Tri-Track Open Modified Series To Fold After 2015 Racing Season

Tri-Track LogoIn a surprise announcement Sunday, Tri-Track Open Modified Series organizer Jim Schaefer announced the series would not return in 2016.

The Tri-Track Series is set to kick off its 2015 schedule at Lee USA Speedway in Lee, N.H. on May 17.

The series, which began in 2014, was the brainchild of Schaefer, a longtime Modified racing fan, and longtime racing promoter Dick Williams.

In a posting on Facebook Schaefer wrote:

“So, here it is…… It’s been fun… a lot of fun… I’ve put my heart and my dollars into racing. But I’m done…. the fun is gone. …. I’ve listened to people gripe and whine, and I just realized, this is not what I want. So after talking to Dick Williams, we have decided that this indeed, will be the final year of the Tri Track Open Series. So if you ‘d like to see us go out on a positive note, come out to our races this season. We’ve worked hard to get over 50 cars registered, and are proud of what we are doing. But this is supposed to be fun, and it’s not any more. So we’re gonna have some fun spending our money this season and giving back to the racers… and then we’re done.. So, come out and support the Tri Track races .. our farewell tour!!! Time for me to look for a new venture in life.”

The series is set to run four events this year. In addition to the kickoff next week at Lee, the series will run events at Monadnock Speedway in Winchester, N.H. (June 13) Seekonk (Mass.) Speedway (July 1) and the New London-Waterford Speedbowl (Sept. 13).

Series organizers are also expected to oversee an Open Modified show at the New London-Waterford Speedbowl on Oct. 24.

The Tri-Track Series debuted in 2014 with events at Lee, Seekonk and Star Speedway in Epping, N.H.

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  2. Sure sounds like someone got up on the wrong side of the bed. There will probably be a retraction once the smoke clears.

  3. Mike Ray says

    Wow, Sorry when I heard this;work hard,have fun!

  4. The writing was on the wall. Didn’t he threaten to shut it down last year? The website is never updated. Waterfords date hasn’t even been announced. No one knows what the event in October is going to be. I didn’t go to any of the events, but I heard the racing wasn’t as good as it was hyped up to be.

  5. true racer says

    Waterford dates are announced .. sept 17 and oct 23

  6. Andy Boright says

    The racing wasn’t as good as it was hyped up to be, and the promotion definitely lacked professionalism. I think part of the reason this was put together was so some people could get a pat on the back.

    When a series promotion is centered around Facebook, you know it isn’t long for this world.

  7. I hope after the first show they change their mind. Seems to me this is the best paying series around

  8. Chris D. says

    What rock did BC crawl out from under? BC, you appear to need proffesional help, I sincerely hope you get some.

  9. seekonk fan says

    Well we really didn’t need another series anyway. Simple, go to your local track on Friday and Saturday nights and have a good time. If the local tracks start having to turn cars away, then maybe it’s time for a new series. The granite state pro stock series was started because “there was to many pro stocks sitting in garages”, well that’s where there staying, because they average about a dozen or so cars per race. Doubt they will be back next year.

  10. old observer says

    Note: the following comments are directed to the above negative comments.
    WTF!!! Instead of name calling & erroneous statements, why don’t you offer some help or guidance in a professional manner. They started this series as an alternative to Tour racing, offering an opportunity for everyone to get together and have some fun racing with different racers I thought the fans enjoyed the races last year.
    Jim wasn’t going to do the series this year but with encouragement from several people, they agreed on another year. He puts a lot of time & $$$ into racing as he is a big fan. He has help raise money for the racers at Riverhead for years.
    Promotion on Facebook is not a bad thing as I have several friends with a small business & they say they get a lot of business from Facebook. Besides young people live by Facebook & their phones & we should try to entice as many new people to racing as possible. No I don’t have a Facebook account but my kids & friends do.
    Yes, the Website could be better but it is not the worst out there.
    The important thing is to support the races while we have them and enjoy yourself. You never know what the future may bring.
    See you at the races.

  11. Eric David says

    Several comments on here 100% reflect what is wrong with the world today. everyone thinks they have all the answers, everyone needs to make themselves look better than the next guy, but nobody wants to help solve any problems pr help those making an effort to make things better.

  12. Correct me if I’m wrong, but didn’t

    Correct me if I’m wrong but didn’t Jim say the same thing last year after a low turn out by WMT teams? This is one of the biggest reasons the major WMT teams pass on these events, they are here today gone tomorrow . WMT owners spend 100’s of thousands of dollars to win NASCAR trophies and get in the NASCAR record book (well over60 years worth)

  13. Chris D. says

    I went to Lee for the race last year…it was OK, but a lot of cars got wrecked. That race was on Mother’s Day, the Seekonk race was a Wednesday, tough days for some fans and crews to go to the races. Having all the races at bull rings probably made it unattractive for big dollar teams, too easy to get wrecked.

