Sources: Suspension Likely For Speedbowl SK Light Mod Driver Chris Correll; Late Model Podium Penalty

Chris Correll celebrates a victory in the SK Light Modified feature at the New London-Waterford Speedbowl on June 6.

Chris Correll celebrates a victory in the SK Light Modified feature at the New London-Waterford Speedbowl on June 6.

Multiple sources close to the New London-Waterford Speedbowl have indicated that SK Light Modified driver Chris Correll will likely face an indefinite suspension by track officials for his actions during and following Saturday’s event at the track.

Correll, of New London, was disqualified from the 25-lap SK Light Modified feature Saturday after wrecking driver Paul French in what appeared to be a purposeful manner.

In the pits after the race Correll was stopped by a track official just before attempting to take a swing at Gino Difilippo Jr., the owner of the car French was racing. 

Correll was taken from the pits in handcuffs. Sargeant Roger Reed of the Waterford Police Department confirmed that Correll was arrested on a breach of peace charge and released on a promise to appear later in the evening.

Correll was 11th in the standings after last night’s event. Correll had one SK Light Modified feature this year, on June 6.

French bumped Correll out of the lead three laps into the SK Light Modified feature Saturday. French was penalized and placed to the rear of the field for the incident. Later in the event Correl used a move against French that sent French hard into the turn two wall.

Speedbowl racing director Scott Tapley said Sunday that any further penalties for Correll will be announced Tuesday.

Anthony Flannery, who finished second in the 30-lap Late Model feature Saturday at the Speedbowl will be disqualified from that finish for issues involving his brakes.

The disqualification has not been reflected as of yet on the online results from the track or the track’s updated points, which have Flannery in second place, 23 points behind division leader Jason Palmer. Keith Rocco, who won Saturday’s event, is 30 points behind Palmer, who finished third on the track behind Flannery Saturday.


  1. Yeah, I guess if you leave the pits in handcuffs you should probably be suspended…maybe he can run Stafford instead.

  2. French is a great driver and good dude

  3. French is a GREAT driver.lmao

  4. since when is getting spun out of the lead just a bump

  5. Hackalooza says

    French won his tittles and races with an SK with a plate on it against SK lites now that he has to race sk lite legal he’s just another hack in a division full of them. Total Busch league move by the 7 but when you hit everything out there but the pace car like French does payback is going to come one day.

  6. There is an old saying “screw with the bull and you will get his horn” this case it was the chrome horn. Sometime a man gets pushed to his limit and he retaliates in a way that is not normally like him. To bad this all happened and someone had to be removed in cuffs and someone ended up with a bent race car. These guys are both competitors and I hope they can put this nonsense behind them before someone really gets hurt or they cause others that are a victim of circumstance to spend a lot of money in repairs.

    Hacks, I don’t see this is a division full of hacks. There are some very talented drivers in the division that if given the right opportunity could really show what they can do.

    From what I witnessed it was more than “just a bump” and maybe it is time to use the black flag which would have avoided the end result. No points for the night, finish last and maybe a week off to think about what you did just might get your undivided attention.

    Only my opinion.

  7. The 76 spun the 7 out out of lead, the 76 got sent to the rear. Normal procedure. Maybe the track should have told the 7 if he retaliated he would be booted for a few weeks. This incident looked very much like what Staskowski did to Rocco a few years ago in the LM. Lucky no one has been hurt yet.

  8. Sk Lites at both tracks are typically wreckfests. A bit better at Waterford but that’s cause they don’t put out 20+ cars like Stafford does.

  9. sk lites are not full of hacks. The 7 should have been put back up front and the 76 should have gone to the rear. Situation would have been avoided if the right call was made. Also how many times do the same drivers get away with running into other cars without officials doing something about it? Where are the penalties for these actions. How about suspensions for being illegal in tech. A week off would help cure that problem.

  10. they need to institute a tap rule – if you spin a guy by accident, you tap your roof in front of the starter, this tells the starter to put the guy back up front – this is a very honest way to right your mistake.

  11. Hackalooza says

    If you guys think anyone in that division at the bowl besides Barry in the 39 is a race car driver you need your heads examined.

  12. hahahaha Steve, your joking right?

  13. James Scott says

    Jackal pizza where did you drive?

  14. James Scott says

    Hackalooza where did you drive?

  15. speed kills says

    Corey Barry a driver .. I dont think so …. go to stafford and see how you do against the little kids .wont beat anybody there .. its entry level open wheels people .Correll did what he wanted after getting dumped and is facing the consequences of his actions.. French is a legend in his own mind .

  16. So you are telling me just because you don’t race at Stafford your not a good race car driver, really? And who says no one from Waterford can go to Stafford and win? You better check the roster in the lights at Stafford and see how many of the drivers are really entry level.

    Maybe some people don’t have the financial backing to race at Stafford so they race at the track they live close to and can afford to race at. Unfortunately since they can’t afford to race at Stafford I guess we will never know if they can win or not.

  17. A really good race car driver learns how to control his car so that when he gets “tapped” he does not spin out but maintains control. He may lose a spot or 2, but he continues on. A good example would be Rowen Pennick recently when he got “tapped” by Ryan Preece at Stafford. He got all sideways but gathered it up and continued in fourth place. The late great Dale Earnheart was a good example. He would move other drivers during the race and many other drivers tried to retaliate, but Dale learned good car control and rarely got spun out. The officials should never put someone back into the lead.
    That is a big mistake. Then you would have drivers who got “tapped” spinning out intentionally to get that guy off their tail because they know that if they make a good show of it, they will be put right back into the lead. Take someone at Waterford who has the lead and has Keith Rocco right behind them in second. He “taps” them a couple of times and they purposely spin out. Rocco gets put to the rear and that driver gets put back into the lead. That is stupid. Learn how to drive and react to the tap so that you don’t get spun out. Never put the driver who got spun out back into the lead. Never let the second place car who did the tapping remain unpunished and take over the lead. You are rewarding a guy for taking out the leader of the race. The race director has a tough job because only the 2 cars involved really know what happened and both will probably lie if asked about it.

  18. What Do I Know says

    What kind of idiotic comment is that? When you get hit from behind you’re not supposed to spin out? What happens when the guy that hits you gets your rear tires off the ground? Are you still supposed to hang on to it? How about this for a ground breaking idea; how about stop running over each other and learn to pass without using the bumper. This whole “I needed to bump him to get by” is just an excuse for a lack of talent.

  19. speed kills says

    humphry..again its entry level open wheels . the better quality sk lites run and stafford and more of them.some children who have perhaps not started shaving are racing sk lite at stafford !! how many incidents has corey barry been involved in over the past couple seasons where someone ended up wrecked. I guess its ok to stay safe and close to home for financial reasons but you wont go to stafford as you know you wont crack the top ten there . your probably right …stay at waterford and walk tall like your something special.see it for what it is ..he drives an SK Lite at waterford .as long as your having fun and racing !!!

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