Two North East Street Stock Tour Teams Penalized For Violations at Lee USA Speedway

(Press Release from OTB Promotions)

Northeast Street Stock Tour LogoThe No. 30 [driver Charlie Beal] and 33 [driver Geoff Rollins] teams that compete in the North East Street Stock Tour have been penalized for a rules infraction discovered during post-race inspection, May 17, at Lee USA Speedway.

This infraction violates the following Section of the 2015 rule book:

55: Crate Engine and General Engine Carburetor

a) Holley two-barrel model #4412 carburetor must be used for GM crate 602 and general engine. The body, base plate, metering block, and bowl must be a standard Holley 4412 part. VDL carburetors are allowed. NO HP parts. All carburetors must pass NESST gauges.

INFRACTION: HP Parts were used.

As a result of this violation, drivers Geoff Rollins and Charles Beal have been disqualified from their finishing positions and have been placed on probation through July 1.

Lee USA Speedway

Pos (Start) Driver Hometown
1. (2) Chris Douton Waterford, CT
2. (7) Larry Barnett Moosup, CT
3. (3) Joe Arena Bristol, CT
4. (4) Jim Boyle Waterford, CT
5. (11) Patrick Tanguay Lebanon, ME
6. (12) David Brannon Lisbon, ME
7. (7) Corey Morgan Lewiston, ME
8. (9) Robbie Bodwell Sanford, ME
9. (10) Matt Morrill Moultonborough, NH
10. (13) Bryan Town Charlestown, NH
11. (6) Anthony Belfiore Haverhill, MA
DQ. (1) Geoff Rollins Groton, MA
DQ. (8) Charlie Beal Ledyard, CT

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  1. @MarcoRacin says

    A 13-car tour and amateurish press releases. Who would have thunk . . . . .

  2. I guess stretching the rulebook is not only found at the local tracks, even the touring series have issues. Has anyone beside me ever wonder what happens to the purse money from the disqualifications? I would like to think it goes into the points fund but I doubt it? I did hear the rumor that one past track owner was making the people pay their fines in checks made out to “cash” when fined for certain offenses but I really doubt that actually happened.

  3. Trying to establish a new series, low car count on its first race, a non points race at that. And you throw guys on probation? It’s like saying “Hey, we don’t need you guys.”

  4. Got to set a precedence Mitch. If you let guys get away with things from the beginning, the inmates will eventually run the asylum. Rules are rules, this wasn’t an outlaw race. They broke the rules and are being punished accordingly for it.

  5. The cash thing sounds like a Terry Eames deal.LMAO

  6. The drivers are not upset about the DQ. It was the right call and they both have said so. It is in the rules in black and white what the carb is allowed to be. The tech guys were very respectful about it and did what they are suppose to do. The month probation for a DQ is something new to me that I dont think any of the drivers knew happens with a DQ but it is what it is. Being disqualified alone is not letting the drivers get away with anything.

  7. That division so far is a flop. Boring race, no cars.

  8. I wish these inspectors teched sk mods because we have the same rules but everyone has a VDL

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