SK Modified Driver Glen Reen Suspended For SK 5K Event At Stafford Motor Speedway

Glen Reen (Photo: Darren McCollester/Getty Images for NASCAR)

Glen Reen (Photo: Darren McCollester/Getty Images for NASCAR)

It’s the event SK Modified drivers at Stafford Motor Speedway have had circled on their calendars since the 2015 schedule was announced.

The second SK 5K event takes place Friday at Stafford Motor Speedway.

But one regular in the field at Stafford won’t get the chance to compete for the big dollars on the line Friday at Stafford.

It was announced Tuesday that Glen Reen of Wilbraham will be suspended for Friday’s event at Stafford for his crew’s involvement in an infield fight during the 40-lap SK Modified feature Friday at Stafford.

Reen’s crew was involved in the fight after Reen and Ted Christopher were involved in a hard crash during the feature.

Stafford Speedway management announced Tuesday that Reen was suspended for: “Actions detrimental to the sport, Unsportsmanlike conduct, off-track. Driver is responsible for their team members.”

Reen was also fined $150 and placed on probation for his next three attended events for: “Unsportsmanlike conduct, on-track. Actions detrimental to the sport. Intentional contact under green.”

Christopher was fined $150 for: Actions detrimental to the sport, unsafe conduct on-track, violation of safety rules, failure to follow directive of Infield Safety Team.”


  1. Let's be real says

    So Ted fires his helmet at someone, starts a big fight and gets pushed on his butt. Then stafford suspends glen reen. Another awesome call!

    I didn’t think you could botch a call any worse than the whole woody and Preece thing. Stafford has turned into the biggest joke in CT. The race director embarrasses the track every week and then they go and make another bad call off the track.

    No wonder the cars are leaving.

  2. so TC himself – Actions detrimental to the sport, unsafe conduct on-track, violation of safety rules, failure to follow directive of Infield Safety Team.” and he is not suspended but Reen is because his crew – “Actions detrimental to the sport, Unsportsmanlike conduct, off-track.???
    Does not add up????
    I think the penalty should be – have them park next to each other next week and have them both start the race one lap down, last on the starting grid. $150 each and the monies goes into the point fund – oh wait there is no point fund from stafford like there used to be….

  3. Just my thoughts... says

    First of all, I want to make it known that I am not one of those TC haters that go to the track every week with the hope that he crashes. It has been clear this season that his car is just not where it needs to be for him to win races or even finish on the podium. That being said, how in the world do the powers that be at Stafford Motor Speedway think they can get away without suspending TC for a week??? The altercation on the track on the backstretch should have been enough to get both drivers parked for a week, they both were pushing and shoving each other, most of the field had to stop while this was going on and had a great view of the show. I am aware that members of the Reen crew went to TC’s pit stall, I am also aware that TC rearranged one of their faces on his knee!!! I also saw TC pushed to the ground, which is why the only possible explanation for this one sided penalty imposed by Stafford Motor Speedway is the FACT that TC is the track FAVORITE! No matter what he does he WILL NOT get parked for a week, even though others have been parked for much less. We are all aware he is Stafford’s all time win leader, he has a grandstand named after him, he was a favorite of Jack Sr. but what does any of that have to do with breaking the rules??? TC broke the rule in a manner that was a bit more severe than what the Reen crew did, yet Reen is the one parked for a week? They both should have been given the week off if Stafford was really interested in treating all of it’s competitors equal. It has become crystal clear that TC can do what he wants with little or no consequences. Now I have some advice for TC, (not that he wants or needs it) Friday night is a $5000.00 to win race, you want to win that race, go right ahead, if someone is on the inside of you push them down in the infield, if someone is on the outside of you send them into the wall, if someone is in front of you, forget your 3 tap rule just spin them out and if Fox gives you the black flag, just ignore it you won’t be the first to do so, in the end it will all work out and you will win the race. If anybody confronts you after the race, you have proven you can take care of yourself so all will be good, they may get thrown out but you won’t, have no fear. In case you are wondering how you are going to get rid of that black flag Fox gave you, well Tom Fox may suck as a race director but he will admit that he does not have “full reign”, Mark Arute does have the final say, so there you have it, you will be all set and pocket $5K. And to all the other competitors at Stafford Motor Speedway, just remember if you choose to play at the Arute’s Playground you need to play by their rules which may differ from week to week and of course DO NOT mess with TC as he has his own rulebook, not sure if they print a version of that one. Good Luck to all who chose to go out and play at Stafford Motor Speedway and again just my thoughts…

