Stafford Speedway Drivers Jockeying For Position In Call Before You Dig 811 Challenge Standings

(Press Release from Stafford Motor Speedway)

811 ChallengeWith only three more races before the conclusion of the 2015 Call Before You Dig 811 Challenge, drivers will be scrambling to accumulate as many points as they can without going over 811 to receive an $811 bonus from Call Before You Dig.

The CBYD 811 Challenge is a competition open to all NASCAR Whelen All-American Series drivers at Stafford where drivers accumulate a point total based on a points system that awards 100 points for a victory and 5 points less for each subsequent position. The goal is to be one of five drivers who comes the closest to accumulating 811 points without going over to win an $811 bonus from CBYD. The CBYD 811 Challenge began at the 44th Annual NAPA Auto Parts Spring Sizzler on April 24-26 and culminates on August 7 with the Call Before You Dig 150 Whelen Modified Tour event. The five drivers who come the closest to accumulating 811 points without going over will each take home an $811 bonus from CBYD, for a total of $4055. Due to the unprecedented amount of consecutive events completed since April, half points were awarded beginning with the June 26 event.

One driver who is still in the running to get close to 811 points without going over is SK Modified® competitor Joey Cipriano, driver of the #84 AVI International car. The last month of the 2015 season has seen Cipriano and the #84 team go through trials and tribulations that nearly eliminated them from returning to the track the following week. Cipriano says that being one of the lucky 5 drivers who gets the closest to 811 points without going over would be a huge boost for the team to help finish out the year.

“With everything we’ve gone through the last four or five weeks, the CBYD bonus of $811 would be huge for us,” said Cipriano. “Whether it’s Call Before You Dig, Dunleavy’s, or Sunoco, all the contingency bonuses are a tremendous help to us. It would be a huge help financially and it would be pretty cool to be one of 5 guys out of everyone at the racetrack to be the closest to 811 points. The last couple of wrecks we’ve had have been pretty bad so we’d definitely put that CBYD money to good use. Although I’d probably rather be one of the drivers that goes over 811 points because that would mean that we’re having a good season and further up in the points standings, it would absolutely be a nice deal for us to be one of the five drivers who wins that $811 bonus.”

Race fans can keep up to date on the CBYD 811 Challenge bonus by clicking the CBYD 811 Challenge Points Standings link found on the homepage.

Call Before You Dig is a non-profit organization funded by public utility companies with facilities located in Connecticut. Call Before You Dig is a free service that provides homeowners and professional excavators an easy way to learn just what underground utilities lie within their proposed work area. 811 was created to help people know what’s below and from unintentionally hitting underground utility lines while working on excavation projects. 811 is a free call to make, and calling Call Before You Dig before using mechanized excavating equipment is the law in Connecticut. After 2 full working days of your call, a representative from each member utility company that may be affected by an excavation project will come to the site and mark the utility location of their underground facilities with color coded paint or flags, or call if there are no conflicts. Call Before You Dig can be found online at for more detailed information and guidance.

For more information, contact the Stafford Motor Speedway track office at 860-684-2783 or visit us on the web at

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