winner each race and no tech what so ever, this bunch could possibly legally snatch up a long deserved feature win before heading off into the sunset.

  2. El Rushbo, you are enjoyable. Well stated and appreciated. So, I’m wondering why TC was so animated when exiting his car at the podium. Silly man. Long night of racing, but glad to have gone. They are noticeably working on improvements to the facility. We will go back again.

  3. Oh Teddy Teddy Teddy Watch the crew a little closer

  4. You all must be Rocco fans…he NEVER cheats. (Said with SEVERE sarcasm)

  5. Doug DiPisa says

    Son stick to your arm chair quarterbacking. You sure sound good at it, maybe Shawn here can let you freelance for him

    Getting DQ’ed for the night on something that didn’t look like everyone else’s. A retail chain store bought cast part in which no 2 are alike. Not one tool was used to check, just given the reason that it didn’t look like the others in which all were different.

    On to next week !!

    Oh, if your in the stands watching and want to make it into the pits, come say hi, I’ll even pay your way in.

  6. Which engine builder does Prestige use?

  7. Really Doug, I don’t think that if you disagree with the decision this intake would be on its way to NASCAR for further review.

  8. El Rushbo says

    Friend, you could have shoved an entire bag of granny smith apples through those intake runners and not peeled the skin on a single one of em! That intake was the farthest thing in the world from a stock cast part, it was smoother than the top of your head!

  9. 450mike says

    Ted Christopher does not cheat.This illegal intake issue is far from over.You can let the seawater/acid chew on your intake until the cows come home and still not get a second place finish.Ted is a no holds barred racer.It is an honor to have him as a Speedbowl regular.

  10. Illegal gas? Seriously thats it? A little more info would be great, like was he just running race fuel and a little pump gas? Or full blown cheating like uranium laced unicorn pee?

  11. Well, if no tool was needed and it looked different to the eye, it must have been very different.

    You’ll be surprised… today’s casting technology is quite repeatable with tight tolerances. No matter how many times it is said otherwise. And it would be far easier and less expensive to just buy a few of those off-the-shelf retail chain store bought cast parts to find the best one, instead of investing all that time and effort to rework one. LOL!!!

  12. Doug DiPisa says

    That’s too bad because I have a full head of hair.

  13. Ryan Gilbert says

    “Looks different” sounds like a BS power trip call….They were getting worried because they know TC is going to rock “kid rocs” world with that bad ass car and Teddy looked like old Teddy and was great seeing that pissed off car on a mission and I can guarantee Rocco was a bit nervous he had pisst off TC behind him after he shoved him in the wall, It sucks it happened but its “bowl racing” and sure it was dirty but he knew that was the only way to make sure TC would not beat him. Next week chances are he probably will be on the other end of it thats just the bowl and why we love it. But this political BS calls, is like this BS reporting here in its opinionated story’s…. I feel like its CNN with all its blind,one sided agenda obama supporters…

  14. Doug DiPisa says

    Come on guys. Ball’s it up and put your real names.

  15. Figures the only car that could have beat Rocco last night got dq’d. So for next week will TC have a better starting position than Rocco?

  16. Ryan Gilbert says

    lol I did brother, Thats the problem today every one can hide behind a damn screen. No worries let em bitch and cry. Prove them all wrong on the asphalt. I for one was happy with the way you guys looked and Teddys driving,Very excited for the rest of the season!

  17. Buford T Pusser says

    Damn, tech inspector St Elsewhere is a gunslinger! Two dq’s and an almost in two events between Thompson and the bowl. There’s a new sheriff in town!

  18. Doug DiPisa says

    Bowl made a call and I’m cool with it. Rocco’s out of the handicap for a couple of weeks. Kudos to Scott Tapley.

  19. speed kills says

    I guess shawn wants to go to the NASCAR banquet as bad as Terry did !!!! LOL… same tech crew saw a head(s) that looked different at Thompson and no DQ there .more politics.. give rocco the championships now.. its a disgrace he will pass rondeau who earned his wins fair and square ..seeknonk from now on sat night and stafford friday ..Tapley is incompetent…PS Rocco has done the same to yuhas,chadwick,janivick and others .. that wont fly..

  20. Calm down speed kills, Rocco will be missing three Saturday nights so no championship for him this year.

  21. Chris D. says

    Rocco will win every heat race for points and every feature unless he breaks…he’ll still be da champ, not enough competition at the bowl.

