Woody Pitkat Suspended From Next Event At Stafford Motor Speedway; Ryan Preece Fined

SMS Logo 2015Stafford Motor Speedway officials announced Tuesday that NASCAR Whelen All-American Series SK Modified division driver Woody Pitkat has been suspended for the next event at the track.

During Friday’s 40-lap SK Modified feature at Stafford, Pitkat was involved in a late race incident on the track with Ryan Preece that saw Preece’s car drive over the front of Pitkat’s while Pitkat was leading.

The incident led to issues off track in the pit area at Stafford that led to penalties for both drivers.

According to Stafford Speedway management, Pitkat was suspended for: “Actions detrimental to the sport, Unsportsmanlike conduct, off-track. Driver is responsible for their team members.”

Pitkat was also fined $150 for what was termed as: “Actions detrimental to the sport, unsafe conduct on-track, violation of safety rules.” That penalty involved disobeying Stafford guidelines concerning confrontation on the track under a yellow flag. 

Pitkat’s car owner, Adam Skowyra was also suspended for the next event for: “Unsportsmanlike conduct, off-track. Actions detrimental to the sport.”

Pitkat was involved in a late race incident on the track with Ryan Preece that saw Preece’s car drive over the front of Pitkat’s while Pitkat was leading the field in the scheduled 40-lap SK Modified feature on Friday.

Preece was fined $150 for what was termed: “Actions detrimental to the sport, unsafe conduct off-track, violation of safety rules.” Preece had been penalized for the on-track incident after it took place.

Tom Fox, director of racing operations at Stafford Speedway said Skowyra was involved in a physical confrontation with Preece and was suspended for that. He said Pitkat was suspended because he is responsible for his team’s actions. Fox said there was no physical confrontation between Pitkat and Preece following the event.


  1. Of course Ryan wasn’t suspended if I was woody I wouldn’t race there this track is getting to be a joke Ryan can’t do no wrong

  2. Ridiculous. Officials are way to suspension-happy this year at all the CT tracks. If I ran a racetrack there would be no suspensions. Point and money fines are acceptable, but ruining a team’s entire season for one incident is absurd.

  3. Racedayct fan says

    So let me get this straight. Preece’s father was an out-of-control maniac, but Preece isn’t responsible for him. How does Tom Fox sleep at night. He continues to in embarrass himself and the racetrack on a weekly basis. The bias at that track is unbelievable.

  4. Stafford Speedway has quickly become an absolute three ring circus. As a kid, I dreamed of racing there. Today, I wouldn’t piss on it if it were on fire. It’s sad to see what poor management and favoritism can do to such an outstanding facility and even more amazing to see how quickly it all went downhill.

  5. “Tom Fox, director of racing operations at Stafford Speedway said Skowyra was involved in a physical confrontation with Preece and was suspended for that. He said Pitkat was suspended because he is responsible for his team’s actions.”

    They need to change that rule if they are saying Pitkat is responsible for his team’s actions, including the car owner. How is woody supposed to restrain any/all the tema members?What if Woody was still in the car, or on the track?! The punishment of suspending your driver as a deterent is not effective, nor fair, here.

    Preece needs to be suspended as well, but they won’t dare touch this NascarNEXT golden boy.

  6. This is why there are no spectators anymore, you remove all the excitement and build up for next week. Now all the Pitkat fans and others who want to see “game on” will stay home. Why would Saturday night wantab’s be treated different than Cup drivers. I didn’t see Gordon or Kennesth get suspended when they fought other drivers. Stafford officiating sucks.

  7. The Tour races should be interesting.

  8. Chris D. says

    They already raced against each other saturday at Monadnock. So what are they gonna do at a tour race, throw illegal carburetors at each other?

  9. Chris D. says

    Now when Fearn was suspended earlier in the year for something similar, he was at the track the next week and put Keith in the car. Can the 50 sk team do the same thing with another driver?

  10. I don’t see stafford favoring Preece. When TC bounced Preece out of the lead on Friday night and the 25 went airborn over the 13, I would of had a caution to get Preece back into the lead if I was favoring him. Now I saw the 99 intentionally draw a caution and they allowed him to continue, that is favoring a driver

  11. Pure BS is the current way at Stafford, If Woody is out for a week Ryan should be also as he was the aggressor in the incident in question. Why is the driver responsible for his crew when this is not the case in cup. When Harvick pushed Keselowski who was then struck by Kenseth no drivers or car owners were suspended. Yet Stafford feels that they need to go this route. Guess Ryan is now the tracks new favorite son.