  4. Chris D. says

    So Let’s be real…if you were attacked by several angry crew members as you were walking through the infield you wouldn’t defend yourself? That’s what TC was doing, he did not start the altercation in the infield.
    I do not agree that a driver should be suspended if his crew member is in an altercation, a fine maybe, but not suspended.

  5. Just my thoughts... says

    Chris D., The rule is driver is responsible for their crews actions, even if they are out on the track racing. Reen got parked for a week for his crew members actions. Does TC have a right to defend himself, yes he does, however that should also come with consequences, there are several ways TC could have handled the situation, he chose a more violent manner than might have been needed, but that was his way of defending himself. Lets say a crew member of say Tommy Bolles goes in the pit stall of Keith Rocco and pushes him, does Keith beat the crap out of him??? According to the penalty TC got, yes that would be defending himself. In the past if a punch was thrown by a driver or a crew member, that driver was parked for at least a week. Ask Rowan Pennink, he threw a punch at a driver sitting in his car on the track several years ago, Rowan got a week off. If the powers that be do not clarify this, I see alot of physical confrontations in the future at Stafford Motor Speedway, after all you were just defending yourself. If TC was parked for a week drivers and crew members may think twice about how they defend themselves. I suggest each team and driver add a can of mace to their pit box and drivers suit pocket at Stafford, there is no amount of security that will be able to control the “can of worms” this lack of a penalty opened!

  6. Seems pretty cut and dry here. The rule is the driver is responsible for the actions of his crew. Reen was penalized per the rules. TC was defending himself against multiple people physically attacking him. To penalize someone for defending their self sends a horrible message. Sounds to me like a bunch of TC haters. I don’t even like the guy, but there was no reason to suspend TC. Looks like the right call was made.

  7. What a shame to see a Track like Stafford fall from grace. Long gone are the glory days of real Modified weekly racing to this clown racing. Stafford used to be the Crown Jewell of Modified country, now look at it. Just a joke , but that’s what U get with SK racing.

  8. If you are going to make one driver sit out, the other driver should sit out as well.

  9. Chris D. says

    Stafford had no cops or yellow shirted security in the infield during the race.. another mistake. When you have that many pit crews in the infield wouldn’t it make sense to have some security out there? I actually feel bad for Reen…he was hiding behind the ambulance during the altercation, yet he gets suspended! lol!

  10. “Ask Rowan Pennink, he threw a punch at a driver sitting in his car on the track several years ago, Rowan got a week off. ”

    If I recall right… I’m pretty sure that was at Thompson. Justin Bonsignore walled him in turn 2, I think, and then Rowan got out of his car, ran the entire length of the track down to around the start of pit road, and punched Justin in his car. Dude was MAD.

    I’m actually a fan of both guys… but the whole thing was pretty funny to watch.

    Still think it’s wrong to throw punches at the track, though. You don’t want this stuff to escalate. Thompson had a REAL ugly incident a couple years ago where a driver was assaulted and severely injured in the pits. Lifetime bans involved there.

  11. Favoritism happens at every track. Track management and ownership always have a few untouchables. I’m not saying it’s fair but it definitely isn’t just at Stafford.

  12. Once you leave your pit stall to go confront anther driver or crew member it becomes game on. YOU CHOOSE to confront someone If you win or lose the confrontation the penalty should be same.

  13. Youhavenoidea says

    There was yellow security and police in the infield that’s what stopped it

  14. racermom says

    Mike86, Penninck also threw a punch a few years ago at a guy still strapped in his car, but it was the other driver who was indefinitely suspended from Stafford!

  15. @Mike 86 – Thompson’s lifetime ban only lasted 1-2 years, the drivers and crew involved are back racing at Thompson. Thompson only care about the $$$, not others safety.