  22. justafan says

    Im just a spectater so I do not know even know the rules or really what the part in question is,but from what I read it sounds like a VERY questionable and minor call. Being a store bought pre-made piece and if there is no actual list on record of approved store bough parts I don’t see how they DQ a car because it looks different? New crew,New this New that, just tell the team hey that part don’t look right change it for next week and put it on the documented do not use list. Done If it was an actual illegal intake then sure yea a DQ is approppiate,but it really sounds ro me like its just a silly little piece that comes in various designs of appearance and I SERIOUSLY doubt is a major performance gain. Sure sounds like uh oh prince keith might not win better nip this in the bud. Curious did Keiths hood even come off or was ok 4 tires round and black good to go….lol Go get em team 13 you got the car and the driver for the job.

    Again if it was blatant cheating then ok,but im just not seing this a big deal. I know one thing that 88 was on a rail car would go anywhere he put it so I find it funny that the 1 time there was a threat on the outside the tires got greasy and the car washed up? More like driver said uh oh and took care of the threat

  23. pitgatelady says

    WHEN did TC win an SK feature last at Waterford ? Hmm

  24. justafan, read the report again. Here’s a quote from this very report, just above:

    “Christopher’s Prestige Motorsports owned ride was found with an illegal intake following the event.”

    That’s the part. And it is obvious, without the need for a tool of any kind, just eyeballs, to see when one has been modified.

  25. speed kills says

    hey rich bet on rocco winning both titles regard;less if he misses TWO races .. its a joke …car counts a joke ..tech a joke .promotor GM a joke…

  26. Chris D. says

    I wouldn’t worry too much about TC pitgatelady…he won a VMRS race at the bowl last year (slightly tougher competition than the Bowl’s elite SK division), and his 9th(yes 9th) SK championship at Stafford where the competition makes the Bowl’s SK’s look like an enduro class.

  27. Rafter fan says

    Does Prestige/TC use a spec SK motor, or an “open” SK motor?

  28. Again GREAT calls by the empty no BALLS race inspector! He was right to penalize everyone ALL NIGHT yet EVERYONE saw Rocco wall teddy ACCEPT the empty suit race director hum…… someone call a plumber.

  29. Place has been open one week and everyone and everything is a joke already?

  30. Tedy has never walled anybody lmao

  31. Galvin had small amount of pump gas in tank from Fridays practice. Silly mistake

  32. Youhavenoidea says

    First off tc uses a spec motor second in no defense to tapley but he did take Keith’s handicap away for 2 weeks as a penalty and also the whole galvin fuel thing ur pump gas comment makes no sense they are supposed to use pump gas in them it’s all a color thing with race fuel and also the blend if its not sunoco it’s a no go so who knows, sucks to be dq for dumb things but it happens

  33. Youhavenoidea says

    Also usually in racing the pace car is the only legal car on the track the other people just know how to hide it better lol even wendall dailey prob does it lol we know that the roc does just too smart to get caught kudos to him

  34. They took Rocco’s handicap away for two weeks? Where was this info found? It would be cool if ALL penalties no matter how minimal were posted for us fans to see. It sure would help us understand why someone is not in attendance or starting where we think they should be. Maybe the Bowls new website could institute a “penalty box” like some of the other tracks do.

  35. Grey Matter says

    Cheating… huh. Who woulda thought. Ya know, if you pulled parts off most of those cars down there, you would find more than anyone ever thought of. Doesn’t matter what division.

    This view of Ted being a “hardcore racer” is just laughable. No self respecting racer walks on his toes and he blew his chance to go big years ago so he’s riding on the coat tails of what could have been. Sorry folks but Ted is fast because he knows the tracks well, he knows how to put people in the fence and he has good equipment which he’s not afraid to use up.

  36. JustaFella says

    Grey Matter , you make no Cents $ . You have no idea , where do you get your facts from ?

  37. Steady Eddie Fan says


  38. Dont worry Doug, Its all my fault…you should hire Bill to drive next week…he wont let Rocco push him around!

  39. Chris D. says

    A championship is won or lost throughout the whole season not by one position in one race. Now, at the Bowl, heat races will also be a factor in the championships. Anyway, why would Rocco let Teddy pass him? How do you know this? Funny how some people blab about something without stating something factual to back it up. I guess if what Steady Eddie Fan says is true, Teddy is more popular among his competitors than Preece…How can that be if Teddy puts so many guys in the wall?

