Warren Alston Resigns From Position As Valenti Modified Racing Series Director

2014 VMRS LogoValenti Modified Racing Series series director Warren Alston confirmed Thursday that he has resigned from his position with that series.

Alston said responsibility changes with his full-time job forced him to make the decision to walk away from the position. Alston was named the series director prior to the 2015 season.

A report Thursday published by Kyle Souza of the website RaceChaserOnline said Alston had been fired by series management.

Alston insisted there was no validity to that story.

“I had to walk away from the position because of my full-time job,” Alston said. “Because of the changes that have happened with my job, it would prevent me from making a handful of shows, which isn’t fair to the competitors and the teams to not have the consistency in the tower. The race director is an integral part of making the show flow. When you don’t have the same person making those calls and making that happen it kind of gets clumsy.”

Alston was the fourth series director in less than two seasons. Valenti Modified Racing Series owner and founder Jack Bateman was unavailable for comment Thursday.

“I spoke to Jack about my situation here at work,” Alston said. “Jack was sad that it had to happen. This series is a business and you need a manager to run the series. … They have an opportunity for some consistency with a director there that the series needs and deserves.”


  1. Glad speed 51 could report this without slandering another reporter in the process. Typical Shawn

  2. Lucas,

    Definition of slander: the action or crime of making a false spoken statement damaging to a person’s reputation. You should learn words before you use them. Try a dictionary next time you leave a comment.

  3. Shawn, Man you just find a way to bash Kyle huh?

  4. Lou,
    Someone reported publicly that this man was fired from his job, and got zero confirmation of that from any parties involved before reporting it. Nobody has to exactly go out of their way to “find a way” to bash anybody who is falsely publishing reports that people have been fired from their job. Sorry, there’s a track record there with this individual when it comes to having no level of journalistic ethics, whether it’s blatantly plagiarizing other media outlets or publishing personally damaging false reports about individuals.

  5. I see Fox News in somebody’s future.

  6. Your the most classless person at the racetrack Shawn. You have always done what you could to make others look bad. That’s why people walk the other direction when they see you coming.

  7. Lucas,
    I’m classless? You say that in defending someone today who wrote a fabricated published report claiming someone was fired from a job they were not actually fired from. I’d say classless is the person that puts their name on that story as the author without actually confirming the validity of it. Then again, we’re talking about the same person that lifts stories from other media outlets and puts his name on those and has them published as his own. Trust me, I do nothing to make Kyle Souza look bad, he does it plenty well enough all on his own.

  8. I see all the cry baby’s are back, sure did miss them

  9. Crazy in NY says

    darealgoodfella says:
    July 2, 2015 at 5:49 pm
    I see Fox News in somebody’s future.
    I see your mug on Mad magazine in the future. The real story tonight is Tommy Barrett
    didn’t kill anybody on his way to Seekonk. Raced to P2 in his heat so I’d say he was sober.
    btw.. Fox kicks crap out of every other network in the news game…welcome to the main stream.
    Truth be told , Crazy in NY, darealgood, and Shawn Courchesne should be @Seekonk actually
    enjoying some Modified racing ..instead we another adventure underway on DramaDay CT.

  10. Chris D. says

    Crazy…races his way to second place??? He punted the 45 out of the way to get second!

  11. Crazy in NY says

    I see tonight guys are getting put back for rough riding. Barrett wasn’t penalized but I’m not
    there and if you are Chris D I’ll defer to you. Hard to unlearn those WMT habits I guess 🙂

  12. Chris D. says

    No doubt tight racing, but a lot of contact on that pass. True, Tom Fox let it go, it looked questionable to me.

  13. Andy Boright says

    Kyle Souza has only himself to blame for the reputation he has. He’s very lazy when it comes to digging for the facts, and I don’t rely on the information he provides as being accurate or correct.

  14. Why don’t you guys stop bickering and talk about the incredible job James Civali and Richard Savary did driving nearly half of the race last night side by side for the lead without touching each other. And about how they kept swapping the lead again again. And about how Eric Beers made Ole’ Blue look like the Ole’ Blue of old. Come on guys. Start talking about racing again. Last nights race was great.

  15. Andy Boright says

    There is a time, place, and thread for the Seekonk race. This story is about a series losing a race director and getting the facts straight surrounding that departure.

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