  16. Former Stafford Fan says

    From what I remember, the two crews were next to each other in the pits and both were standing at the back wall…so no one “entered TC’s crews stall”. Also, TC was yelling asking who was on Reen’s team and saying he was gonna kick their ass. Looked to me like Reen’s team was defending themselves. Not sure how the penalties aren’t equal across the board. Pretty lame to suspend one of them for the biggest race of the year.

  17. This is what packs the stands at Bowman Gray Stadium.


    Mike86… yeah, I remember that one when Pennink ran down the track to get Bonsignore at Thompson. That was pretty funny. Pennink has bulked up a bit since then, Bonsignore is still scrawny. Odds in favor of Pennink, Bonsignore doesn’t stand chance.

    Altercations in the pits were very common several years ago after race, but things have calmed down quite a bit. I though for sure Salzarulo was gonna get the crap beat out of him for that totally bonehead move at Waterford when he tried to rejoin the field by cutting across the infield, and then caused the lead cars to wreck. There needs to be penalties for stupid. Stupid is detrimental to racing.

    There is definitely pressure building, especially with these guys that race each other in multiple series. There’s lots more opportunity to piss each other off.

    But for sure, they need to be parked right next to each other in the pits.

  18. I think that the basic standard of operating procedures for all racetracks. Point in case how many times has Chris Jones been banned at various tracks along with Ray Downing Jr. I’m sure there are many others I have long forgotten.

  19. Brian, TC r: Actions detrimental to the sport, unsafe conduct on-track, violation of safety rules, failure to follow directive of Infield Safety Team.” He should get the same penalty as Reen. Not saying that suspension is the right penalty but how many infractions of Safety do u tolerate?

  20. Reens a loser ! How many races has he won ? Reens crew thought they were going to beat ted and one of them found out you don’t $@)( with ted .. I love it . This is great all you t c haters are up in arms . Go whine somewhere else . You think you are going to just go after a guy and he’s going to roll over ? Cumon let me hear more whiners bring it on !

  21. Just my thoughts... says

    At Stafford I believe it was Asklar in the #28 that Rowan punched.

  22. Racerchic says

    Did anyone get Reen’s crew’s take on what happened?? TC called them over and asked if they were part of Reen’s crew. When they answered “yes”, he grabbed them and started the physical altercation. Did anyone see the bite marks on one of Reen’s crew’s arms from TC?? No?? Big surprise. He actually bit one of them. Maybe his new nickname should be Jaws. Reen’s crew didn’t do anything wrong other than start defending themselves when TC made the first move. But again…no one chose to see that part.
    Parking Reen without parking TC is just wrong and sends the wrong message to the rest of the racers out there. If they want to be respected as a 1st class facility, they need to be fair and enforce the rules across the board without blatant favoritism.

  23. Chris D. says

    Youhavenoidea, I have never seen a uniformed cop in the infield, ever. The yellow shirts arrived after it was over. FYI, The Reen crew guy who was mainly involved was wearing a yellow t-shirt. And not for nothing, the track race officials were afraid to go near it. I also saw Reen walk over to the platform Jackie A. was standing on and start whining to him. Didn’t see Ted do that…

  24. So let me say being on teens race team that it’s OK for tc to do whatever he wants to do and get away with it. He started it all on the track throwing Glen in the wall. Then tc decides he’s gonna be an ass and come over to one of Glens team members and say are you on this race team and kick him in the balls. Thats messed up. It should be tc that gets fined and doesn’t race Friday. Its just not fair at all. I think this really needs to be rethought and changed.

  25. Reen “won” the 2011 Thompson World Series. I still wonder about that… where did that motor come from? That car, er, motor, was way ahead of the rest.

  26. Racerchic says

    Reen needs to have a serious chat with the Stafford officials to get a better understanding of why he was parked and TC wasn’t. They need to re-watch the video again and see who really started this whole thing in the infield. Wrecks on the track are going to happen…it’s racing. But when it escalates to the crews, they need a few extra sets of eyes on what’s really happening. TC calling the crew over and saying what he said was “unsportsmanlike conduct”. Reen’s team getting kicked and punched was their reaction when trying defending themselves.
    This outcome is seriously disappointing and shows the other teams that whatever TC does, he can get away with it since he’s their golden child.
    If it wasn’t obvious before, it clearly is now. Shame on you, Stafford. You really need to rethink this decision.

