Corey Barry DQ’ed From SK Light Mod Win At Speedbowl; Joey Ferrigno Gets First Win At Track

Joey Ferrigno

Joey Ferrigno

Joey Ferrigno’s first career SK Light Modified victory at the New London-Waterford Speedbowl comes a few days after the original victory lane ceremonies took place.

Ferrigno was celebrated for finishing second to Corey Barry in the 25-lap SK Light Modified feature Saturday at the Speedbowl, though upon further review, Ferrigno was declared the winner.

Speedbowl officials announced Tuesday that Barry, of Plainfield, was disqualified from what was his sixth victory of the season in the division.

Ferrigno was driving Saturday at the Speedbowl in the SK Light he normally drives in the same division at Stafford Motor Speedway.

“It’s redemption for a less than stellar performance Friday at Stafford,” Ferrigno said. “I was the victim of being in the wrong place at the wrong time with a car to win Friday at Stafford. I brought the car to the [Speedbowl] because I owed her a win.”

Barry, the reigning division champion, was found with issues involving shocks during post-race inspection.

In their announcement Speedbowl officials stated under technical infraction for the 2015 NLWS SK Light Modified Rules:

Section 8.9.1- Coil Over Shocks A. The following shocks are permitted;
– Fronts- Pro Shocks # TA551⁄2B
– Rears- Pro Shocks # TA741⁄2B
– Shocks must remain as manufactured, they may not be modified/adjusted in any manner.

According to the track release: “The 39 team’s front shock was tested (dyno) and found to not met the above stated shock mandate and was confirmed from the part manufacturer following the August 29th, 2015 NLWS NWAAS SK Light Modified feature.”

Barry was disqualified from the event for the infraction.



  1. speed kills says

    here we go ..”i have used those same shocks all year” (AKA cheating all year) “why is it now an issue ” OR we damaged the car and put the wrong shock…thats shock as in singular on the car.. cheater !! busted.. good job speedbowl .

  2. Any one really surprised….. What I am surprised at is A. it took this long and B. they stopped checking at just the shocks…

  3. Oops

  4. Now if the inspector gadgets can figure out why the #88 and #13 SKS are 2/10ths faster then any other car in the field we’ll be getting somewhere.

  5. I everyone wants to win, but it must be a pretty hollow win personally if you know you are cheating.

  6. They sould have (or did they) check the top 3

  7. Grey Matter says

    Got no talent? Cheating is the answer. Keep looking Waterford, there is more to be found on Barry’s car.

  8. Here’s an idea, he’s been a champion how many times and has won how many races? I’m pretty sure he doesn’t have to start cheating now. The SK lights are very fast cars even if you aren’t that skilled at racing. Not everyone checks every little aspect of every centimeter of their cars. He has more wins than any loss or DQ. I’m sure this DQ means nothing to him.

  9. I was watching that race Saturday and I have to say that car was pretty stought on the outside . I’m gonna give him the benefit of the doubt here and wait and see how fast he is next race .

  10. hmmmm …. y’all ignorant …. Never met a serious racer yet who DIDN’T check every aspect of every square inch of their car !!! Only an idiot would not do that. So with that said … is he an idiot or did he get caught cheating? Only he knows the answer to that one.

  11. The problem is specifying a shock that can be taken apart. The cheaters will rebuild them. The rule followers are stuck with an average shock that can vary a fair amount out of box. I doubt specifying one shock for every different car chassis is fair. Let the teams tune as needed. Pick a price point or allow different valving with non-rebuildable shocks. They tech’d the lf. I’m sure it was found to be higher than spec’d rebound.

  12. Let’s hope the bowl really steps up and pulls heads this way all these cars claiming stock for the past few seasons can be busted how many cars are running quick changes and have never been checked? The same two or three cars are faster we in and week out if ones a cheater I’m sure the other is

  13. Steady Eddie Fan says

    I think this web site should stop allowing comments because it’s just a place for people to show their anger and stupidity. What in the the world does Keith Rocco and Teddy have to do with the SK lights. Get a life “NOW”

  14. Oh my god you would think he deflated a football… Nascar!!!!!

  15. If you want to talk football and blame then the NFL needs to look in the mirror . That’s all I got to say about that .

