Joey Ferrigno Wins New England Racing Fuel Support Performer Of The Week Award

NE Racing Fuel Support Performer Award

Ten times in the last two season Joey Ferrigno has been nominated for the New England Racing Fuel Support Performer of the Week Award.

And 10 times he has charged his way to winning.

But none was more impressive than the way he won for the 10th time on Tuesday.

On Tuesday New London-Waterford Speedbowl officials announced that Corey Barry had been disqualified from victory in the 25-lap SK Light Modified feature from Saturday. It meant Ferrigno was the new winner of the event.

At just after 2 p.m. Tuesday, with just about 10 hours left in the voting, Ferrigno was added to the ballot for the New England Racing Fuel Performer of the Week Award, with the rest of the nominees, who had been collecting votes since late Saturday.

At that point Corey Coates, the Limited Sportsman winner from the Speedbowl Saturday was leading the voting with just over 200 votes, with Jeff Rocco – the Late Model winner last week at Thompson – and Larry Loomis – the Mini Stock winner at the Speedbowl – both right on his heels.

By 6 p.m. Ferrigno was leaving the field in his wake.

In the end, it was a landslide for the East Hartford driver.

Ferrigno collected 337 of the 1,103 votes cast (30.6 percent).

Loomis was second in the voting with 226 votes (20.5 percent), Coates was third with 218 votes (19.8 percent) and Rocco fourth with 213 votes (19.3 percent).

Each week during the 2015 racing season the New England Racing Fuel RaceDayCT Support Performer of the Week will be chosen from among drivers competing in events in one of the NASCAR Whelen All-American Series weekly support divisions (excludes SK Modified divisions) at Stafford Motor Speedway, Thompson Speedway and the Waterford Speedbowl.

Ferrigno will receive a $20 certificate for race fuel from New England Racing Fuel.

The final voting results are listed below.


  1. So we race fans are supposed to believe Ferrigno got 337 legitimate votes in 10 hours…. After being added due to a DQ??? What a joke.

  2. Chris,
    Are you really accusing me of somehow tampering the polling system and fixing the vote for someone? Seriously? For a $20 fuel certificate? Wow.

  3. I didn’t even know you had anything to do with it Shawn, I thought you were just reporting on it. I guess Ferrigno is just that popular then. 337 votes in 10 hours is mighty impressive when Albert Saunders could only get 6 through the whole weekend.. Guess I’ll have to jump on the Ferrigno band wagon.

  4. Some how this is being manipulated,not accusing anyone person,but just look at the facts.I totally agree with Chris D.Web addresses are being somehow mis-used.lmao.Are u blind.

  5. Kevin,
    Nothing is manipulated. Joey Ferrigno has a network of people that support him in racing and support him mightily each time he gets nominated for this award. You can see it very easily by looking at Facebook each time he gets nominated and seeing how many people are promoting him and asking friends to vote. There’s nothing manipulated about the votes he gets.

  6. Just seems fishy to me .over 300 votes in 10 hrs.He should run with Donald Trump if he is that popular.Oh well its just 2 gallons of fuel.

  7. If you do the math, 337 votes in 10 hours equals 1.78 votes per minute. You are only allowed to vote once every 24 hours, I know because I’ve tried it. That means 337 individuals would have had to have voted since no one could have voted more than once in a 10 hour period. If Ferrigno is really that popular than I would expect to hear a deafening roar everytime Dodge and Buckler mention his name. I will listen for that this Friday and Saturday, it’s good to know our local racers are so well supported.

  8. SORRY, my statement should have read 1 vote every 1.78 minutes.

  9. Boy OH Boy he is more popular than any driver I have heard of.We are all very lucky to have such a racing icon in Ct.

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