Speedbowl SK Light Modified Driver Chris Correll Suspended For Remainder Of 2015 Season

New London Waterford Speedbowl LogoWaterford Speedbowl officials announced Tuesday that SK Light Modified driver Chris Correll has been suspended from competition at the track for the remainder of the 2015 season.

Correll’s penalty was for actions that took place during and after Saturday’s SK Light Modified feature at the Speedbowl.

Correll, of New London, was disqualified from the 25-lap SK Light Modified feature Saturday after wrecking driver Paul French in what appeared to be a purposeful manner. In the pits after the race Correll was stopped by a track official just before attempting to take a swing at Gino Difilippo Jr., the owner of the car French was racing.

Correll was taken from the pits in handcuffs and charged with breach of peace by the Waterford Police.

In a release from the Speedbowl Correll was cited for: “An act, or act(s) of purpose based contact with competing driver with intent during the August 1st, 2015 NLWS NWAAS SK Light Modified feature event. Driver purposely contacted competing driver (on race track) under green flag with intent.” and “Physical act(s) of endangerment by way of attempted physical violence in the pit area following expulsion from the August 1st, 2015 NLWS NWAAS SK Light feature event.”

Correll was 11th in the standings after last night’s event. Correll had one SK Light Modified feature this year, on June 6.

French bumped Correll out of the lead three laps into the SK Light Modified feature Saturday. French was penalized and placed to the rear of the field for the incident. Later in the event Correl used a move against French that sent French hard into the turn two wall. Correlly is officially suspended through Dec. 31, 2015.


  1. Would hardly call what French did just a bump.

  2. After watching Sid’s video I really doubt that French wanted to take out Correll on purpose. It was early in the race and every racer knows you can’t spin out the leader. Its not like Correll had been blocking French for 10 laps. But a rule is a rule and they both were sent to the rear.

    Regardless the retaliation on Correll’s part should have been of the same nature if any at all. It doesn’t make it right but spin him into the infield where he won’t catch up any other innocent racers in their personal feud. Anytime you hook someone and turn them toward the wall is outright intent on causing serious damage to their racecar if not injury to the driver. I am not so sure a half-season suspension is enough. I’m thinking maybe some anger management classes are also in order for Correll before being allowed back. I had these same thoughts last year when Stakowski sent Rocco into the wall. But its only my opinion for what it is worth.

  3. I guess my question is how is attempting to take a swing breach of peace? I can see if he put his hands on him but it appears he did not because the track official stopped him. Not a lawyer here and not agreeing what he did was proper but just asking.

  4. bystander says

    Had he made contact it would have been an assault charge. Attempting to start a physical confrontation is what the charge “breach of peace” means.

  5. Crazy in NY says

    I watched the vid and thought French after getting under Correll ran him a bit high out of 4 but that didn’t deserve a hook job into the fence. Kudo’s to Waterford for dealing with this in a timely manner.
    A clear message is sent.

  6. Thanks for the clarification bystander.

    I guess I saw a different video of the incident (check out Sids View). Lap 2 got into Correll in 1, lap 3 turned Correll around in one, ran Correll up coming out of 4 after they both went to the back. So I guess French just kept instigating and ended up on the loosing end of the 3 strike rule. Not saying I agree with the way it was dealt with by Correll however he is out for the rest of the season and French got put the back for his role. I think French also deserves a trip to the NASCAR trailer and put on probation for the remaining 2015 season so he understands his nonsense needs to stop. Good to see the Bowl is taking care of business though rather than letting it fester.

  7. A lot of words by the track officials just to say, “Conduct detrimental to the sport of Auto Racing” . That would have filled the bill. The more words you use the easier it is to pick apart.

  8. Can you imagine the mess Stafford would have made of this.It would have depended how much the track ,Tom Fox,the Arutes like you.If you are the mayor or Mr inside.lmao

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