Keith Rocco To Skip NHMS Mod Tour Event To Focus On Speedbowl Title Chase

Keith Rocco (Photo: Getty Images for NASCAR)

Keith Rocco (Photo: Getty Images for NASCAR)

After winning Saturday’s NASCAR Whelen All-American Series SK Modified feature at the New London-Waterford Speebdowl, Ted Christopher joked about flying back to Waterford this weekend with Keith Rocco following Saturday’s NASCAR Whelen Modified Tour F.W. Webb 100 at New Hampshire Motor Speedway.

But it looks like Christopher will be cruising alone at altitude.

According to multiple sources, Rocco has decided to skip Saturday’s Whelen Modified Tour event in Loudon to focus on his championship hopes in an SK Modified at the Speedbowl.

Rocco was unavailable for comment Tuesday afternoon. The original plan was to have Rocco and Christopher both driving Our Motorsports entries at New Hampshire Motor Speedway.

Rocco sits four points behind Tyler Chadwick going into Saturday’s final points event of the season at Waterford.

Had Rocco raced in Loudon would have been forced to miss the heat races to set the field for the feature at the Speedbowl. With the heat races at the Speedbowl now paying points, that would have been a huge factor in the title chase. Chadwick could have stretched his lead from four to as many as nine points even before the drop of the green flag for the feature event.

Rocco is looking to capture his third consecutive SK Modified championship at the Speedbowl and fifth in the last six seasons.

Christopher goes into the championship event at the Speebdowl nine points behind Chadwick, before the heat races are run.


  1. This should be Ted’s ride for the rest of 2015 and 2016.

  2. Another example why Rocco will never be considered a mod great. He would rather be the big fish in the little pond. He is like Chris Pasteryak, 2nd tier mod lifers.

  3. Section F Row U says

    The two idiots above me have it all figured out. You’re both trolls…

  4. Everyone has the right to be where they want to be without criticism. WMT is not for everyone.

  5. Use ur heads says

    maybr that Rocco makes his living running sk’s. Did anyone ever think of that? He stands to make nothing running the tour show, or he can make a few thousand running waterford. Figure that out. Everyone thinks that the tour is where everyone needs to be, but maybe Rocco never takes the tour seriously because of all the money he makes on the local level.

  6. Yes everyone does have a right to race where they want but over the last few years many have commented on here about why no tour team will pick him up. This artical is a prime example why. Ted is also in the title chase but does he choose to be the big fish. Hell no he is a racer.

  7. Hey Sonny, check your notes. TC skipped Monadnock, to run the ‘Bowl.

  8. Thanks George. Lol

  9. Everyone does have a right but don’t agree to run WMT race, have your owner file an entry and then pull out 5 days before the race. That’s weak. I’m actually surprised TC is still running both. I also think Waterford could do a better job of not lining up championship week on Cup Weekend. Move it up or back a week.

    Use your head, if by you saying he stands to make no money in the tour race you mean he wouldn’t have had a snowballs chance at winning in NH, I agree.

  10. I don’t care about KR one way or another but his choice to run Waterford is great one for the fans at the Speedbowl. But wherever he races it’s still better than denigrating other people’s decisions online. Ya know?

  11. old observer says

    Take a look at the big picture. Waterford is the only show in Southern New England this weekend which probably fits into most racers & fans budgets. Next weekend, they would have competition from Stafford & Seekonk.
    Keith may not be the only “no show” entry as Nascar requires early entries but sometimes problems arise(Parts, equipment, logistics,$$$, etc) & teams can’t make the race.
    Enjoy the racing wherever you go, have fun, quit bitching!
    Some of you experts don’t have a ******* clue.

  12. So who gets that ride?

  13. Ted deserves the ride because he is the best man for the job. I couldn’t care less what Rocco does and my above statement isn’t bashing him. The 22 needs a full time driver and Ted needs a ride, it’s a no brainer.

  14. NH Mark, You are correct. It was a poor choice for K.R. to back out after the entry was filed. I guess most WMT car owners might think twice now before offering him another ride.

  15. Put Steve Masse in the car, he’ll get the job done. TC’s a washed up Diva.

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