  14. Eric David,
    You make a very good point. But with all due respect, how is one supposed to help solve the problems? Racers, race teams, and fans are hardly the problem. They constantly feel as if their thoughts are not heard. Owners and promoters of tracks and series are typically very close minded and we see many of them make decisions that show little or no knowledge of what fan’s and racer’s wants and needs are. “You cant help somebody who cant help themselves” is a frequent thought that passes people’s minds so they decide to bitch about it via social media.
    I’m not saying this is the case with the Tri-Track Series. But the people in charge of the series must have realized that it was going to be a tough road. That is, trying to promote a new series that is extremely similar to 3 other established local series’ that consists of $60,000 racecars.

  15. more tours = more problems for short track racing. Support your local track!

  16. I attended two of the three races last year and thought the race at Lee was very good. The event at Seekonk was just that, an EVENT.
    I have not seen a modified race with that much excitement from the heats to the feature in many years.
    Yes the race was on a Wednesday but that didn’t stop the place from being packed.
    The tri track series is the best thing to happen to modified racing in a long time.
    What you all seem to forget is Jim and the Racing Guys do this out of their own pockets. Spending countless hours trying to promote these races.
    This is not another modified series this is a series of races that pays very well.
    My suggestion is to go to has many of these races as you can.
    Thank you Jim for all you have done.

  17. Jim,

    Thanks for trying.

  18. Folks-take a look in the mirror and realize that, in a nutshell, you are a major part in what is wrong with racing nowadays. This series was created with the racers and fans in mind-you have 4 of the highest paying Modified races of the year (including all touring series), what’s looking like the highest car counts of the year (touring series included), probably the best collection of talent from all series in one place-all put together by a few select men on their own time, out of their own pocket. These guys have singlehandedly done as much, if not more, for the fans and race teams over the last how many years than any big buck PR firm or Series has for it’s competitors. I don’t recall any of the negative posters on here going out in their free time, on their dollar, trying to drum up support for the racers in the form of lap money, sponsorship, bonuses, etc. Yet we are on here criticizing these hard working guys saying “the racing’s not good”, “they’re just looking for a pat on the back”-seriously? I guess you can all look in the mirror next year and give yourselves a round of applause when we have lost 4 races that pay $5-$10 k to win, and go support the ones that pay $2k (maybe) to win-that’s progress for the sport we love. A golden rule in life is to support those that support you-hopefully the real race fans and racers show up to these races and do just that, and give these guys the send off that they deserve after all of their hard work and sacrifice for the Modified family.

  19. Andy Boright says

    TH III – get a clue, the Seekonk race will be around as long as the track wants it to be. Whether the Tri-Track series is around or not will not determine the future of that race – and there is one of the problems with this “series”.

    Done for racers & fans? I don’t remember an outcry for another modified tour to be created, and it was far from the best collection of talent, which is probably why there have been so many wrecks.

  20. Fast Eddie says

    Old observer, Dennis, TH III have this CORRECT! How many pavement modified races have you been to in the last twenty years that had four heats, a consi, a B-main, and a 100 lap feature? How many of those events had a $10K to win purse? Jim and his friends love modifieds so much they’re actually HELPING racers, tracks, and fans by putting these races together with FREE LABOR and CASH FROM THEIR OWN POCKETS! To the “moaners and groaners” out there: Don’t like what you see? Then do something POSITIVE about it!!!

  21. You’re right Andy Boright-I guess I need to get a clue. You are right-before Jim, Dick, and the Racing Guys took it upon themselves, out of their own time and money, to try and create a high dollar “open show” or 2 for the fans and drivers of our beloved Modified division: 1) no one has been looking forward to a big purse race, because there were way too many of them before these guys stepped up to the plate. These mod guys make too much money as it is. 2) everyone has been thrilled with car counts in every touring series and weekly track for the full blown mods. Why would you try to entice these guys to all get together and race as a whole where it’s a struggle just to make a race? It’s much better when we have short fields anyway. 3) fans have way too many opportunities to see the champions and best of the Roc, WMT, MRS, and weekly tracks go head to head with each other-why should they want more chances with Big dollars on the line? Let’s keep them separated and on their own islands-the paying fans can’t handle any more excitement than they already have. 4) there are already too many people who take all their free time and try to wrangle up sponsorships for race teams, lap sponsorships for races, purses for B mains, etc etc. Pretty soon every modified race in the Northeast will have every lap worth $100 to lead, $1000 to win a heat race, $30,000 to win the race, and every car will have $100,000 sponsors on their quarter panels.
    Before these guys showed up on the scene, all was right in the world of modified racing. While the Seekonk race may still go on, we sure won’t miss their efforts and purses and excitement of the other 3 races that quite probably will just go away. Who needs those pesky $10,000 to win races anyway? Sorry-based on some of the comments above, I couldn’t help the tongue-in-cheek nature of this post. But I’m sure I’ll still need to get a clue, because I’m too positive of a person and haven’t been around this modified scene long enough to have a viable opinion-just 30+ years.

  22. Andy, before Tri track car counts were way down at Seekonk to the point the show was nearly finished. As far as quality, find me a race where drivers such as Les Hinckley, Kirk Alexander and Max Zachem among others didn’t make the show. You had a show with a 3 way battle between Barrett, Hirschman and Annarumo while also being able to watch to see if Mckennedy could make it back to front with fresh tires. What more could you want Andy?

