Wreckers To Checkers: Joey Ferrigno Wins SK Light Modified Feature At Stafford

Joey Ferrigno

Joey Ferrigno

STAFFORD – NAPA Spring Sizzler opening weekend at Stafford Motor Speedway proved to be nothing to celebrate for SK Light Modified driver Joey Ferrigno.

Ferrigno ended up taking his car home in pieces after a hard crash with Nick Salva near the front of the field in the season opening event for the division on April 25.

Friday Ferrigno returned to the track and made up for the devastation of opening weekend in perfect fashion.

Ferrigno held off the charges of Geoff Boisjolie on a late restart to win the 20-lap SK Light Modified feature Friday at Stafford Speedway.

“After last week I’m just thankful to all my guys for getting this car back,” Ferrigno said. “The thing was a basket case. It was an unfortunate situation we had. I’ve got to thank everyone that helped me get back here.

“We needed this after last week. All the guys, they put so much work into the car over the winter. You could tell they were all heartbroken. We did more last week than we had to do over the winter.”

Boisjolie, of East Hampton, Mass. held off week one winner D.J. Burnham of East Hartford at the line for second place.

Boisjolie worked the outside lane strong on lap 18 restart, but couldn’t find a way around Ferrigno.

“He ran me clean,” Ferrigno said. “I’ve got to thank him for that.”

Said Boisjolie: “We were just loose all night.”

Ferrigno went to the lead under Glenn Griswold on lap three and never trailed again.

Stephen Kopcik moved to second past Griswold and looked to have a car to challenge Ferrigno, but on lap 13 restart Kopcik ended up in the wall coming to the green flag, collecting five other cars in the wreck.

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  1. Can anyone explain the handicap system at stafford? Used to be money won the last three weeks least amount starts up. The 44 finished last last week meaning he should have started on the pole since he qualified in the first heat, instead he started near the back. Also in the sk heat races the 82, 77, and 04 started last in their heat, they all finished near the back last week

  2. No offense to Joey, but how in the world does he start on the outside pole in the feature? Sure he wrecked last week but he still finished 11th. Tony Membrino finished last last week and started practically last this week. Even Glen Griswold, who finished behind Joey last week, started further back this week. Handicap system is money won in the last three weeks, isn’t it? Obviously, there is only one weeks worth of purse to figure this weeks handicap. A calculator isn’t even required to figure this one out. If I were a competitor, I would be livid at some of these line ups. As I fan, I surely am. All the division line ups were baffling.

  3. Yellow stripe says

    Stafford’s rule is rookie drivers have to start in the rear for the first three weeks thus explaining the #82,#77, and #04 SK’s starting spots. As for the handicapping, I don’t think even Einstein could figure that one out

  4. Sicklajoie says

    From what I heard, they only handicap the top 18 in points, which is why the 44 had to start in the rear.
    What I don’t get is why the 89 didn’t start in the rear with the other rookie cars. He’s got a yellow stripe, and before this year he never ran an SK Lite at Stafford. But according to the tower, he is not a rookie because he ran tour-type modifieds at Star.

  5. Hard crash with nick salva.you mean wrecking nick salva hard.Stafford does nothing about this Ferrigno clown.One of their track boys.The only way he can win is run the everyone in the wall and all over the track.He is complete idiot on the track.Take note of this,if he continues to drive like he does he will hurt someone.On the last restart he turn right into Boisjolie,i watch his hands move,.Stafford does nothing,they luv him.

  6. I don’t get it , nascar does everything to even the competition, (takes engine and car to make sure everyone in on a level playing field) but stafford takes away the handicap???? Only way I know of to level competition. Rookies don’t start last in any other nascar division…..

  7. Sicklajoie says

    Lauren, the rookies starting in the back thing is only for their first 3 weeks. I don’t think it’s a bad idea.

  8. old observer says

    Starting rookies in the rear is nothing new, some tracks even have a separate race for the rookies for the first few races. After they get their regular handicap, they will be starting up front with at least some experience in their division, so better racing for everyone. They will also be better prepared to take advantage of a better starting spot.
    It is supposed to reduce the early season carnage and allow more teams to race the full season. If you didn’t know , it costs a lot of $$$ & an unbelievable amount of work by mostly volunteers to race in any division. All towards a better show for the fans.

  9. Been a modified car owner for 30 yrs never heard of this rookie rule till today. When TC or Mike sr started there was never a rule either, we had a turtle rule, if you weren’t up to speed u started in the back

  10. Rookie rule in addition to out of top 18 in points means these drivers basically start their season in the toilet and will be at a disadvantage for most if not all season. They will need to pass many more cars than the veterans to overcome this. Especially in the sk, this isn’t the first time behind the wheel of a race car for these drivers. I think the top 18 should have to strap on an extra 100 pounds of lead to offset the gift they are receiving. I know, stupid thought. But so are all these rules supposedly put in place to benefit everyone.

  11. It isn’t like the rules come as a surprise. They are outlined in the rule book found on the track website and each rookie knew when they drew for their starting position on opening day that they would be starting in the back. The fact is many of the rookies asked to start in the rear. I agree that it is a good rule as it gives them three weeks to adjust to their new division. By the way, with only 22 SK’s at Stafford, it isn’t really that difficult to be in the top 18 in points.

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