Keith Rocco To Sit Out Whelen Modified Tour Event At Stafford Speedway; Will Run SK Mod

Keith Rocco prepares for his first ride in the Our Motorsports Whelen Modified Tour car in April  at Stafford Motor Speedway

Keith Rocco prepares for his first ride in the Our Motorsports Whelen Modified Tour car in April at Stafford Motor Speedway

Keith Rocco won’t be chasing his first NASCAR Whelen Modified Tour victory Friday at Stafford Motor Speedway, but he will continue his quest for a second Whelen All-American Series national championship.

Officials from Our Motorsports announced Tuesday that the team will withdraw their entry from Friday’s NASCAR Whelen Modified Tour Call Before You Dig 150 at Stafford Motor Speedway.

The team cited a hand injury sustained recently by Rocco as the reason for the decision to withdraw from the event.

“Our primary concern is getting Keith back to 100 percent,” team owner Chris Our said in a release. “We will take this on a week-by-week basis as his recovery continues.”

Rocco sustained the injury during the first segment of the Sunoco Modified 20/20 Sprint event last Wednesday at Thompson Speedway.

Rocco ran the final two segments of the event at Thompson Wednesday and also ran in the SK Modified feature at Stafford Friday and the SK Modified and Late Model feature’s Saturday the New London-Waterford Speedbowl. He won the Late Model feature at Waterford.

Rocco told RaceDayCT Tuesday that he is wearing a short cast for a light fracture in his right hand.

“After talking with [Our] and [crew chief Brad Lafontaine], I just told them that I don’t want to waste anybody’s time or money on Friday,” Rocco told RaceDayCT.

Rocco said he will compete in the SK Modified features Friday at Stafford and Saturday at the Speedbowl. Rocco, the 2010 NASCAR Whelen All-American Series national champion, has led the national standings since June.

He said a decision has not been made concerning his possible participation in the Valenti Modified Racing Series event at Waterford on Saturday.

“It’s so much different racing 35 or 40 laps compared 150,” Rocco said. “The MRS race is 100 laps at Waterford. Right now, I’m not sure what we’re going to do with that.”

Rocco is currently 13th in the Whelen Modified Tour standings after competing in seven events for the team this season. Rocco joined the team after former driver Tommy Barrett Jr. was released. Barrett ran the first event of the season for the team before his release.


  1. Why withdraw put Ronnie Silk in the car.

  2. Looking at the weather forecast it may play into Roccos favor as Friday may be a washout anyway according to:

    but you never know its still early in the week.

  3. old man racer says

    Put Tommy back in that car!
    (He knows how to win on the tour.)

  4. Old Man Racer,
    I don’t think Tommy Barrett Jr. is currently eligible to compete in NASCAR sanctioned events.

  5. Funny you should say that Shawn because Rocco hasn’t really competed either

  6. Our says the primary concern is to get Keith healthy… So Keith will just keep racing sk’s and late model at the speedbowl anyway, risking further injury. That makes no sense. So many good drivers out there, why park the car? Also, Thompson is 5 days after Stafford… F Barrett, put Stefanik back in the 22, fans would love it.

  7. Dave Borawski says

    i am worried kieth is getting impatient. he likes to win, he DOES win. but the tour is different and he needs to hang in there and work it.

  8. So he hurt at thompson on Wednesday in the Sk race but raved on Friday at stafford and then two raves at Waterford on Saturday of which according to reports he was involved in a major front stretch wreck in the sk race at Saturday. Is this the beginning of his departure from the 22 on the tour

  9. Crazy in NY says

    Keith wrecked himself at Waterford Saturday. I wonder if he hurt his wrist then?

    Somethings not right here. Can Drive the SK and Late but not the Tour car?

    Not buying it.

  10. I agree don’t skip the race. Let’s see Mike Stefanik back.

  11. “It’s so much different racing 35 or 40 laps compared 150, Rocco said. ” makes sense to me. Since there’s no heat racing Friday, his injury gets a break there, too…

    I’d also like to see Stefanik or Silk in the 22, and wish they wouldn’t skip.

    I’ve missed the last three weeks at SMS, looking forward to Friday!

  12. just a fan says

    never see stefanik …… brad the crew chief said he does not know how to drive stafford …

  13. Sect.D Row25 says

    What part of STEFANIK DOES NOT WANT TO RACE ANYMORE do all you Dinosaurs not understand?

  14. Ewanitsko Fan says

    Put TC in the car for Stafford, Thompson, and Bristol.

  15. Isn’t Silk an LFR guy? A couple other guys I’d like to see in that car, Matt Hirshman, Steve Masse, or Hossfeld. How about Ronnie Williams at Stafford? The story says Keith got hurt in SK/Sunoco mod at Thompson, so obviously, to continue to run SK’s is still taking a chance. Did last place finish at Monadnock play into this? just a fan, if Brad thinks Stefanik does not know how to drive Stafford, then he is as dumb as he looks.

  16. I’m sure missing the Bowl for a last place finish at Monadnock didn’t help. Another conflict on Aug 29th looming. We all know how this ends.

  17. TC will be looking for a ride at Bristol heard the owner told him he can stay up here and race for his national points

  18. LM enlighten us as to this rumor on TC and Bristol ? I thought that TC owned the # 13 and his own motors .

  19. I dont know about the rumor but it wouldn’t surprise me if TC skipped Bristol. He can’t win, he’s not in the point race and its an expensive trip.

  20. Jim,
    Don’t you look at the entry lists? Bob Kayton is the car owner. Used to be the 46. TC owns the motors.

  21. As a local short track fan, it doesn’t bother me that TC would rather run the speedbowl.

  22. LM Right you are he is the car owner . But you said car . Sometimes they run bobs car and sometimes they run teds car . So the ? Is who’s car runs where

  23. knuckles mahoney says

    Simple solution Mr. Our. Call Les Hinckley. Great shoe, can set up the car better than anyone and is ready.

  24. Anyone think this is punishment for the incident at Monadnock involving Keith and Goodale? I wasn’t there but on tv it was speculated he waited on and took out Goodale in retaliation for an earlier on track incident. Seems if it was for health reasons, he wouldnt be running the sk and late model. Keith Rocco is out of the points having missed the first race and a bad finish at Monadnock. I thought the tour had owner points so I am surprised they wouldn’t put someone else in the car. Hopefully Keith gets better and is back in the car for Thompson.

    If Keith is going to be out of the ride I would love to see Mike Stefanik back on the tour if he wanted to. It might even get me to go to one of the remaining tour races in CT. I didnt like the way he left the tour.

  25. Even if the 22 were to put another driver in the car that person would need a tour license. A lot of names being mentioned don’t have one for 2015. How many would run out and get one for one race on short notice? Just saying. Nothing wrong with a little day dreaming though I suppose.

  26. Good call on the weather Larry

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