  12. Tony Membrino says

    Enough is enough. Let’s erase the identity of the drivers, their insanely obsessive and borderline idiotic fans/haters, their reputations, anything that could make any spectator/witness look any more rediculous than they already do with the comments that have been posted on this issue… sound fair? Good.

    The 6 CAR was not going to win on the outside, made a crossover attempt on the 50 on entry into 1, held the car to the bottom all the way to the apex, the two come together. What happened? The 50 either never knew the 6 was there or tried to pinch the 6 and the two came together. That is it! I tried looking at this a hundred differen ways with NEUTRAL eyes to see what really happened, and I arrive at the same conclusion every time. I feel like I have a little extra insight on the subject considering I was in the same position less than a month ago and I got crowded by the car on the outside with no more race track to my left.

    Is the 6 wrong for making the move? No. Is the 50 car wrong for coming down? No. Is the car I tangled with wrong for coming down on me? No. It’s all a part of racing hard and letting it all hang out for the win in the closing laps of a nail biting race. Niether of them owe the other any leeway to take a win away from them, why wouldn’t they do what they did? It’s why they show up. And don’t think for a single second the same move would’ve been attempted if the roles were reversed, because if you do, you’re sadly mistaken and dead wrong. The SK division is so FREAKING competitive that you literally cannot give a single inch or go one knock less than 100% or you are screwed.

    Both drivers put their hearts out there, their cars and bodies on the line and did what they thought was going to win them the race. As a race fan before a race driver, how in the hell anyone can hate so F’N hard on either of the two drivers, or any driver, is beyond me and the people that I swear live for the glory they feel hiding behind fake names (a real popular trend on here – grandstand champions turned wireless warriors), grammar school educations, and spewing literal hatred on here towards drivers who bust their rear ends to not only grab a piece of glory but to put on a show for YOU… especially the ones talking about “boycotting Stafford,” the state this sport is in now… good riddance! Probably the same people that stand up cheer when one of those drivers or others they “hate” end up in a crash before knowing whether or not they’re safe and okay – racetracks are better off without such arrogant, immature, and spiteful people like you – GO. By all means, root for who you want, boo for who you want, but at this level of racing, have a little more freaking sense of humanity, humility, and respect, and grow the hell up!

    As far as the baffled confusion about the penalties issued is concerned… uhhh did everyone just climb out from under a rock? I can’t even fathom a time where the driver WASN’T responsible for their crew members. Why has all of a sudden that rule become such a new thing? Let’s just pretend no one from the 50 team put their hands on anyone, did we all forget the Tony Stewart incident? Got news for you, that rule doesn’t stop on the race track, a freak accident can occur just as quickly in the paddock area too. I get the testosterone and adrenaline and emotion part of the deal, I’ve been there. But that newly installed rule alone is enough grounds to get you suspended, let alone striking another individual.

    And to be honest, the crying out for fairness and blah blah blah has got to stop, seriously. There is no bias, no conspiracy, no GOLDEN BOY OF STAFFORD… by the way… let’s be real here, but partially kidding, Woody wins a most popular driver award every year for like the last 10 years, who the hell is anyone trying to kid calling anyone else Stafford’s Golden Boy? Okay enough joking…

    As far as I can remember, the standard policy for dealing with physical altercations is an automatic 1 week suspension of both driver and accused member (if the drivers not the one involved). If haymakers are thrown, if it isn’t the driver, that person is tossed for the year and the driver is bounced 2 weeks. Don’t believe me? Go ask my cousin who runs in the SKs also. I know what I saw at the scene of the scuffle, all I’m going to say is there is already enough leniency dished out with these penalties so I’d put a lid on it, put Cam McDermott in the car on Friday, and let’s get back to the best F’N racing in the country!

    Now keep in mind, I have had good relations with ALL THOSE DIRECTLY involved in the on-track and off-track issues at hand for YEARS. Do I have closer ties with one party than the other? Yes. Am I the kind of person that will be like the other chumps on here and coddle them and enable them and tell them they did nothing wrong when they clearly did something wrong? Absolutely not, in fact arguments about stuff like this occur on a regular basis. I’ll call it how I see it as unbiased as I possibly can and if they don’t like it, tough.. the same applies for commenters and spectators.

