Troy Talman Apologetic Over Mistaken Return To Track During Whelen Mod Tour Mr. Rooter 161 At Waterford

Troy  Talman

Troy Talman

NASCAR Whelen Modified Tour rookie contender Troy Talman was apologetic Sunday for a miscue that nearly caused disaster for the race leaders in the closing stages of Saturday’s Mr. Rooter 161 at the New London-Waterford Speedbowl.

Talman came motoring out of the turn four track reentry gate from the pit area just as the field was coming through turn four to take the green flag for a lap 155 restart.

Leaders Ryan Preece and Doug Coby had to take evasive action to avoid a wreck that would have likely set off a massive chain reaction.

Talman said Sunday that he was sorry that the incident happened.

After getting involved in a crash before that, Talman’s Boehler Racing Enterprises team was working feverishly under each caution to make repairs to the right front of their car. It meant Talman was going in and out of the makeshift pit area set up for Whelen Modified Tour races at the Speedbowl.

The “pitting” situation during Whelen Modified Tour races sends cars off the track through a turn three gate, where a faux pit road is set up in the main paddock area. Cars then return to the track through the turn four reentry gate.

A NASCAR official stands at the reentry gate, essentially working as a traffic director.

“We got involved in a wreck there and we tore the right front up pretty good,” Talman said Sunday. “So we were coming in a handful of times to try to get the nose set and everything. And at the last second [crew chief Greg Fournier] really wanted to tuck the left front in so we could make some competitive laps.

“We were just trying to get out there as fast as we could and stay on the lead lap and get back at the end of the line. I was just pulling on the track. [My spotter] was telling me ‘Go go go.’ When I turned the corner I had no time to see [the official]. He’s really in a blind spot to the drivers. I didn’t see the stop sign at all.

“At that point, I’m trying to get out there as fast as I can to stay on the lead lap. The lighting isn’t good back there or in that spot. They really need to have a better situation with that. The [official] is in a blind spot to the drivers. I couldn’t see. When you turned the corner to get on the track he was like on the track. As soon as I got on the track I was like ‘Oh [shoot]’ I just stayed up as high as I could.”

Talman was sent to the pits by NASCAR after the incident and did not return to the event. He ended up with a 21st place finish in the 33-car field.

“We’re moving on,” Talman said. “It’s in the past.”

The incident with Talman was the second time in the event when the leaders were nearly taken out by a car coming back onto the track. On lap 95 Dave Salzarula rolled out of the infield grass from turn four directly in front of the leaders causing a wreck that damaged front-runners Timmy Solomito and Donny Lia.

The off track pit area has been a source of numerous issues since the Whelen Modified Tour returned to Waterford in 2012. Last year some observers were hit on the faux pit road by driver Spencer Davis after Davis – accelerating through the area – hopped a wheel on the car of Rowan Pennink. Nobody was seriously hurt in the incident.


  1. chevelledude says

    I was there and pissed as hell at that kid. But after reading this, I can understand to a degree what he is saying. the lighting there SUCKS in that part of the track, (don’t get me wrong, I love that little track) but it is still a work in progress for the longer tour shows. Thank GOD nothing did happen

  2. speed kills says

    so the spotter messed up!! what a joke you both messed up ..its amazing how much attention this is getting on social media .. you messed up and so did the spotter. (both times as far as I am concerned) salzarulo too…get a life what’s more important is NOBODY is discussing the people that were injured in the pit bleachers…it is either being squelched down or people care more about a driver and his spotter making a huge snafu than injured spectators. The priorities are so screwed up here its pitiful…terrible all the way around I hope the injured parties are OK !!

  3. Jaun Mortime says

    A perfect response by Tallman, I’m sure he didn’t want to create that the situation that ensued.

    Counting caution laps with a faux pit road is not in the best interest of safety. Shame on NASCAR…

  4. Frankie Tree says

    She’s going to be ok . It was a unfortunate accident . The new owner had replaced 75 % of the bleachers wood in that area but due to time the carpenters didn’t get it done . I’m sure the new owner will continue with his plans of all new aluminum stands this fall and all new food stands . God Bless everyone involved .

  5. Just a thought, Nascar should bring a mobile pit gate to these events. Put some Whelen lights on it so everyone can see it.

    I love the “We’re on to Cincinnati” like quote from Talman.

  6. speed kills says

    thanks Frankie tree ! glad she will be allright !!!! so sick and tired of the back and forth social media circus about drivers and spotters..over the years perhaps thousands of times with a man on the gate cars have entered the track the same way at the bowl.. tallman is a moron as is his spotter PS.salzarulo and his spotter same… to the other spotters commenting.. you are spotting a race car at a local short track .. this isn`t dega or daytona .. get over your delusional self importance /relevance. I think your headband is too tight !!!! I guess you can tell I feel there is no need for spotters… let the track communicate with all drivers for needed issues .dump all the spotters at least for waterford or tracks under 1/2 mile.. just love listening to a scanner and hearing someone constantly keyed up saying clear…clear ..clear thru the entire heat race ..weekly feature.. laughable

  7. The wood was not the problem with the bleacher that failed . Like Frankie said above most of the wood was new . The problem that caused it was the angle iron clip that the wood sits on , it is bolted to the wood and to the steel structure and to me it looked like that bolts failed and then the wood fell . That was at least a 6 foot fall for that woman . I hope she is ok and can get back on her feet soon .

  8. jim the bleacher that failed was not replaced yet and it made a large crack sound and i turned an the woman was on the ground. I was sitting next row down in front of where the board snapped

  9. Rudy , yes the Board broke but it broke because the steel that was holding up the other side fell off . The planks are joined together with steel in case you don’t no the bleacher is longer then plank so they are joined with a steel clip of angle iron . I was there when mr Bemer had the clip in his hand and one of his employees was explaining it to him .

  10. So we got the story about the accident with the bleachers. But does anybody know what happened in the pits at the end of the tour race? Ambulance was there for a while tending to some sort of incident.

  11. Chris D. says

    This incident is disturbing when all the talk prior to the opening night was about fixing all the structural problems… stands, bathrooms, catchfense, etc. Seems to me this defect in the stands should not have been overlooked. They are lucky she didn’t crack her head open.

  12. Grey Matter says

    The only real way they are going to fix this problem with the stands is if they install aluminum bleachers similar to what Stafford has. As far as the mistakes go.. I feel the only mistake going on right now that needs to be fixed is letting cars on the track that are consistently 2-3 seconds a lap slower than the rest of the field and starting 33 cars in, what should have been, a 28 car field.

  13. That character with the headband talk about a legend in his own mind. A nobody who thinks he’s a somebody.

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