  40. Pump gas is 93,
    skl fuel is 98…. my comment made a ton of sense bud

  41. Rafter fan says

    The SK spec motor rules say “a second generation Edelbrock #7101 intake manifold must be used. There are no modifications or alterations permitted to the intake manifold.” So, I gather Prestige purchased an Edelbrock #7101, but modified it in some fashion??

  42. Youhavenoidea says

    I get pretty good facts from a source very reliable and as for teddy blowing it down south I’m kinda sure that he did race everything there is in nascar and is known for that even nascar says it

  43. Sect.D Row25 says

    Chris D, That Title was a gift and was won in one race. I pointed this out on April 16 in the ” you make the call, sk championship article”. How do we know? We watched it that’s how. No question Rocco let TC by then got real wide to hold off Dowling and another one from getting to Ted. It is what it is. Stick to bullying 19 year olds that make mistakes that’s what your’e good at.

  44. Sect.D Row25… No title is ever “won in one race” That is the most ridiculous statement ever made in the history of the world…

  45. Grey Matter says

    @JustaFella- I’ve been involved in NASCAR for over 15 years. Spend that amount of time in the pits and in tech at the end of the night, you tend to learn a few things. Maybe Bill should drive the car this week, he won’t be such a non…. I’m sure TC knows what a non is, right Ted?

  46. Chris D. says

    OK Sect. D, I stopped laughing now, so since you are a mind reader and can read Rocco’s mind, WHY WOULD ROCCO LET TEDDY BY? Could it be that he likes Teddy better than PREECE? How can ANYONE like Teddy, when all he does is put people in the wall I thought? Also, since YOU brought it up, TB didn’t forget to do his homework, or forget to take out the garbage, HE BROKE THE LAW! “It is what it is” DEAL WITH IT, HE F’D UP, NOW HE’S GONE!!!

  47. Chris D, Rocco was taught by TC. Rocco worked with him and learned from him from a very young age. I also have no doubt Rocco let TC get the spot he needed to win the championship in that race as a payback and a smack in the face to NASCAR Next. That said, TC put himself in that position by running strong all year hence my earlier comment.

  48. Youhavenoidea says

    Grey u def are a non

  49. Sect.D Row25 says

    Dingus, You have a valid point that of course I am aware of. I guess the statement reads more literal than I meant. You have a nice points battle between two perennial powerhouses who got there with great seasons, close to a tie going in to the final race. I do not recall the exact amount of difference between them so I will say close to a tie. If the final race played out, I have to choose my words carefully here, lets say unmolested then you have a Champion who truly earned the title on their merits. When it comes down to one race between two competitors and one is given the points to eclipse the other then to me that championship was won in that one race. All that being said what happened doesn’t upset me in any way. what the hell do I care. That’s racing.

  50. Chris D. says

    And I will admit you could be right…I too am aware of the Rocco’s relationship with TC. But to state it as fact is a little much, especially when Keith and Ted have had numerous on track incidents including sat at the bowl. Ted and Ronnie Rocco hate each other as was evidenced after the feature sat nite if you saw what happened in the tech area. It comes across as childish Teddy bashing. You want to say he didn’t deserve the 9th title, fine, he has 8 other ones. I have been watching modifieds for over 40 years, I’m starting to catch on to how things go. If you read MY posts carefully, I do not bash any driver for what they do on the track. I never once said Keith or anyone else cheats because how would I know that for a fact? The only ones that know are him, his crew, and the officials. None of the drivers are perfect, I know that. I want to see good competition… stafford has it, Waterford and Thompson do not. I would be a lot prouder of a title at stafford than I would be at the bowl. That was my original point.

  51. Does the Rocco/TC connection include TC’s use of #13 (same as Ronnie Rocco, I believe)??

  52. Rafter Fan,
    Ted Christopher has always said the use of the No. 13 comes from the fact that the first go-kart he and his brother purchased to race with was already numbered 13 and that just always remained.

  53. Shawn –


  54. It’s so easy to bash someone from behind a keyboard . I would like to see punks like grey matter go up to teddy and tell home he is a non . What about it Grey matter ? That’s ok I can answer for you … NOT ! Or as you say NON .. Reminds me of the time years ago this guy was all up in teds face at SMS . It took Ted longer to walk out to the parking lot then it did to put that guy to sleep . He’s mellowed through the years but you can take him grey I am sure of it …NOT!

  55. Grey Matter says

    I have no issues saying what is on my mind to his face and as far as Ted goes, not even on his best day. I would be more concerned about dealing with the Membrinos in the same sort of way.

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