    The truth hurts, slap a bandaid on it, grow some thicker skin, pay your fines and your dues, get back at it when it’s all said and done, prove to everyone again why the Stafford SK division is the most competitive and exciting one in the country, and let’s all move on. After all, life’s too short to get arthritis for typing too much smack…

  13. FOX NEEDS TO GO this guy is terrible,he was bad at Waterford and he’s ruining Stafford now ,hope Dave’s flea market works out they can move that to Fri night’s Fox can park cars

  14. Wow what a joke of a penailty for pitkat. His “owner” throws a punch and they only both get one week. A couple years ago if the owner, spotter or any crew had thrown a puch the driver was out a min of 2 weeks and the other the rest of the year if not longer. So whos favoring who now? Be consistant with the calls penalitys and fines and im sure everyone would accept that

  15. A real nobody says

    Woody should be out for a week no questions asked a person on his team broke the rules and therfore your out. Ryan on the other hand should be fined not be able to run in the heat race,take a point deduction and must start scratch for the simple fact his was a racing deal. As for Tom fox….I have never liked him or seen him do any good for any division played favorite at waterford as well.

  16. All you folks bashing Stafford Speedway…..you have no idea how good you have it.

  17. Good luck Woody at Lee Fri night

  18. Art Becker says

    i’m with tony couldn’t have said it better.i come up from long island for tour races but love the sk division.There are a lot of people in ct that don’t know how good they have it with the tracks in ct

  19. Mod Tour Fan says

    I don’t see this carrying over to the NWMT races, but if it did I am sure Eddie Partridge would handle it the same way he did a few years back. If you recall, Showtime Jimmy Blewett was racing SK’s at Stafford, one night he did something to TC and TC returned the favor in a NWMT race. Eddie told Jimmy, NO MORE SK racing at Stafford, and that was it. I am certain he would have no problem doing it again if it starts costing him dollars and points. Alot of people think Partridge is one of the P’s in the PPP team, Princess Preece drives for, he is not, it stands for Preece, Paquette and Poulin. That would be the same Mrs. Poulin that was almost knocked to the ground on Friday night as she was attempting to break up an altercation between Preece and his father, in their own pit area! Mr. and Mrs. Poulin are a kind and generous couple who have helped many driver’s over the years. Now add that to the FACT the he did step on the gas and swerve at several members of the 50 team, in the paddock area, I feel both teams should have been suspended, not doing so shows favortism on the part of Team Stafford. But, it is just a matter of time before Princess Preece loses his crown!

  20. Just my thoughts... says

    Tony, I agree with some of the points you made in that book you just wrote, however we all know you are Ryan’s bestie and one of the few friends he has at the track. that being said it appears you are friendly with Woody also. You did your best not to take sides in this situation, but I think we all know where your loyalty is. That being said, you seem to have enough of your own problems in the SK Lites and maybe you should stick to trying to improve your driving style before you try to analyze that of those in the SK’s. Why on earth would you even suggest the 50 car show up on Friday night?? For what?? Woody isn’t going to get any points so why bother?? The owner/crew chief is suspended, who is suppose to set up the car? You even go so far as to suggest a driver, is this the same Cam McDermott that spots for Woody, the one that took the car out in practice and almost destroyed it as Woody was rushing to Stafford from Loudon, NH last July?? The 50 team already has one wrecked race car, don’t think they need another. You may mean well, but I feel you kinda went a little over board with some of your suggestions. Let the 50 Team decide when they want to return to the track and if they want to come on a weekly basis or if they want to pick and choose what races they attend. In the meantime, good luck in the SK Lites. Keep in mind, just my thoughts.

  21. Sect.D Row25 says

    Membrino is my new hero. The guy has moxie. I like moxie.

  22. If the driver is responsible for the crew’s action then why is the owner still suspended? Seems like double jeopardy. The owner should fall into its own category, separate from driver and crew.

  23. old observer says

    OK People, settle down. I wasn’t there Fri but it looked like a racing accident between 2 hard chargers. The following night they both ran into different clashes. Sat Woody looked like he was trying too hard to hold off someone with a newer RR. Hey it’s racing, not driving in a Walmart parking lot which can also be dangerous. Maybe Woody’s penalty was a little stiff but the track needs to keep things under control.
    I used to hate SK racing but now it has become very competitive. Enjoy what you have & cheer for the underdog!