  16. The next thing they will check on the 39 car is the TA “B” engine. I bet it is over the .030 on engine displacement? I bet they will before the end of the racing year!!

  17. As far as the 88 goes—- Keith works on his car every second he has of every day and he can DRIVE the HELL out of a racecar! I do not believe he has one every race this year either. You want to find Keith at any track just go to his race car, odds are he is trying to make it FASTER. Everyone gets on the wave in racing some CHEAT some don’t. Winners are all ways accused of cheating. Keith doesn’t CHEAT– ITS CALLED HARD WORK!!!

  18. It has to make you wonder when a car is THAT much faster than everyone else. Doubt it was the first time they cheated.

  19. Shock and Awwwwwwww 🙁

    The 39 left all the drivers that finished behind him shocked.

    “Corey, were you surprised by the DQ decision by the Speedbowl?” “At first, but I’m no longer shocked.”

    Heyyyyyyyyyyy ooooooooooooohhhhhh!!!!!!!

  20. So what is the infraction, did he not have the correct part number as specified in the rules?

  21. Buzz I think people who live In glass houses should not throw stones. If the 39 is cheating I’m betting the 9 is also cheating and you don’t need to be a engineer to see that!

  22. I am going out on a limb and give the benefit of the doubt here. Didn’t Pro Shock get bought out by another manufacturer within the last year or so? I also hear that when this happened these SK Lite shocks were on back order with all of the dealers for quite some time. Is it possible when the new manufacturer started producing the shocks there QA/QC what not quite up to par and some did not get built to the correct spec? What mandate did the track test for? I really don’t see anything in this rule about shock parameter so If you buy the shocks off the shelf, they are the correct part number, then who’s responsibility is it to make certain they are correctly built? What do you have to do, take them to the track and have them tested prior to installing them on the car? Lets not be so quick to accuse people of cheating when it may not be there fault.

    I think it is a good possibility that car will come back the next race and be just as dominant as it has been. One shock is not going to make that much of a difference. Remember the 7 P’s which I would think this team follows; proper prior planning prevents piss poor performance. That is why they are probably so good.

  23. I have a couple things I feel are worth pondering on the situation trying not to call anyone out and as well as trying not to show my personal political feeling on the situation and ask everyone to look at these points with a neutral point of view. First of all any bar room lawyer could pick apart the tracks release and question that that they could not prove beyond a reasonable doubt that the team purposely broke the rule. “The 39 team’s front shock was tested (dyno) and found to not met the above stated shock mandate and was confirmed from the part manufacturer following the August 29th, 2015 NLWS NWAAS SK Light Modified feature.” If it was the wrong part number why not state that in the release? And if it was the correct part number how does a dyno test prove that it was modified? Dyno tests are usually external tests that do not involve checking the interior of the shock, so based on that how do we know it was modified? Sure the manufacture will say that the results don’t match what that part number should be, and the team will say that’s how they bought it. Again no “smoking gun” or proof beyond a reasonable doubt, “just he said, she said” and pointing fingers, but lucky for the track (and other sporting organizations) the socialist style of management leaves them free of question or need to explain themselves in more detail. Secondly if the team had knowledge of uncomforting parts, I would like to talk to everyone who is on their high horse that talks down to “cheaters” and people who they think are cheaters just because of their personal feeling toward the driver/team. RichC says, “Never met a serious racer yet who DIDN’T check every aspect of every square inch of their car!!! Only an idiot would not do that. So with that said … is he an idiot or did he get caught cheating? Only he knows the answer to that one.” I have never met a serious racer who isn’t like that either, but I have also never met a serious racer that wouldn’t take any chance to make their car faster or more completive. As a racer and competitor making the call to “run legal”, or try something a little different that may be considered “pushing the limits” is a lot more of a blurred line, and not as black and white as “legal” and “cheating” as most of us keyboard crew chiefs argue, remember everything is all a matter of perspective of your involvement in something at a particular time not just on the outside looking in after the fact. The last thing I would like to bring up is the actual racing talent and lack of talent shown this past Saturday by Barry and the two drivers finishing behind him. For any who watched that race, putting personal bias aside Barry out drove the field by more than what this “illegal part” would have made any difference. The first 6 laps involved the leader (#87) protecting the bottom grove giving the #9 many clean opportunities to pass on the outside. As the #9, for whatever reason, tends not want to pass on the outside, contact was made between the #87 and #9 as the #9 was trying to make room on the bottom. Meanwhile Barry was able to catch and pass both #9 and #87 on the outside, because of the speed they were losing by the way they were racing each other. Barry drove away to more than a straightway lead from them as they continued to block low (#87) and push/bump (#9) each other. And for any one that paid attention it the actual racing, Saturday or all season long, would have realized Barry’s talent to go to the outside and the lack of talent by the two drivers behind him made more of a difference in margin of victory than one shock could have.