  27. Chris D. says

    Alot of different opinions on how it went down. I admit, it all happened pretty fast and I was standing right there and it is hard to say who did what first. It seems to me that Ted was climing over the back wall holding his helmet when it started. I don’t see how Ted could throw the first punch in that scenario. Anyway, maybe it’s time for someone from Stafford to address this publicly or in an interview to clarify their rules and punishments. Nothing is ever said about these incidents at the drivers meetings. 3 sk drivers have received suspensions already this year, that seems a little high to not be talking about it. One thing I don’t understand… If Reen is gone because of something his crewmember did, why isn’t that crewmember gone too?

  28. So first off I’m the guy who “got his face rearranged” by Teds knee. (He actually kneed me in the chest). I felt like I was defending myself the whole time. I got hit with TC’s helmet which I think started it all. But to be honest with you its all a blur now and I’m actually embarrassed by the whole thing. I got pulled off the track and for some reason TC got to stay. I didn’t push the issue after the race cause I figured we could handle it like men and whatever penalty stafford handed out would be equal for what I consider he-said he-said bull at this point. I’m over the fight and hold no grudge with TC. It’s an intense sport with intense emotions. However, stafford never contacted me to get my side of the story. I guess that’s why I’m pissed off. I’m a nobody who works hard every week to have a little fun on Friday nights so my side doesn’t matter. I can tell you I won’t be spending any Friday nights at stafford any time soon. Best of luck to Ted Friday.

  29. I’m going to give real facts with no bias here. I was standing near the middle of lit road on back wall when this happened and saw everything. Reen brake checked TC pretty bad in turn 1, this contact continued until turn 2 when the two cars hit the wall pretty hard. After both cars came to a stop, Reen stomped on the gas and rammed TC again. Both drivers exit the car and have a yelling match at eachother with no physical contact. Reen gets in ambulance TC walks over to his crew, in this time I walk closer to both teams as i felt something was going to happen, which was right next to Reens. He hops over the wall and a member from Reens crew walks toward him pointing his finger and yelling. As he gets closer TC hits him with his helmet and they tangle together to the ground where I did see some knees flying. No kick to the balls or bighting took place at least from TC, can’t speak for other crewmembers. Reen crewmember was the only one escorted off infield. There were security in the area and broke it up within 20 seconds or so. From my point of view a member of Reen crew approached TC and was looking for physical confrontation where that’s just what he received. Reens guy was pretty young I’d say mid 20’s I’m sure he wasn’t to happy getting beat up by a 57 year old.

  30. Chris D. says

    Ben G., if you are sincere in what you are saying here, I for one applaud your attitude about it and you are right, things happen in the heat of the moment when emotions are running so high. Again, it is time for Stafford to make some kind of statement on their thought process for the punishments given for these off track incidents… Because A, drivers and crewmembers not coming back means lost revenue, and B, the perception of favoritism will fuel future incidents like this. Already this year 3 sk and 1 LM drivers have received suspensions, they need to get a handle on this.

  31. Just my thoughts... says

    Mike, You state that Reen got in the ambulance and TC walked back to his crew, right there is another example of the favortism Stafford shows towards TC, as far as I know, the rule is if you can’t drive your car back to the pits you HAVE to get in the ambulance and ride, something to do with insurance is how it was explained to drivers that were fined for this in the past. In the many years I have attended the races at Stafford I have never once seen TC get in the ambulance, I have seen him walk to his pit stall, I have seen him sit in his wrecked race car and be towed to the pits and I have seen him get a ride back to his pit stall on a SMS golf cart. Why is it that no penalty was ever given to TC for this rule infraction when it was given to other drivers in the SK mods at Stafford?? As far as security being in the area, if you call the paddock area by the handicappers booth or the grandstands near the starters stand in the area then so be it, I do not. I did see them both cross the track and it was more like 50 to 60 seconds before they reached the area of the incident, which was over by the time they got there. Bottom line the rules should be enforced the same way for ALL drivers!