  24. I remember some incidents in years past that make this past friday look like a girl scout bake sale. Remember John Anderson and Bo Gunning? How about some of the stuff that went on at Plainville Stadium back when another Membrino was racing? Everyone just relax, Stafford Speeway ísn’t going anywhere, no matter what Tom Fox does or what people say on here. Sometimes drivers need to look in the mirror and show some humility themselves. Does anyone remember when Ernie Irvan got up and apologized at a cup driver’s meeting? Some drivers think they do no wrong but are quick to complain when things don’t go their way. That is why a driver becomes unpopular. Fans are not that stupid.

  25. Chris you are right and Tony you maybe the first Membrino not to throw the first punch,good start

  26. Tony Membrino says

    Just my thoughts, while I appreciate the docile tone and that you may “mean well,” but seeing the comments you post recently and the lack of spine behind your words seeing as you still post under an alias, unless you plan on approaching me in private to offer suggestions how I can step up my driving and add more trophies and championship plaques to my collection, please take your backdoor manners and compliments and flush them.

    As expected, you missed all of my points and exemplify the type of people I exposed in my rant. Regardless of my affiliation, my “loyalty” has no bearing on my opinion or my words, unlike you and many other frequent visitors to this site. This issue has brought to light the frightening realization that some people will literally follow their favorite driver off of a cliff if they took the leap – it’s sickening actually to see how blind and misguided some people really are. What separates me and the sheep that flock this site is that I will personally, without hesitation or concern for how bruised their toes get, tell Ryan or anyone else for that matter exactly what I feel when I disagree with them on these types of issues. And if he/them or any bystanders have a problem with my delivery then they need thicker skin.

    You also took my replacement driver suggestion a little too literally. It was 50/50 between serious and an attempt at trying to lighten the mood, but it sounds like you have more personal issues elsewhere that are harnessed and ready to lash out when given the opportunity. If they’re real racers and want to race, they will, it isn’t that hard. My owner/crew chief was beyond wrongfully suspended for 2 weeks (and not a single punch was thrown, funny how that works), I was removed from handicap, took two top 5 finishes in those two weeks, and went on to win a championship. The 50 team has the talent and the support to do just about the same. See? My head isn’t as far up one particular person’s rear as you tried (and failed) to exploit.

    Contrary to your belief, I actually don’t mean well with my words regarding this issue because the backlash and crap storm it has spewed is too innausiating to ignore and too infuriating to care if someone’s feathers get ruffled – I hope someone gets pissed reading what I wrote.

    And in case you haven’t noticed, I don’t feel I’m having any problems in the SK Lights because despite being overlooked, overweight, under paid, under motivated, and driving a rotting 30+ year old car, me and my family manage to put our car to the front every week and we have a f’n blast doing it. No problems here – cheers!

  27. Tony Membrino says

    Elect, yeah I guess you can say I’ve evolved from a CAVEMAN right? Plainville Stadium called, they want their sob stories back. Might I suggest a line with a basis that’s from this decade?

  28. Youhavenoidea says

    I agree with tony and he is a great driver in my opinion and to be honest racing isn’t racing without a lil banging and drama so why not just let it go and start all over again next week and give a probation and Steve btw it wasn’t the 25 it was the 77 that went flying over the 13 almost flipping.

  29. Youhavenoidea says

    Just my thoughts, last time I checked tony ran thru the field starting scratch to win and almost did it two weeks in a row and take in part it’s a mirror driving no radio division so I feel tony is doing pretty good id say

  30. Hey mod tour fan I am with you on this one if in fact he did swerve the car towards members of the 50 team he should be suspended more than 1 week just for that matter also Ryan is third in the whelen all American national standings with most of his points coming from Stafford because of the fact his other weekly racing is on a part time basis and he doesn’t run any other track full time. So why would they suspend him when the national champion could come from Stafford. The only thing is Keith Rocco will have something to say about that.

  31. Just my thoughts... says

    Tony, Perhaps when your 30 year old car finally gives out, you could give Politics a try, you would be good at it. Again, just my thoughts….

  32. Randy Higginson says

    Sean Foster had a great run going Friday night. He was running with and holding off some of the best in modified racing until contact in one of the late race melees sent him to the pits for repairs. Look for the 25 in coming weeks. Looks like they may have found something.