  24. Grey Matter says

    @Higgins- First of all, I know of several cars at the Bowl in the SK Lite division that have warmed over shocks. It happens and it’s been happening since the SK Lite division started at Stafford. Secondly, if the shock in question (I believe the left front) was not in spec and was deemed illegal, the shock would have been set to create a performance advantage which is easy to catch. When these shocks wear, they loose their ability to dampen the spring which happens over time. If the shock was dyno’d to what would resemble a 4/7 shock which is commonly called a “hold down shock” and considered to be a performance advantage. There is only one way to get that outcome and that is revalving the shock. Normal shock wear cannot produce that effect. The revalving of the shock is easily detectable on the dyno. This has nothing to do with part numbers. The reason he blew by the 87 and the 9 is because of a superior handling car because of the shocks, not because he has more talent. Anyone who races can tell you that shocks make a HUGE difference in corner speed and handling.

  25. Mod Fan, Interesting glass houses, you just need to read the rules and follow them that’s why they have them. The Tech officials are doing a great job!

  26. Higgins
    You sound like a bar room lawyer for sure. You say you are not gonna call any one out or show your personal opinions in the first sentence. Then forget by the end of your rant when you start pointing at drivers so called lack of talent. BTW they only tested one shock. Obv if one was not legal the rest were Also altered.

  27. I must say nice job Higgins, I believe you are spot on and as the famous quote from the OJ trial goes “if the glove does not fit you must acquit”.

    I believe this is just an unfair attempt to manipulate the points battle to keep the end result more exciting for the spectators. Unfortunately it is at the hands of innocent individuals that purchased a spec part that was not manufactured to proper tolerances.

    As I stated in my previous post the 39 car I believe comes well prepared every week. They appear to pay attention to detail and work very hard to stay on top of their game, never mind having a driver with a ton of talent. I always believed when you become complacent you get beat and I don’t see complacency in this team.

  28. I believe he is guilty of cheating – otherwise I’m sure he would be responding on this site and many others. Not sure why these tracks don’t police their rules better than they do. easy solution to stop cheating in the shock dept is… the track buys a set of shocks and switches out the winners shocks and has the four checked every week. if the shocks check out good they will go on the next weeks winners car. if a shock is found to be tampered with – loss of points for the season.

  29. @race fan
    I wasn’t trying to rant, I apologize if it came across like that. The term lack of talent may have been harsh and bias but I was just trying to describe the racing between the 2nd and 3rd place competitors, that I saw. Maybe someone else that watched the race could better discribe it with better wording.
    As for talent vs illgeal vs opportunity we can all argue what did and didn’t make the difference and how much each one of those made toward the margin of victory. But the fact is there is no way to prove what really made a specific amount of difference, it’s just all personal opinion.