  32. Wait…I thought the directive from the Supreme Leader from Planet NASCAR was “Have at it, boys!”

    I’ve got $50 on TC being knocked out by the 10th…lap.

  33. Racermom says

    Justmythoughts, yes it was Aszklar,

  34. Youhavenoidea says

    Chris d there was one because after everything happened I found out because he grabbed me lol

  35. Chris D. says

    Maybe if they put concession stands in the infield the Stafford cop will go out there once in a while.

  36. sounds alittle like Allisons vs Yarborough to me — I missed it all on vacation im gonna watch the Yarborough fight again!

  37. I was right there when the incident took place and yes I’m a member of Glen’s team,I was right next to Ben when tc came up and assaulted Ben first with his helmet then his knee then tc and his crew members had Ben down like a football player with the ball! But before the assault happened I remember one of tc’s crew member a big bald headed guy running his mouth about how he’s going to….. Us up and calling us on so we already felt threatened from him and his big mouth. At that moment that’s when tc emerged and I knew he was on a bad mission ! Anyways tc crew were just as much the cause finally the officials showed up and it broke up! As I was standing at the pit cart one of the official’s came up to me and asked me what happened! He said he wasn’t taken sides due to the fact he didn’t see what happened so he asked me what happened and I told him the best I could remember! What gets me how could they really pick out who’s at fault and suspend just one side of the problem !I geuss because tc is the favorite and that’s the way It went oh well he better get a new set of knee pads because he’s worn out the ones He’s got now ! It’s clear he’s the tracks favorite! By all right he should suspended too! Oh well I won’t be there Friday night because the sport I love so much has put a black spot in my faith of Staffords way of doing things what’s fair and equal to the sport!

  38. I think when there is a serious accident involving two or more teams the officials should get going to whoever involved infield pit box and try to keep order and maybe this won’t happen! Don’t tell me they dont have enough personel they take enough cash from the competitors at the pit shack as it is!

  39. Youhavenoidea says

    The guy Ben tried to fight someone who was handicapped and deserved to b tackled

  40. Thomas F says

    TC should have been suspended too. Oh wait he is the golden boy at Stafford. What a joke.

  41. If you want to call taking exception to this “handicapped individual” screaming homophobic slurs at Glen from the infield then yeah I guess I “tried to fight him”. Except for the fact that I didn’t touch him. I know because when he walked up to me he said “What’re you gonna do? I’m handicapped”. You can ask him or the lady who works at Hoosier about that. The whole thing was over in a minute, so unless you were actually involved you wouldn’t have been able to see or hear how it all started. Being handicapped doesn’t give you an excuse to run your mouth, we all have our own personal stuff we deal with. Both of our teams are at fault if you ask me. Both were standing at the back wall illegally and both were involved physically.

  42. what a joke says

    Shawn, Can you please get an interview with Mark Arute. Everyone would love to hear how the “Rodger Goodell” of local racing got another call so incredibly wrong. Stafford is out of control and needs to make some big changes. Right now its the biggest embarrassment in CT. Its amazing how the speedbowl has surpassed stafford.
    The Race Director is terrible and makes stupid calls every week, And now the owner is playing favorites.

    There is no way to make things right at this point. The Track has completely embarrassed themselves.

  43. Just my thoughts... says

    Ben G. Well said, perhaps those that are handicapped should be in the grandstands instead of the infield pits, for their own safety of course…

  44. Friday night fights… at Stafford Speedway!!!!!

  45. Youhavenoidea says

    Ben g I was there I saw what happened u didn’t fight him no but u tried to and the threatened people and said they were a dead man hense the reason u were escorted out

  46. Youhavenoidea says

    Just my thought he had a stroke but he is quite capable of being a normal person and be in the infield

  47. There’s no crying in racing!

  48. So you also saw me walk up to the security guard who walked me out and admit all that? Like I said I’m embarrassed by it now. But…anyone who puts their hands around my neck (provoked or not) is going to catch a death threat or two. I was pissed off.

