Jason Palmer Wins New England Racing Fuel Support Performer Of The Week Award

NE Racing Fuel Support Performer Award

Saturday at the New London-Waterford Speedbowl, Jason Palmer edged Keith Rocco at the line in a seeming dead heat to win 30-lap Late Model feature.

Tuesday evening it looked just as close late in the voting for the New England Racing Fuel Support Performer of the Week Award.

After three days of voting and with 70 minutes remaining with the polls open, Palmer and 14-year old rookie Zack Robinson were locked in a dead heat, each with 332 votes.

But somehow, in the final hour of voting, Palmer was able to pick up a massive amount of support and run away with this week’s award. Palmer finished the night with 434 of the 995 votes cast for 43.6 percent.

It was the second Late Model victory this season for Palmer, and second time he won the New England Racing Fuel Support Performer of the Week Award.

Robinson, who won his first DARE Stock feature last Friday at Stafford Motor Speedway, finished with 359 votes for 36.1 percent.

Palmer and Robinson traded the lead in voting multiple times over the final 24 hours of polling for the award.

Al Stone III, the winner in the Limited Sportsman feature Saturday at Waterford, was third in the voting with 92 (9.2 percent) of the votes.

Each week during the 2014 racing season the New England Racing Fuel RaceDayCT Support Performer of the Week will be chosen from among drivers competing in events in one of the NASCAR Whelen All-American Series weekly support divisions (excludes SK Modified divisions) at Stafford Motor Speedway, Thompson Speedway and the Waterford Speedbowl.

Palmer will receive a $20 certificate for race fuel from New England Racing Fuel.

The final voting results are listed below.


  1. How does it feel to cheat a 14-year old out of a certificate? Do you feel big and proud. We all know how you cheated to win this and feel that you should give the certificate up and let the person who really earned it receive it. Anybody can drive to a free wi-fi area and vote for themselves and shut their computer or phone off and get a different ip address. You should really be ASHAMED of YOURSELF!

  2. Witnessed all 8 of those races last weekend. Palmer’s race was hands down the best and most exciting. And that’s coming from someone that has said the speedbowl late models were going to suck this year. Salvas win was a close second.

  3. Dave,

    Not sure the personal attack is really warranted here. Really, it’s a fun competition and nothing more than that. It brings attention to the drivers and the tracks and short track racing and it offers a way for John Holland and Mike Joy to give a little something back to lower division guys. It’s not like there’s a million bucks on the line here. The system isn’t perfect, but there’s really no need to go ballistic over things. That’s the nature of any online voting. Everybody campaigns and really just has fun with it, and it should be nothing more than that. Not for nothing, but if it really angers you that much you could throw Zack a $20 bill for fuel and call it a day. Again, there’s really no need to take something that’s really just a fun side competition and turn it into some sort of angry war.

  4. Youhavenoidea says

    Man Shawn I’m gonna give the kid the 20 bucks for the kid like really it’s like a gallon and a half of gas and this guy Dave is crying about it lol

  5. This has nothing to do with the money at all. Its about a proud 14 year old and he has made more fans and a lot more then 20 from people who disagree with the results….

  6. Dave,
    Kinda funny that you somehow know how to cheat system. If you are so passionate about the fact this 14 year old should win And you apparently know the system who says you did not boost his votes. Remember its called PERFORMER of the week. Anyone who watch these two races knows hands down Jason out PERFORMED Zach. Pretty sure Zach did not beat a past national Champ and track record for most wins holder in a green white checker on outside. Good job Zach on your Dare Stock win and Jason on your great Performance.

  7. Youhavenoidea says

    I agree with frog however Kristen I’m sure Zach has made fans but u have to realize that Palmer has been in this a long time and a lot of people know him and his family and he is very well liked and respected and anything that people can do for him they would because he would do anything for someone else, even when he isn’t racing he is at the tracks helping someone out.

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