  30. Once again,
    Was the shock tampered with? Maybe.
    Was the shock manufactured out of spec? Maybe. Who knows. Change the shock rules to a non- rebuildable and/or allow different valving. I use these shocks. I buy 3 of them out of the box and have them dyno’d then put them on the best corner. They vary a lot. Leave the odd one as a spare.
    As far as talent, the front runners are talented and come with a well prepared car. This “novice” division is the 2nd fastest division at all the tracks by less than .6 of a second.
    As far as making accusations of cheating, put up or shut up. Let the techs find out. If your car doesn’t pass tech. Sorry. You lose.

  31. speed kills says

    higgins aka corey barry mom.. look ya cheat you lose.too bad the other wins will stand… good job speedbowl. PS does anyone remember the 13 was DQ`d earlier in the year for the intake .. also caught french with tranny.galvin with fuel and some lites have refused to be tech`d (churchill) again good job speedbowl…love when a driver talks about how hard the crew works etc knowing they have a performance advantage that is outside the rules.. ultimate hypocryte. I guess those shocks set them back so much they were “not sure they could run the entire season”(money) LOL… They wont waste the gas to tow to stafford as the car probably wouldn`t pass a pre race inspection …

  32. Buzz why do I need to read and follow the rules I don’t race skl nor do I associate with anyone who does. What I do know is what I see if your claiming the 39 to be cheating then you Guys must be cheating you seem to know an awful lot about it

  33. This sport was built on finding an edge. We use to call them winners. Somewhere along the line we morphed into calling them cheaters. The tracks should just announce an item(s) they will be checking during the week. If you check shocks every 3rd Saturday of each month and certain drivers are performance short on those nights and fast all others you will see where the edge may be coming from. Tracks should always do a full inspection of the top finishers but pick a focus area each week for everyone. I think it would clear up some of the “gray” areas. Also, it seems like a lot of these issues could looked at before the feature and not post race. These cars are in the pits by 3pm. Tech folks should be looking at cars then.

  34. From what I have witnessed the 9 has slowed down considerably since the rumor around the pit was the tech staff was going to check for something in the heads the next week after he beat the 39 driving away. The car has not been the same since then, maybe something changed? I think the piece of tape on the hood read Stock 2625, really?

  35. Grey Matter says

    Humphry… the 9 car is an untouched sealed create motor. He has slowed considerably because they have dialed themselves right out. Have you seen that can handle lately? So yeah… Stock 2625… really.

  36. Mr. Humphry, The ” Rumor ” is inspections on the “B” engines for displacement! not only compression which was already done this year, ‘B ” engines can be .030 on bore dia, over but no more. The stock engines ( .020 under bore) when new are sealed and inspected at assembly by SMS officials, sealed with witness tags and the tags documented with the engine builder and dated. The engine builders are fully in the loop with the Nascar Waterford officials and know all their engines intimately. The officials can request any type of inspections ” A” or “B” engine.

  37. I thought it was required that each and every SKL engine (don’t care if it is a B or stock) had to be assembled, witnessed and sealed by an official from Stafford at the motor builders facility. Matter of fact I believe there was even a charge for the official to be there. I also thought the seal numbers had to be placed on file with Stafford. Maybe I am wrong.

  38. Stock motor means stock bore anything other then that is a mod motor and should run at 2650 not sure how a skl motor can still be “stock” after three seasons and sti be competitive. It’s not to hard to see how these skl teams cheat a seal gun is cheap as are the stock break away bolts just look on racing junk.

  39. Mod fan, maybe grey matter & buzz can help with that question, they seem to be the pretty well versed on the SKL engines. There must also be rules about the engines somewhere on the track web sites that run them.

  40. Mr. Humphry, You are correct both engines are witnessed when assembled. To measure volumetric displacement, i.e.. stroke and bore the officials have the instrumentation to do this and I would recommend that they do for both A and B engines. Just to get some data for the difference in competitive power. As far as the wittiness tags they are created at the builders shops, type, numbers engravings and documented on file, which you would not be able get them on ebay or at any other store. They have discussed doing tare downs but the engine builders and official have not come to any agreement on how to do it because of costs. As I indicated before the “Stock A Engines come in Stock GM sealed engines at .020 under and the B engines can be bored out to .030 max.

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