  49. First off:
    1. Juse my thoughts, the reason TC was not put into the ambulance with Reen is because he would have killed him in there so stafford made the right call on that.
    2. Ben G how can you say you didn’t initiate a fight when your whole crew was by there pit box in Reen pit stall and TC crew was by the back wall waiting to see thrre driver. Then you walked over to where he came over the wall yelling and pointing at him.
    3. Ben G you were defending yourself the whole time because you were getting whipped for running your mouth to a driver that just crashed his car and cost him a bunch of money.
    4. Ben G I did see and hear it all I was right in there trying to break it up when it started. How do you think I have all these accurate details of how it went down. You are trying to play the victim when in reality you initiated it all. No crew member should ever confront a driver after a crash on the track. Period.
    5. I’d also like to hear Reen defend himself that he didn’t start that wreck with TC with a brake check in 1 and 2 and then slam him again once cars came to a stop. It’s amazing people have all the’s different views of it all.

    See you Friday!!

  50. knuckles mahoney says

    Stafford has become a joke. I was there a couple weeks ago when Butler led the entire LM race until a yellow with 2 laps to go. On the restart Bennet gets into the back of Butler and spins him down the front stretch and doesn’t even get sent to the rear. I was like F this place, they play favorites. I walked out and will not be going back. I have been going there since the 70’s with my dad, and i’m done. Anyone who says they don’t play favorites is totally clueless.

  51. Just my thoughts... says

    Youhavenoidea, I think that name fits you well, I am fully aware that Mike had a stroke a little over a year ago, I agree he is quite capable of being a normal person and be in the infield, but most handicapped people would try to distance themselves from an altercation such as the one that happened last Friday, not be smack dab in the middle of it. Check out the picture of the incident in this weeks AARN, page 11, there is Mike right in the middle of it with a helmet flying over his head! I know Mike and I am certain he had more than a few words to say, and quite frankly what Ben G. describes in a previous post sounds just like him. It is clear to me that both teams had a part in this incident with one team taking responsibility and getting suspended and the other team making excuses as to why they are not at fault. It is also clear that Mike wanted to be a part of the action, but seeing how he is handicapped, the stands may be a safer place for him. I said it before and I will say it again, BOTH teams should have been suspended. Again, just my thoughts…

  52. Chris D. says

    Just my thoughts…A drivers crew chief should never distance himself from his driver in a situation like this one, handicapped or not. Mike had his drivers’ back… Just like he should! As far as TC reacting in the wrong manner, you don’t win a fight by waiting to get punched and then decide what to do later. I still think someone from Stafford should speak out publicly on their thought process… What did they see and hear that brought them to this conclusion. I’ll bet you a stafford speedway shot glass that this subject is not mentioned at tomorrow’s drivers meeting.

  53. “if you want to make friends go to summer camp”

  54. Just my thoughts... says

    Chris D. , It is their playground if you want to play you have to follow their rules, even if they differ from driver to driver. At last weeks drivers meeting, Tom Fox basically said, if you don’t like the way things are run here, you don’t have to race here! If Mike chooses to put himself in a dangerous situation, that is his choice, but all blame should not be put on the other side of this feud. It appears TC is capable of defending himself. Mike, If this crash had happened at say Loudon, TC would NOT have a choice who he got in the ambulance with, he would have been in there with Reen like it or not. To say TC would have killed Reen in there is a rather strong statement, NASCAR has sent drivers to anger management classes in the past for much less, perhaps Stafford should follow their lead. Speaking of anger management, I understand Chris Jones will be back tonight, should prove to be an interesting night with that loose cannon out there. Again, Just my thoughts…

  55. The infraction that TC received was partly for violation of safety rules, failure to follow directive of Infield Safety Team. That sounds like he didn’t do what the Safety Teams asked him to do, like get in the ambulance.

    From the Stafford penalty notices:
    #13 SK, driver Ted Christopher-
    Infraction- Actions detrimental to the sport, unsafe conduct on-track, violation of safety rules, failure to follow directive of Infield Safety Team.

  56. Knucklesmahoney. Before you run your lips. We restarted 4th. If your to drunk to realize what’s going on don’t run them. Butler missed a shift. Sincerely crew chief Bennett crew.

  57. This is good stuff,plainville all over again,can’t wait till next week……

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