  23. Fast Eddie says

    BB is absolutely right, I think they had only 19 cars in 2013. I’m sure Jim and his crew’s efforts were the major cause of the dramatic increase in entries last year. Some of the crashes are were no doubt related to unfamiliar adversaries. You have guys from WMT, VMRS, ROC, Long Island, PA, NJ, & other locals racing against each other. How much of a calculated risk will they take for $10k? I’m sure probably more than if there was only $2k!

  24. The Seekonk Open on Wednesday night has been around for almost 10yrs. While they aligned with Tri Track, they have been their own event for a while. No points, no nonsense. 10k to win a stand alone event. A great race that I hope continues for many years.

    Enough tours already though. Stafford invested in their weekly shows and look where they are at. One of the premier tracks in the land.

  25. Ted Baxter says

    If there was no outcry for another tour(or at least better paying events), then why have 50 teams paid entry fees to race in the series? When is the last time 50 teams raced in any of the series’ or in an open competition tour type modified event? The MRS and ROC Series average somewhere in the mid to upper 20’s, and the WMT has averaged between 22 and 35 over the last few years. 50 teams. 5 heats. 2 consi’s. a $12,000 B Main, and a big money purse which will only go up if we pack the place…I’d say Jim, Dick, and the guys have Modified Racing’s best interest in hand. I’m certain that if we have 3,000-5,000 fans pack the track this Sunday, there will be more events in 2016, and maybe beyond.

  26. Sharpie Fan says

    I wish someone would bring back the Modified Madness show like they used to have at Thompson!

  27. You guys say there are too many modified tours???? You maybe right but the TriTrack series is the best paying so called tour… One thing I would change is not to have points, fans don’t care and most car owners and drivers don’t care. Nothing more boring than a points chaser

  28. Andy Boright says

    I’m just as certain there will be nowhere near 3000 paid attendance in the grandstand at Lee (never mind 5000 – LOL).

    That show will be lucky to have 1500 in the grandstands.

  29. Crazy in NY says

    Andy Boright says:
    May 11, 2015 at 7:23 am
    TH III – get a clue, the Seekonk race will be around as long as the track wants it to be. Whether the Tri-Track series is around or not will not determine the future of that race – and there is one of the problems with this “series”.

    Done for racers & fans? I don’t remember an outcry for another modified tour to be created, and it was far from the best collection of talent, which is probably why there have been so many wrecks.

    This WMT snobbery is what gets me. The only Modified talent is on the Tour? Names please because a bunch of them have ventured off the reservation to test the waters elsewhere. Bobby
    Santos is talented right. He was at Oswego this past weekend on the ROC. Szegedy just won
    the MRS opener, tell him he doesn’t need to be there. For those Modified fans that think more
    isn’t better well….. you have my sympathy. A certain female who never won a consi on the MRS
    and missed a number of shows (not making the 24-26 cars starting) has found home on the WMT
    bring up the markers as they don’t send cars home anymore. I’m not picking on her but please spare me the Tour is where all the talent is. If you didn’t get charge watching MH crossing under Preece
    with 2 to go a couple of years ago at Seekonk you don’t have a pulse. You haters stay home but don’t
    forget to come on here a rip one more race you didn’t see but heard was bad. Mr Boright Clue is a board game you enjoy while typing away in your basement.

  30. Another sad problem for Open Wheel Asphalt Modifieds….I hate hearing and seeing this. I understood why many NASCAR Tour teams chose not to support these great races, though I didn’t think them correct…as I thought these were very entertaining events and helped several teams to strengthen. I don’t see this program going away…being good for our sport at all. Very frustrating!

  31. Shame on all of you uninformed,unaware and ignorant modified racing fan posers.Jim Schaefer,Dick Williams and the rest of the Modified Racing Guys are clearly the most generous,ambitious and selfless promoters ever to grace the New England Modified racing scene.Not only do they promote races that benefit racers,teams fans and tracks alike,they do it without making a dime.Last year at one race they took over 10,000.00 out of their own pockets to meet a promised purse.These true race fans have quietly supported modified drivers for years with untold cash donations.You detractors have obviously never met these men and their friends.Do us and them a favor and apologize first,then find out how you can support their grand effort.

  32. Andy Boright what is your angle? Why bash a Series that is helping modified racing?
    The Seekonk open wheel Wednesday event has been $10k to win for a few years now but the rest of the purse sucked, till the Tri Track guys started helping out.
    I take offense when I hear negative comments about these events as I personally spent my own money to sponsor laps and purchase merchandise to help the cause.
    So how about we all take a road trip to Lee Nh this weekend.

  33. Andy Boright says

    How come every press release I see about this series focuses on a couple of people who organize it? If this is really for the racers and fans, why do most of the stories seem to ignore them except to say they should support it?

    When the Thompson 300 & Oxford 250 were created we weren’t bombarded with how the promoters were the salt of the earth and all the racers and fans had a duty to attend those events.

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