Matt Hirschman Wins Tri-Track Open Modified Series Event At Monadnock Speedway

Matt Hirschman

Matt Hirschman

If there’s a Open Modified show with Modifieds on the card in New England, there’s a good chance the race will end with Matt Hirschman out front.

And that was the case once again Saturday at Monadnock Speedway in Winchester, N.H.

The man they call “Money” Matt was at it again, scoring victory in the Tri-Track Series Open Modified event at Monadnock.

Hirschman, of Northampton, Pa., took over the lead late from Woody Pitkat and drove to victory.

Steve Masse of Bellingham, Mass. was second and Mike Holdridge of Madison third.

It was the second of four Tri-Track Series events this season.

Chris Pasteryak of Lisbon won the first event on May 17 at Lee USA Speedway in Lee, N.H.

The next Tri-Track event takes place on July 1 at Seekonk (Mass.) Speedway. The final event is at the New London-Waterford Speedbowl on Sept. 13.


  1. NH Mod Chaser says

    Hey Shawn its Chris from NH we met this spring @ your pre race party @ the Still. Were you @ the race last night ? I thought it was a pretty good show

  2. Chris,
    I do remember you. I did not make it there last night.

  3. NH Mod Chaser says

    Did they screw you on a press pass ?

  4. Chris,
    No, I did not even pursue credentials for the event. Dick Williams and Jim Schaefer made it clear prior to the last event that they would not issue standard credentials to this site. No need to go down that road again with them.

  5. I definately believe Matt Hirshman deserves a top Whelen Tour ride, if he actually wants one.

  6. Same ol bs says

    The idea and concept of this series is great along with the purses but it is quickly becoming a Whelen/mrs tour part 2 and it’s obvious who they look out for and cater too.

  7. 47k paid out, 6k to the winner, what more can a car owner ask for a short track payout. Best promoters in New England, they should be highly praised for thier efforts.

  8. I like the Tri-Track Series. Any time you get a bunch of Modified drivers together from different tours and tracks, I’m all for it. And I like Monadnock a LOT. There was a really great crowd last night.

    1) Whoever was officiating really did a poor job around lap 60. A bunch of cars pitted too early, and then another dozen cars pitted. I think there were about 6 cars on the track at one point. Took forever to get the line-up corrected. It looked really bush league.

    2) I lost a lot of respect for Woody when he was trying to protect his lead late in the race and drove the 5 of Pasteryak out of the track in Turn 2. Seemed ridiculous after what Woody went thru Friday night at Stafford.

    3) On the flip side, Matt Hirschman was amazing. I see why the guy wins so many big-dollar races.

    4) If the pre-race ceremonies last longer than your race, you’re doing it wrong. I get that this was a “Riverside Park Reunion” race. But if you weren’t a long-time Modified fan, this was just ridiculously drawn out and dull. (I’ve been watching Mods since the ’70s and *I* was bored.) This did nothing to appeal to new or casual race fans.

    5) And to track announcers everywhere (’cause, my God, so many of you do this): If you can’t get through all the drivers’ names before the green flag drops on the heat race, YOU ARE DOING YOUR JOB WRONG.

  9. Mod Tour Fan says

    The answer to #1, Tom Fox, does a poor job at Stafford also. #2 Maybe he decided to be like Ryan Preece, he was there to win the race and was going to do what he had to do. Not usually Woody’s style but you never know, maybe had enough and taking it out on wrong guy,#3 I agree with you on that one. #4 Was drawn out and boring. #5 This is very annoying, some have their favorites that the feel the need to hype up a bit more, all they need to do is give name, car# and hometown.

  10. At Stafford, they never seem to finish announcing the whole line up before the race starts. I do believe the primary sponsor of each car deserves a plug from the announcers. Maybe they figure if they don’t announce the drivers properly fans will buy a $5.00 program.

  11. I wonder if Mod Tour Fan is Woody Pitkat fan. lol

  12. Mod Tour Fan says

    Actually ModFan, ANYONE but PPP , Perfect Punk Preece!

  13. So Preece could only muster up an 8th place finish at Monadnock while Ron Silk was winning at Riverhead in the car Preece drives there.

  14. Racer178 says

    Chris, Preece won at the head last week.

  15. Chris D. says

    I’m talking about 6/13/15 @ Riverhead.

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