    If this seems random and off topic, it is. I just wanted to point out something that, I personally, found to be a positive, in a night that seemed to be littered with negatives.

  33. All well said, Tony. As to “Just My Thoughts”, remember that ad hominem attack by someone is the first indicator that they are losing an argument.

    For those who seem to be unaware, the 50 car owner is suspended for punching driver 6 (in the presence of a police officer, always ill-advised). Additionally, a 50 crew member swung a helmet and damaged the roof of the 6; don’t know if anything happened to him. Perhaps eye spy/Mod Tour Fan knows.

  34. Mod Tour Fan says

    3Case, I do not know anything about the 50 crew member that you claim swung a helmet and damaged the roof of the 6 car. What I do know is there is alot of cell phone video out there of the chaos in the paddock area. I did see the video of the incident involving Mrs. Poulin, I have been told video does exist of the punch, but have not seen it yet. It appears you were at the scene, did Princess Preece get his crown knocked off??

  35. This is all starting to get old ,I think we all have to grow up and shut up and let these drivers do there thing so we can sit and enjoy the sport we love Good luck to Tony and everyone else

  36. Hey, are we talking about Bowman Grey?

    Sounds like a mad house!!!!

  37. knuckles mahoney says

    I will just say this. If the 6 did swerve towards crew members of the 50, and there is proof of it, and there is no suspension, then that in itself proves favoritism. Case closed. That on the street would be assault with a deadly weapon.

  38. Just my thoughts... says

    knuckles mahoney, If both drivers were suspended that would be fair, but they were not, in my opinion that shows favoritism. A report was filed with the police, if the owner of the 50 car was going to be arrested, the driver of the 6 car was going to also be arrested. When the police explained this to Ryan and his parents, they decided not to press charges, the 2 members of the 50 crew decided not to pursue their charges. Considering what could have happened, if say the throttle stuck, I feel Ryan Preece is pretty lucky. The fact that Stafford did not suspend him also, I guess you could say Stafford gave him a “Free Pass”. Again, Just my thoughts….

  39. Has anyone actually said they saw Ryan swerve at anyone or is this all still speculative “I hate Ryan Preece because he’s a successful race car driver” nonsense?

  40. Let's be real says

    First off, Toby membrino commenting on anything is just a joke. He looks like a nit wit on the track, wrecking more cars than Preece ever did. I think he holds more than preece’s helmet at the end of the day.
    Second, I almost got run over when Preece tried to hit the 50 guys. I’m not with them by the way. My bf is gonna confront him about it too. Maybe Preece will tear up worse than Friday.

  41. When Stafford suspended TC for a week he quit for the season. Then Stafford had second thoughts and low and behold, TC was back the following Friday. Woody might want to try the same approach.

  42. Youhavenoidea says

    Let’s be real: are u a moron or just dumb first off it’s tony Membrino and driving ability has nothing to do with the situation. To be quite honest with u tony is a great driver as well and very intelligent obviously and I believe he wrote great information. To top all of it off I don’t think it would be too smart of your bf to say anything especially since you wrote about it ahead of time and I can guarantee that if anything else is said about it in person more people will be on the outside looking in. Also point blank the pits are dangerous as it is and if Ryan swerved then he did but what will it prove if your bf goes up and says anything on Friday to be quite honest do you think he actually cares? Prob not so I mean your comment is absolutely ridiculous

  43. I Just can't Even says

    I’m getting a kick out of the babies here crying about Preece not getting suspended. Waahhh, it’s not fair! If you think any punishments were given because of what happened on the track, you are an idiot. Plain and simple. It’s written right in the article, people. Although I wouldn’t be surprised if half of you can’t even read, and your comments here are proof.

    Preece was ASSAULTED by the car owner. He was literally ambushed and attacked, but SMS is showing favoritism for not suspending Preece too? Preece should have been suspended for being punched? Ridiculous.

    As for the race, there was contact and they wrecked each other. Preece made a quick move and was already at his Left Front when it happened, so you can’t cry about no room being there. It was a racing incident. This crap happens every week, but because it’s Woody and Preece, all the fanboys and fangirls are out in full force whining about it. We are talking about this because the 50 Team acted like a bunch of children, and their going to have to sit in the corner for a week. ENVY BREEDS HATRED PEOPLE. GROW UP!

  44. Looks like Pasteryak won at Lee, Woody was 4th.

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